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Massive new study is the final nail in the coffin — there's no link between the measles vaccine and autism

We don’t know what causes autism, but it’s not the MMR vaccine.

A new, huge scientific study has officially debunked the connection between autism and the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine. Again. Even for children who are deemed to be at a higher risk for having autism, there is nothing connecting it with the MMR vaccine. Definitively. 

So go. Go out there and vaccinate your children.


A cow head will not erupt from your body if you get a smallpox vaccine.

But fear of inoculation was so wide-spread that British satirist James Gillray published this cartoon in 1802. The captions reads “The Cow Pock, or the Wonderful Effects of the New Inoculation- the Publication of the Anti Vaccine Society.”

More about the history of smallpox and its eradication here.

Baby’s Necklace Could End Up Being A Life Saver

Meet Vikram. He’s that cute baby in the picture above. Now, take a closer look at his neckwear.

It’s traditional for newborns in northern India to wear a black thread necklace as a symbol of good health and good fortune, but Vikram’s got a high-tech version. The round pendant on the string is a wearable device called Khushi Baby that carries his vaccination history inside a computerized chip about the size of a dime.

Khushi Baby was created by undergrads at Yale University in spring 2013. The students were taking a class called “Appropriate Technologies for the Developing World.” The assignment: create a gadget for tracking health data in remote environments.

That’s not just a classroom exercise. Parents in India (and many other countries) receive paper health cards to keep track of a child’s vaccine doses, but paper is easily misplaced, says Leen van Besien, who co-developed the idea for Khushi Baby. And there aren’t digital health records to consult. In Rajasthan, where Vikram lives, clinicians write vaccination information by hand in in large paper logbooks as they travel from village to village. Thousands of names are kept in the books, making it hard to search through when a vaccine card is misplaced.

A lost card could prove fatal. India boasts one of lowest vaccine coverage rates in the world, in part because kids fall off their vaccine schedules. For example last year, 7 million children did not receive all three doses for pertussis, also known as whooping cough). As a result, India recorded more cases of this life-threatening disease — 31, 000 — than any other nation.

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Photo: Vikram is the first child to wear a Khushi Baby necklace, which will keep track of his immunizations. He’s at a vaccine clinic in Rajasthan, India. (Ruchit Nagar/Courtesy of Khushi Baby)

Since people were wanting to ban African people from traveling during the “Ebola outbreak,” can we get white people quarantined with this measles outbreak?

Permanent Mission
  • Permanent Mission
  • Coke Bust
  • Vaccine Split 7"

If you believe in freedom you wouldn’t support killing women and children no matter where they live.
If you support the troops, you won’t send them off to die in a war.
Spending billions of dollars spreading democracy all around the globe and we can’t feed our own poor.
We have piles of problems; we have needs of our own and struggles… without going offshore.
A permanent mission that started with vengeance and hatred still lacks an objective.
There’s even more violence and we’ve angered our enemies. This war has been ineffective.
So what the fuck are we doing and better yet tell me what the fuck have done. In fear of attack,
We’ve made an institution, and created a culture of imperialism and they can’t take it back.
Cheap lives, cheap gas. War economy, got to renew the contracts.
Keep going, don’t stop. Not just Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.
Keep going, don’t stop. 3,000 dead and I know you never forgot.


Seeking Justice Through Vaccines, These Famous Artists Are Standing Up For Change

Beloved portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz often captures celebrity subjects before her noted lens, having snapped cultural icons ranging from John Lennon and Yoko Ono to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Her most recent photograph, however, depicts a different sort of notable figures, those linked to the development of several life-saving vaccines.

(Source: Katharine Dowson A Window to the Future of an HIV Vaccine)