BTS React To ; You Catch They Cheating

Writer ; ~ MonsterYuYu / Yuyu ~

“ I’m sorry my Lil’Monsters! But i really like angsty reactions aswell! ~”

Jin ;

He stared at the girl next to him in bed , Jin didn’t know what or how started ‘this’ meeting with this same girl for weeks now. He knew it was wrong , he knew he cheated and a part of him was screaming at him of how he fucked everything up. How he tricked you. All that was running trough his head was to leave the room and end everything with this girl before you found out. But he couldn’t , the other part of him wanted to keep cheating. The thrill and the adrenaline of getting caught was something he never felt before and he had to admit it , he liked every second of it. His mind was confused. But his body wasn’t. The woman woke up and dressed herself again , leaving him with a kiss.

Jin loved the adrenaline , almost as if he was on a rollercoaster but that rollercoaster was coming down. So when you caught him with the girl , the room was filled with yelling , and when you said you would never come back and left the room. He still waited for you to come back. He waited for a call , a text anything. But he couldn’t contact you first because of the shame. After weeks, he would give up. Realizing he would have lost one of the best things of his life.

Suga ;

Yoongi cursed himself , burring his head on his hands and taking a deep breath. He knew something was going to go bad as soon as he stepped into that party and had a few drinks , now that he was on some stranger’s house with a naked girl laying on the bed under the cover he saw he had fucked up really bad. He never though something like this would happen to him , but there he was. Yoongi thought about it and tried to come with a plan. But everytime he made a plan he would self-torture himself saying how he would be using you and tricking you. A tear escaped his eyes but he quickly cleaned it with his hand. He couldn’t take back what he did , he said to you , he promised you that he was not going to the party. But he broke the promise and cheated on you to make things worse.

His hand were shaking when he opened the door to the apartment to see you there , eyes red as a sign you were crying. He would keep his head low , not daring to look at your eyes as you screamed at him. Yoongi knew he had no excuse or way to defend himself so he just took every word you said to him before you left. These words would hunt him at night. He would try to reach to you , apologize after some time. But seeing your social media with another man after weeks broke him. After that , he wished your happiness … you deserved it.

Rap Monster ;

It was only a photoshoot , his partner was attractive and he couldn’t deny it. As soon as the photos ended. He found him and the girl in the back making out , his hips grinding on her. After he cheated on you , he would realize right away what he did , something he didn’t think about before doing it. He didn’t think of you. Namjoon panicked , looking at the girl with a guilty face. When she tried to touch him , he would refuse her touch , disgusted by her . But also , disgusted by his actions. You two were together for so long , Why did he do that? This kept replaying on his head. Like a broken recorder. On his way back to the dorm he couldn’t act normal , he was so guilty. He didn’t know what to do. He loved you , but he had just touched another girl or worse , your friend.

So he wasn’t surprised seeing you talk to the girl he had touched , the shock and surprise on your face as the girl sat across you lowered her head and cried and when that gaze turned to him , who was sat next to said girl. He slowly looked up to you but quickly looked down again as he saw the tears. “I’m leaving.” Was what you said , he didn’t budge , he didn’t have the right to touch you or to keep you , it would be to selfish of his part to try to keep you after what he had just done to you. So he watched you leave , and leave for good.

J-Hope ;

She was his dance partner , but how did she end up on the bed of his room in the dorm was something he didn’t want to think about. He quietly got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom , not looking at the picture of both of you in the frame next to the bed. He turned the shower and stepped in , crying as soon as the water hit his skin. Hoseok loved you , it was a mistake. All he wanted now was to erase these last 24 hours out of his life , but he couldn’t and he would carry this sin with him trough his life. There was no way he could just let it pass like he didn’t do anything , he saw the members look at him when he brought the girl in the middle of the night. Almost as saying that he was making a mistake , but he was to blinded by lust in that time to care about his members thoughts or yours.

That’s why , when he saw you , he sat down and confessed everything that happened between him and the dancer. He would be looking at you , his tears falling down his face. He didn’t ask for forgiveness , he didn’t even forgave himself , and he was sure he didn’t deserve being forgiven by you. You would leave, and everytime Hoseok danced to that song. He couldn’t help but think about the biggest mistake he had made on his life.

