Trump picks anti-vaxxer to lead commission on vaccine safety

  • Trump on Tuesday asked a prominent anti-vaxxer to lead a commission on vaccine safety.
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of Bobby Kennedy, said he agreed to lead the commission, which will seek to ensure there is “scientific integrity in the vaccine process for efficacy and safety effects,” Kennedy said.
  • Kennedy believes vaccines have led to a rise in autism, a claim that’s been debunked by doctors and scientists.
  • Kennedy told reporters Tuesday that Trump “has some doubts about the current vaccine policies.” Read more

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Donald Trump is putting together a “vaccine commission” headed by a notorious anti-vaxer. This is what you need to worry about

Whether or not these mixed messages actually amount to anything, the fact that something that flies so directly in the face of established science and medicine would even be considered valid by our federal government is beyond troubling.
A decade on, vaccine has halved cervical cancer rate
The world's first cancer vaccine has halved the number of new cervical cancers ten years after it was first administered in Australia.

The world’s first cancer vaccine was administered in Australia exactly 10 years ago.

Since then, the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine has been rolled out across 130 countries and halved the number of new cervical cancers.

The HPV vaccine also protects against cancers in the throat and mouth in both men and women.

Prof Ian Frazer said the vaccine could eradicate cancers caused by HPV within 40 years.

“It helps not only control cervical cancer but also the oropharyngeal cancer - the cancers inside the mouth that are caused by these viruses,” Prof Frazer, chief executive of the Translational Research Institute, said.

“If we vaccinate enough people we will eliminate these viruses because they only infect humans. And in Australia there’s already been a 90% reduction in infections in the 10 years the programme has been running.”

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Stopping the Spread of Superbugs
Since the discovery of penicillin, almost every type of bacteria is becoming resistant to the antibiotic designed to treat it.
By Melvin Sanicas

At least 700,000 die each year from antibiotic-resistant infections. If we fail to take the necessary precautions, they could kill some 10M people each year by 2050. That’s 1 death every 3 seconds.


#Influenza can have a serious impact on #patients with a chronic condition. Ever wondered how your flu vaccine is made? Look no further. #vaccineswork

When people say vaccines cause autism.

When people use functioning labels.

When parents sign their kid up for ABA.

[All three reaction images are an animated GIF of Rocket Raccoon from the GOTG2 movie trailer slapping both hands against his head in frustration and shouting “NO!”]

Rocket gif by @scarletswitch

I take the decision not to vaccinate personally. I’ve tried to have empathy for the other side, I’ve tried to tell myself that it’s none of my business, but I can’t and it is. Someone who refuses to vaccinate their children because they’re afraid of autism has made the decision that people like me are the worst possible thing that can happen to their family, and they’re putting everyone at risk because of it. I’ve been told by some anti-vaxxers that they don’t mean my brand of autism; they mean non-verbal autism, or as they are so fond of calling it, “profound autism.” I’m not about to take any solace in the idea that they’re willing to make exceptions for autistic people who can perform as neurotypical, or at least pose as little annoyance to neurotypicals as possible. That just means that I will cease to be of any value to these people if I am no longer able to pass as one of them, and that they see no value and no humanity in anyone who communicates or behaves differently from them. Tell me again who has the empathy problem?

Since it seems like this may need repeating in the near future….GET VACCINATED. VACCINATE YOUR KIDS. Having celiac is like playing immunity roulette - it cost me my immunity to chicken pox, and I had 4 tubes of blood drawn this morning to see what else it wiped out my immunity to. I have family in the same boat. Think about all the others around you with compromised immunity - cancer patients, organ transplant recipients, small children, people with autoimmune diseases….that’s a lot of people. All of them are put at risk by not vaccinating.

Science has been working on driving away one of the horses of the apocalypse, and you decide to let it right in your home because you’re scared about the bunny next door. Gold star.

If you decide not to vaccinate, you are putting not only your life but the lives of those around you at serious risk, over the DISPROVEN worry that they might cause a neurodivergence that has been PROVEN TO OCCUR BEFORE BIRTH. You are risking death because you believe in something repeatedly disproven. All because you worry that your child might turn out to be autistic. That is not only incredibly selfish, but it also displays how little you value the life of your child and those around you. A+ parenting, there. 

For anyone who isn’t negligently selfish, GET VACCINATED. .

Having an autism spectrum disorder in an ableist world means that you’re constantly exposed to cruel irony. Most frequently, this comes in the form of neurotypical (i.e. non-autistic) people who tell you, incorrectly, that you can’t or don’t feel empathy like them, and then stubbornly refuse to care about your feelings when they claim that you’re lost, that you’re a burden, and that your life is a constant source of misery for you and everyone who loves you. There’s also my current favorite: parents who are willing to put the lives of countless human beings at risk because they’re so afraid that the mercury fairy will gives their kids a tragic case of autism if they vaccinate. Gotta protect the kids from not being able to feel empathy — who cares whether other children live or die?