Toonami Summary: Night of the Living Bosch
  • DBZ KAI continues with Frieza villaining just as hard as he can and Krillin insisting that Gohan not hero at this time. Gohan does not listen because children have been harmed/killed. He heroes successfully.
  • Kill La Kill: Raid Trip, because Satsuki doesn’t know how to travel without conquering something. Momma Kiryuin Ragyo appears and is congratulatory. She has a…uh, hands on parenting style. Ichigo was Nui All ALong
  • GGO continues with sudden PTSD for Kirisue. Sinon is not sympathetic. Kirisue has flashbacks to the original Canada SAO. Later, he makes Sinon go all AzulaTheFirelord and wins and holds her and stuff
  • On Inuwashy: The Final Act we celebrate Kagome’s graduation from middle school. Hojo is forever friendzoned, and Naruku is a giant ugly CG spider that must be destroyed. Miroku admits that his hand vaccuum sucks.
  • Shiriwpwe is still in filler. In filler, Naruto chases darkhaired young men for reasons. Grammy Tsunade give orders. We’re at defcon 1 or 0 or something. There is a defense barrier. A barrier? For Defense? Yes a defense barrier.
  • One Piece of Hesitation Doors is taking too fucking long why haven’t we saved Robin why is Kaku successfully turning into a square as an defense Why is 4 sword style a thing. Zoro Frankie Sanji Namie DO SOMETHING
  • SNK; The Clone Wars continues to be in reruns so people went to bed. Armin is slippery. Ymir tries to marry Christa while in a warzone. Mikasa remembers (via making of a badass flashback) that the world is cruel and that Eren has mental problems. Who commits premeditated revenge at the age of 9 anyway? 


“So um, are you gonna kill me or something?”

“Nah, I was actually thinking you could surrender? I have a beamsaber and main character points so…“

“Okay…but let go of my waist first?”


This a good defensive position. The best defensive position, in fact. No arguing giraffes are awesome shutup

Tardigrade Update

Thank you guys so much for liking and reblogging and commenting on that little Tardigrade sketch; I can’t believe a 5 minute ballpoint pen drawing has gained so much traction! o.O

I wanted to let you all know I’m working very hard on the sticker/patch/tshirt designs, and I’m going to offer a desktop background, but as I am a full time design student and working, it will take some time. 

Here’s the thing: Many of you have asked to use the design and quote to make something. I can’t stop you, but I ask that you please do not. To put it bluntly, this is my intellectual property, and my concept, and I will execute the finished artwork myself. 

I like to share process sketches and little visual jokes, but if they are simply stolen, I won’t anymore.

I’m sure there are plenty of other jokes about these little guys that can be made, after all! Thank you all for understanding. It may seem petty or cranky, but this is important to me.
“A brainy person does not abuse copyright;
 instead they respect it and uphold it.”
 Maximillian Degenerez

holy FUCK I logged onto okcupid like one time to check a message from a cute girl and now I have all these people messaging me 

but the worst part is when some ugly-ass white guy whose vaccuum in his skull is sucking in all the features on his face has the goddamn nerve to message with a generic “hey” or some shit like that and no common interests and like a 20% match compatibility rating and I really just can’t help to be like 

i love it when im woken up by my family talking at full volume about dinner right outside my door after working a double shift. i love only getting 2 hours of sleep. yup yup. and my favorite thing is when they proceed to make it all about me; like its somehow my fucking problem uvu