Jimin ;

He stared at the girl who he had just slept with , a cigarette on his fingers as she smoked , he flopped down on the bed again , taking everything in , He had just brought a stripper to his house , your house. You were in a vacation , so he hadn’t to worry about you coming back. Maybe he cheated because he was missing you , or because he thought you weren’t coming back. But his mind was only making these excuses to hide that Jimin had cheated on you because he wanted to , you had given him everything. Called him everyday and asked how he was doing but yet he thought it was not enough. He wanted more , and he searched this ‘more’ in another woman , another one that was not you. The girl stared at him for a second before smiling and putting her clothes on , saying if he wanted her company more he should call him.

Jimin was acting weird after you returned from vacation , and his members confessed everything for him , saying he had brought a stripper to your shared apartment one night. Jimin wasn’t there when you had left , when he came home to see your stuff gone he would break inside. But he knew this time was coming , the time where you would find out. He would not leave his apartment when he was on break , always hoping that you would show up again.

Taehyung ;

Taehyung wouldn’t know how he got himself in the position. She was one of your friends , but yet , she couldn’t keep her hands to herself and Taehyung didn’t have the self control he had to have for you , for both of you guys relationship , but now it was meaningless when he had her in the back of the car , breathing hard after both of they had stabbed you right behind your back. She would smile and scoot closer to him , but he wouldn’t even spare her a glance , too guilty. But when she made him look at her , she connected both of their lips and he didn’t pull away. He had already cheated right? This wouldn’t change anything. But he couldn’t help his stomach feel sick when her lips touched his , it was wrong. But he let her continue kissing him.

It didn’t take long for the pictures of they both kissing fall on the internet , and when you saw , he would try to argue back , saying that it was your fault for not paying attention to him and to your friendships but when you walked out he would cry and break. Not believing he just fought back and did not apologize properly. When he saw you again , he wouldn’t approach you. He had no right.. after what he did.

JungKook ;

This meeting with this girl had been going for a month now , Jungkook did feel guilty in the start , but now it was something daily , he felt powerful having two girls at his side. Two girls who were in love with him. The difference was that one wanted his money and other wanted his love. But he didn’t see past the other girl’s mask and kept their meeting every end of the week for they to have ‘fun’. Sometimes he would think if what he was doing was right. But he would push these thoughts away because he surely knew that everything he was done was wrong. He was with two girls at the same time , it was his fault. Yet he kept you with him even when he was meeting the other girl. That other girl had heard every word he had said to you , had felt every hug and kiss he had gave you. He loved you , but his lust was with the other girl. And Lust. Blinds Love.

So when you saw in his phone an message , a naughty pic of a girl saying that they should meet up soon and that last time was wonderful you flipped , confronted him and he didn’t say anything , when you left , he went to the other girl , but he couldn’t find any comfort. He couldn’t feel anything in her arms no matter how much he tried. That time , he realized how much he fucked up.

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Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader

Words: 844

Warnings: none

Request: Requested by anonymous: hi!! I was wondering if you do lin manuel miranda x reader?? Thank you!!

A/N: (I’m like 99% sure that I have the choreography for Helpless correct, if not whoops) After this is a George Washington fic, then an Alexander Hamilton, then a Lin, then a Philip Hamilton, then a George Washington, then two John Laurens fics!

Being a member of the ensemble was a tiring job, but at least that was something you had done countless times before. This was different.

Phillipa was on vacation for a week, and you were told to fill in for the role of Eliza.

You were practicing your lines with Jasmine and Renee for The Schuyler Sisters, when places were called for Alexander Hamilton.

Once you finished, Jasmine pulled you into her dressing room.

“So how is it being Eliza?” She gave you a knowing look.

“It’s nerve-wracking.” You admitted, ignoring the frustrated look in Jasmine’s eye.

“Oh come on! Don’t tell me you’re not nervous or… Excited to kiss Lin?” You groaned slightly, playfully hitting Jasmine on the arm.

“Chill, Jas!” You laughed, although you were slightly worried because of the thin walls.

“I’m just saying! In…” She listened carefully for what song was currently playing. “8 songs, you’ll get to kiss him!”

“Uh-huh, and in, like, 25, you’ll get to be Maria Reynolds.” You tried to cover up the blush rising to your cheeks.

“It’s different! I don’t have a massive crush on-”

“Shh! These walls are thin as hell!” You cut her off, only to watch her fall back in laughter.

