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Jealousy in technicolor - Lay

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Group: EXO
Member: Lay
Type: fluffy smut ( i think?)
Warning: slight angst, jealousy, sexual content

inspiration song: Arctic Monkeys - That’s where you’re wrong


Big speakers blasting loud music, colorful spotlights, people screaming to eachother to get their voices above the noise and singing along, the slight smell of sweat and slippery, beer-covered floors. It feels like it’s been centuries since you’ve experienced these familiar sensations. 

Going to concerts has become a rarity since you started college. The endless assignments and studying for mid-terms and finals made sure your social life was as exciting as a whole evening of watching vacation slides of your aunt who went to Tenerife. You were so glad you could finally relax and make up for lost time with your boyfriend Yixing. 

You’ve been together for a few months now and it’s been perfect. Except for the fact you only saw eachother twice a week max. because of both your busy schedules. The group that performed at the concert was one of Yixing’s and yours favourites and you were having a blast, warbling and screaming along with the lyrics, occasionally having laughter attacks when one of you messed up, kissing throughout entire songs and ofcourse dancing your feet off, you went out with Zhang Yixing after all.

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The True Shade of Millennial Pink

I realized I haven’t posted this one-shot here. Oh and nothing against millennials as I’m sort of technically still in the age group.

Summary: There was nothing left to say but, Seven bless the World Wide Web!
Jon,  gets more than curious after Theon shows him and the guys this ridiculous article about matching your nude lipstick with the shade of your nipples. And now Jon can’t stop ogling Sansa’s lips and he is more than willing to help do swatches on her - Oh look there’s protective brother OBGYNE Robb! Also they are all doctors (Except Nurses Theon, Satin, Gilly) setup ala Private Practice. 

A curse. A curse on your already fucked up family Greyjoy! Go back to your drowned God. Seven hells.

His eyes snapped open when he heard a rather loud cough.

Nurse Gilly was looking at him with a funny expression. “You okay, doc?” She then shifted her gaze low then back up his eyes while she fought a smirk.

Jon followed where she glanced at and saw that he’s  practically sharpened a pencil to the hilt with the electric sharpener.

He pulled out the stub and smiled sheepishly at her. “Never better, sorry Gilly.”

She smirked then and went inside his office. “Sure, Jon. Anyway, you have fifteen appointments tomorrow - most of them for wart removal.”

He nodded at her but then looked at her pleadingly. “Please tell me none of them are on the genital region. Tell them I don’t do that - that I leave to the other experts.”

She chuckled. “Of course. I’ve already sent a couple of those to the Starks. Theon is already grumbling about the wonderful prepping he’ll do for them tomorrow,” she grinned wickedly.

At the mention of the Starks he felt his face flush. Good thing she mentioned Nurse Greyjoy. Prepping all of those tomorrow for the Starks can almost be revenge enough. Almost.

His head snapped up again when he heard more snickering. Gilly gave him a knowing look. “Now I think I know why you’re in La La Land.”

Maybe if I ignore her question she’ll drop it.

She rolled her eyes. “Others take you, Dr. Targaryen! Please tell me you asked Dr. Stark out already? Don’t tell me you’re still avoiding her after she pulled your-”

He covered his ears with his hands and cringed.

He knew too well what she was referring to. Just a few months ago, He had a bad case of Hernia. And to his luck of lucks, it wasn’t the abdominal kind. If, you know what I mean. Fuck.

Why in the Seven hells can’t Robb Stark be the Urologist and Sansa Stark the OBGYNE?

“I know what you’re thinking. And the answer is what keeps the Practice fresh: Breaking Stereotypes and Limits for Holistic Wellness!” She nodded over the huge sign outside the office. “So what if Robb stares at hoo-has all day and Sansa touches more balls than a whole Basketball team put together? You’re a freaking Dermatologist, Jon.”

He cringed further. But it was the truth. Here at Stark-Targaryen & Associates Clinic, they were a rag tag team of seemingly mismatched specialties.

