Rundown of The Vaccines intimate acoustic set/Q&A in Chicago

Sure, anon! I’ll do my best to remember the details for you. 

They played If You Wanna, No Hope, Teenage Icon, and Wetsuit. It was pretty low-energy, but not in a bad way by any means. I saw a comment about an acoustic set in another city being awkward. That’s unfortunate! This set was not awkward at all, although everyone was really quiet until Justin started cracking jokes and being kind of interactive. He sang softly though. I know he ended up losing his voice later on after the Lincoln Hall show. During the Milwaukee show he also mentioned that he was having to rest his voice a lot between shows. One of the first questions was asked by a guy from Essex, which caught them off guard. Justin jokingly asked if there were even any Americans in the audience before answering. The question was if they had any favorite performances. Most notably, they agreed, if they had to pick a show that stood out, it would be when they went back to play their hometown [after becoming widely successful]. The next person first complimented Justin’s Chicago Bears beanie, then asked about the lyrics to Teenage Icon. Justin tried to explain wanting to write a song about being in a band, but without it ending up sounding too much like he was just writing some lame song about being in a band, and why it’s bad, or good. He went on to suggest that he didn’t feel quite like the icons he grew up admiring– comparing himself to Elvis who was perfect and just, “beamed down from outer space”. He shook his head and cut himself off by just saying, “I don’t look like Elvis…” (Of course we all know Justin is a flawless human being though, just saying.) Freddie was mostly quiet until someone went off of the icon response and asked them who were some inspiring musical figures to them. Justin immediately said that growing up he had a ridiculous obsession with Kurt Cobain, and Nirvana. For Freddie, it started with Jimi Hendrix, and Nirvana too, but he went on to say that those big, influential figures definitely change a lot over time, through different stages. After getting through a couple of questions, Justin wanted to know how many people in the audience had ditched school to be there. Almost half of us raised our hands, and he kind of snickered about it and said that it was great. The next question, wasn’t a question, but someone who was facetiming with a friend who couldn’t make it to either show, and was really sad to miss them. So the guys said hi to her from the stage and tried to get her on the guest list for the evening show, but they got a no from whoever they looked over to about it. The last question was about their relationship to Amanda Norgaard. I’m sure this comes up a lot for them, they chuckled about it and said that it’s non-existent and that they hadn’t seen her in a long time. Justin, laughingly explained that models tend to be huge fans of themselves, and that she had showed up for a few of their very first shows, tambourine in hand, and, “really enjoyed herself for a minute thirty”. They finished up with Wetsuit, which Justin said is not a very good acoustic song and to bear with him for it, but I can’t say I found any reason to believe that. After the set, they were in no rush to leave at all. I was almost a big chicken about staying, but before I could run away, Justin walked over to everyone. I ended up saying hi, thanking him for the set, and getting a picture with him. He was incredibly nice, I kind of now regret being so shy and not staying to chat more because they were perfectly willing to stick around and meet everyone who stayed to wait for them. Great guys, great shows. I hope they come back soon.