“Fine, fine. We should really be getting into our Schuyler dresses.” She commented; looking down at the simple white dresses you wore for the first song.

“Yeah, see you later.” You left the dressing room, walking over to the dressing room for the ensemble members. You may be playing Eliza, but you weren’t going to move to Pippa’s dressing room for a week.

You quickly changed into the blue dress for Eliza, fixing your hair and rushing out as you heard the boys happily singing The Story of Tonight.

You met up with Jasmine and Renee behind the curtains, giving a breathless smile as you heard Leslie start the song.

When the song ended, you caught Lin’s eye for a moment before rushing offstage. Farmer Refuted started, and you almost stopped to watch, but decided against it as you left to prepare your lines for Helpless.


You walked onstage, standing next to Renee for a comforting moment. Soon, she had to leave you to stand in the middle of the stage singing alone. You saw her in the corner of your eye, making fake conversation with ‘Peggy’ and they danced together for a moment. You continued your lines as you watched Renee approach Lin, having another fake conversation. Soon, they were walking towards you and you almost forgot your next lines.

“Elizabeth Schuyler, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” You curtsied politely, looking at Lin for a moment.

“Schuyler?” He turned to Renee.

“My sister!” She sang, smiling. Your heart was pounding as you got closer to the end of the song.

“Thank you for all your service.” You continued.

“If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it.” Lin took a step closer, gently placing a kiss on your hand.

“I’ll leave you to it!” And you were left alone with Lin, singing the rest of the song.


The time finally came. The end of the song arrived all too quickly, and you were staring into Lin’s eyes.

You kissed.

When you pulled away, you remembered that Satisfied would start playing, and you had another kiss in the middle of it.


“You did great!” Jasmine cheered as you walked offstage. Renee was still singing in the background, and you were just thankful you could get through the songs.

“Hey, nice job out there!” Jonathan complimented, oblivious to the nerves you felt.

“Thanks!” You smiled, rushing off to get a drink of water.

The reprise for Story of Tonight ended, and a knock soon sounded at the door to the dressing room. Thinking it was Thayne or something, you opened it.

“Can we talk?” Lin asked, standing at the doorway. You nodded, letting him past.


“Did you feel something during the kiss?” Lin said quickly. “Because I did but if that made you uncomfortable or something I can-”

“I did.” You cut him off. “Feel something, I mean.”

“Oh. Well, that’s good right?” He asked.

“I think so.” You smiled, staring at the ground.

“Phillipa didn’t really go on vacation.” Lin confessed.

“What?” You looked up at him, confused.

“I told her to go on vacation for a week so you could- you know…” He continued, laughing awkwardly.

“Well, I’m glad you did. Otherwise this wouldn’t have happened.” You leaned forward, kissing him for the third time that day. It felt just as great as the first time.

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for @hesmybucky

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you might’ve read a lot of these because most have a ton of kudos but if not, enjoy! and if so, re-read them ;)

“When I went to Disneyland for the first time, my friend, who wasn’t even going, complained because I didn’t want to plan anything besides dining reservations/bucket list items. She told me my vacation was going to suck, but I ended up having the best vacation ever because I didn’t feel rushed or overly planned. I really wish people would stop acting like unless you plan literally every minute of you’re day, you’re doing Disney “wrong”. Let people vacation how they want!”

“A lot of my life plans and savings revolve around having enough money to bring my kids up with the benefits and magic of being a DVC member like I was. I’m not even out of college yet but that’s been high on my priorities ever since I’ve been able to think about my future.”

MOD NOTE: I tagged it, but just in case you can’t see, DVC means Disney Vacation Club.

“I went to Walt Disney World as a graduation present with my dad, step mom, and their two kids. I did enjoy the parks, but I really didn’t enjoy being there with them. My dad has always brushed me aside and paid attention only to his other kids. On this trip he tried getting closer to me but when I talked to him he would just space out. I was super happy the day we had to fly home. Next time I go to WDW I’m taking people that I actually want to be there with.

“I know I should be grateful to my in-laws for taking me to Walt Disney World, I can’t help but resent them for ruining what should have been a magical first trip. Going during a busy week when we easily could have avoided it, and missing out on nearly all of the rides in order to stick to "the schedule”. I hope I get the chance to go back and have a real Disney vacation"