Aside from the mentioned, they had Dany, his aunt, all delicate looking and ladylike was their “Breaker of Bones, Queen of Metals, Rods and Pins” Orthopedic Surgeon. Bran Stark, crippled as he was, was the most famous of them all, being their Rehab specialist. Only his uncle Viserys didn’t break stereotype, choosing Plastics. Oh not Viserys. He was the quintessential Plastics stereotype. Vain. Arrogant. With a God complex. Dr. Sam Tarly, though had a whole clinic floor to himself on the ground floor as the Family Medicine God of Referrals. No one goes up before passing through him. He was also, Nurse Gilly’s husband.

“So what’s really the problem, Jon?” Gilly sat behind his desk, going over the list, Ms. Missandei, their overall head secretary, gave her to recheck his schedule, her teeth biting her purple covered lips Sam, is obsessed about.

The fuck am I looking at her lips for? Oh right ever since Theon fucking Greyjoy showed them this damn article during their team retreat at the Quiet Isle last weekend.

Last weekend

“Ah, finally a true vacation,” Robb said with a deep exhale before he dropped to his stomach over the beach blanket he just spread out. Everyone except Bran and some of the staff were here. Bran went with his girlfriend, Meera to visit her family at Greywater Watch.

Sam murmured his agreement. “No crying babies, no repeating for the fiftieth time to elderly patients their medication schedule, no pesky millennial BPOs demanding medical certificates to cover for their wild night as was their right for their ‘work-life balance’ sanity.”

Jon  couldn’t help but chuckle at that. Millennials were a touchy subject among them though we were all, sort of, technically, millennials too. ‘Older millennials - inbetweeners’ Sam would correct him though at times he thinks all these rants against them were hypocritical since they were still in the grey area of Gen-X-Millennial transitioners. 

“What are you giggling at? It’s not like you don’t get vacations on a whim anytime you want,” Sam glared at him.

Before he retorted, Viserys came strolling by with his designer everything from his sunglasses to his sandals, the keys to his brand new yacht twirling around his finger. “Hello peasants.”

Robb, who was far from being a 'peasant’ (as were most of the people present yet still), flipped him off.

Yes, it was true that Targaryens were old money, but Starks were older. And Viserys was a right annoying prick from birth.

“Viserys?” Sam decided to harangue him then. Seven bless the world for Sam Tarly for being our impartial and brave mediator. Names were nothing for him. Even if he had a pretty old and privileged name too. Stark. Targaryen. He called out who he wanted to call out. “When was the last time you had a vacation?”

Viserys slid his shades down his nose then to show his obnoxious violet eyes and arched a brow. “You mean, when did I not take a vacation?” He winked, before sliding his shades back up and ordered a Crimson Tide.

Nurse Satin Flowers laughed loudly then. “Come on, Dr. Tarly, drop it. All of you could afford to have vacations. It’s why you went for private practice.”

Sam rolled his eyes and poked Robb who was just starting to drift off, earning him a glare. “What?”

“Robb, help me out here man. Tell them not all of us can have the luxury of a vacation as much as these two dragons have.”

Jon gave up and just rolled his eyes while Viserys just looked smug.

“For fuck’s sake, Tarly. Everyone of us can have vacations any time we want. All you need is a great plan and great reliever friends,” he half-mumbled against the arm he was laying on. “It’s your damn fault you take too many patients and then be the great reliever for the hospital guys. You want to be a hero, well, don’t whine when it gets tough.”

“But you said -

He raised his head then. "I meant a true vacation with everyone’s schedules linning up.”

“Thank the gods for Missandei.” Everyone chorused.

“Where are the girls, anyway?” He didn’t realize at once that Satin directed that to him. “And, damn, Jon, save some for the little people. You’ve been applying that every five seconds before we even landed here. Is that even coral-reef safe?”

Jon felt his cheeks heat up and dropped the large bottle of sunscreen. SPF 150, PA+++++ UVA & UVB with Fernblock and antioxidants of course. “The girls are still on their massage I’d wager, and soon, sooner for some of you, you’ll all come to me when suddenly your skin is twice as old as you are and I can’t help you anymore and you’ll all come crawling to Vis here. No offense, uncle.”

