the good part of a vacation is the day before you go on vacation when you’re at work telling everyone, “yeah, so i’m going on vacation.” the bad part is every second after that when you’re thinking about how it’s all going to end. “two weeks is a long time, right?” “hey, a week is a really long time.” “three days? that’s like forever, that’s like a whole long weekend.” “i just really want to make this last day count, you know?” “these two minutes eating a banana before i go to the airport? it’s nice, i think i’m going to try and live in this moment for the rest of my life.” it’s like if you were in hell and a demon was just punching you in the face repeatedly for ten thousand years and in the middle he was just like, “do you wanna take a break for like, 45 minutes before the next five thousand?” i’d be like, “i don’t know! i’m scared i might get used to not being punched in the face repeatedly by a demon. even now, taking these ten seconds to say this, it’s pretty good! a little too good! i think we gotta power through.”


As you scroll through these photos, you might be thinking to yourself that suddenly Edmonton got a whole lot prettier. Well, for those of you who don’t know, I spent the last six days in New York. I have been wanting to go to New York for my whole life. Everything about the city captivated me. The shopping, the hustle and bustle, the grandness of everything. Ever since I was little, I knew New York was the city for me. And it definitely didn’t disappoint once I finally set foot on the ground there. 

Our first full day of staying in New York started off with visiting the Rockefeller Centre. We chose to see the view from the Rockefeller rather than the Empire State Building because we heard it was way less busy. And it was. When we got there at 10AM, it was surprisingly empty. But just look at the views. Central Park has never looked better.

For my first outfit in New York, I knew sneakers would be an absolute must so I decided to wear my Nike Roshes. They are the comfiest shoes I own. For jeans, I’m wearing my beloved distressed white boyfriend jeans and paired them with one of my new favorite tops from a local boutique back here in Edmonton called Workhall. This shirt is so comfy and very lightweight, perfect for the hot humid weather in New York. It has a cotton front with a chiffon silky back and even has a slit in case you wanted to ride a bike. This is exactly what the salesperson told me. So if I ever wanted to spontaneously ride a bike in this shirt, I definitely could. But I didn’t. But I could. 

Shirt- Workhall // Jeans- Noul // Shoes- Nike // Bag- Similar here //

Tiny martyr-wannabee

Today was the last day of vacation bible school, and we learned about Saul’s encounter with Christ that led to his conversion.

And the bible adventure lady asked the kids “what would you do if someone was going to kill you for being a Christian?”

And this tiny little kindergarten girl says, without any prompting (most of the answers thusfar had been ‘run away’), “I would get on my knees and yell YOU CAN KILL ME BUT JESUS LOVES ME!”

#Blownaway. If you have faith the size of a kindergartener…

Get outta here! I know I am not the only one heading out on vacation these days. So pack up your shit, quit your job, and enjoy the journey. Enjoy some summer weather, a few concerts, and whatever. 🍄🍭💙🔮🍕🌎✨💦

Friday 5
  • So I don’t get today off. Since my company has plant workers that work on the weekends, they give the actual 4th off as a holiday. I mean I could have taken a vacation day but I felt it was not necessary since my customer has the day off and my boss is on vacation so emails should be light. 
  • I am going to the Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeros concert tonight. I am excited but it starts at 10:00pm! That is way past my bedtime. I will definitely need a nap before I go.
  • My husband is going to the Grateful Dead shows Fri, Sat, and Sun. One of his old college acquaintances (they haven’t seen or spoken to each other in 20 years) is staying with us. I am not at all happy about this. I mean, the guy is a totally stranger and I don’t want someone I don’t know in my house. My husband promised he is only staying one night but I know his flight out is Monday and when I asked him what his plans were he said he was just going with the flow. The guy is a total nut job. He is definitely on some type of drugs. I can’t understand him, he talks too fast, and he doesn’t make any sense. If my husband doesn’t kick this guy out after today, I will! I don’t mind being the bad guy. At this moment our guest is singing at the top of this lungs in the shower to the music from his iphone.
  • I became allergic to my dog after 7 years of having him so now he lives with my parents. I miss him dearly so occasionally I will load up on allergy meds (even though they really don’t work) and have him stay with us so he has been at our house for the past few days. Yesterday, I had to drive him back to my parents house so that this psycho house guest wasn’t bothered by the dog. So regretting that decision. 
  • My husband hates me at this very moment because I just told him I was going to breakfast with a friend. I need to get out of this house and away from this crazy house guest! My husband doesn’t want to be left alone with him either. Well buddy, you offered him a place to stay…he is your “friend” so you entertain him!

Red, White & Blue

By Impossibly Imperfect

The July 4th holiday is quickly approaching which means BBQs, beers, pooltime and a fun long weekend to top it off! I like to get in the spirit of the holiday just a bit and this year I’ll be branching out of my normal July 4th uniform of cut-offs and a cute shirt with this little patriotic Joie dress. Just the ticket for a beach BBQ and some serious firework action! Details below on how to recreate this super simple braid that Stephanie Nelson Makeup and Hair whipped up on me in under 8 minutes! 

Easiest braid how-to ever

  • Use Sexy Hair volumizing dry shampoo to add texture and volume to hair
  • Create multiple small/skinny braids
  • Then take and twist back each one, weaving them together into a regular, full braid
  • Finish by tying the hair into a knot at the end
  • Seal the look with a good solid spray of the Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder to lock everything in and keep it looking great in the relentless Texas humidity!

Test run my Karen Walker sunnies using Ditto’s Endless Eyewear program that allows you to have unlimited designer sunnies sent to your home each month so you can switch them out just like you do with Rent the Runway outfits! That means any pair you want and as many swaps as you want for only $19/month. Do yourself a favor and sign up HERE and get your first month free

Photography by Jasmine Adisbeth // Makeup and Hair by Stephanie Nelson Makeup and Hair 

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VIKINGS MEME: [½] Battles → Mercenary

The forces on the right bank are much smaller than those on the left. And as far as I can see, there is no bridge. There is no way the two armies can easily re-join. We attack your uncle. Now stay out of our way. Sound the horn.
Vacation Day- Jack and Rapunzel

Rapunzel had everything all ready to go. She was super excited to get going, ready to be out and about.  Her parents were somewhat thrilled she wanted to go and do a princess thing by herself, also nervous since Ariel’s kingdom was quite far.
Jack’s realm? Even farther.

No big deal.
Pascal chirped, grinning. He felt much better. Eugene had given her a jacket of his, since of course he knew where he was really going. He had asked to come along, but also knew she needed to do something for herself, for her friend. And, come on- Santa’s house couldn’t be that dangerous.

She pulled her jacket on, it was nice and big and smelled like Eugene. Pascal had a knit hat on, bright and purple, made by Rapunzel just for him. She smiled, and grabbed her bag, filled up with extra clothes, Just in case.
Pascal crawled on her shoulder, snuggled up since already it was cold outside, just a chilly day.

Once outside, she walked towards the fountain, the meeting place for the trip. She wondered if Jack  would be wearing the same clothes he always wore. Maybe that was a spirit thing.