He smirked. “None taken. Though, some of you can come to me now. How about a little suction on that chin, Sam?”

“Fuck you Viserys.”

“I’m so lucky to have bright, insightful, and well-mannered doctors to work with,” Satin sing-songed.

He eyed Viserys then. “I, for one, could use a little suc-


Satin looked annoyed but then amused again by the interruption of Theon. While Viserys breathed a sigh of relief.

Theon had a shit eating grin as he pushed at Robb to move so he could sit down.

“Better be good, Greyjoy,” Robb warned him as he took a cold beer muttering about never getting sleep at this rate.

Theon eyed each of them as he struggled not to laugh.

“Just spit it out, Theon,” Sam threw his hands up.

He took a deep breath and steadied himself while he flipped through his phone. “You can’t believe what I just read on refinery.”

They all groaned in unison. Theon was a slave to memes and buzzfeed articles. Hells, nothing was sacred. He’s even subscribed to Hellogiggles. The things he found, oh the things he found.

He frowned like a deflated balloon.

Seven hells. “Fine. What did you read?”

He grinned again. “Okay, so there’s this article you see? The title is: 'Stop everything! We found the best way to find your perfect lipstick shade!’”

Before anyone could grumble or tune him out or hit him, he raised his arms. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don’t dismiss this yet!”

Satin’s eyes widened then as he looked at Theon equally excited. “Is that what I think it is?”

Theon regarded him and smiled wider. “Maybe.”

“Best let this fool just say it so we can have peace and quiet again,” Viserys drawled. Oh he was curious.

Theon nodded. “Okay, apparently, women are in shits about getting the perfect nude shade of lipstick right. And of course, I thought, ridiculous. The notion is ridiculous. They want a nude shade, then don’t wear lipstick. Nude lips. The concept of nude shade is ridiculous. And don’t get me started on the no 'makeup’ makeup shit. Women.”

“You speak as if you don’t have a sister. Everyone here has them,” Satin pointed out. It’s true. Jon’s seen Rhaenys go through many, what do you call it? Swatches until she found the right one.

Theon snorted. “You don’t have Yara for a sister.”

“I stand corrected,” Satin conceded. We chuckled.

“A-ny-way, it says the best way is not to look far,” he paused for effect.

“Theon -” Robb was starting to get impatient.

“The best way is to look 'down’.” He finally said but a few seconds in, no one understood the punchline.

That is until Robb made a sound that was a cross between gagging and laughing. “Oh you mean the best pink is the same shade as their cunts?”

Sam and Jon spat out our drinks while Viserys rolled his eyes and sighed, Satin laughed but shook his head, while Theon’s eyes bulged and was seriously thinking on it, before shaking his head. “Shit, man. It’s not what it says here but I think you’re on to something. I think that’s better actually. Maybe I should quit and help these women out.”

Robb laughed then and shook his head. “Hm. No. I don’t think that’s accurate. A woman’s vagina comes in many different beautiful shapes, sizes, forms, and yes, shades of pink. But not all of the lips, match the lower ones,” he winked.

Theon high-fived him then.

“So what does then? Where do we look down?” Sam pressed.

Theon looked at him then and smirked. “Nipples.”

“Nipples?” Sam repeated and everyone, including Viserys thought on it.

They all looked at Jon then.


“You’re the skin expert. Does the nipple match the lips?”

His eyes shifted at each of them, as he squirmed in his seat. “Uh…”


He felt his brow tick then and pointed at them in panic. “You all have nipples too. Why don’t you see for yourself!”

And just like that, all six shirtless healthcare professionals, looked down.

Which was stupid because without a mirror, how could we compare our own nips with our lips?

Viserys, ever the bold, looked at Jon then. “Yours seem to match.” Then he looked at the rest. “So do all of yours,” he grinned. No one could protest as he was the expert on appearances. “This opens up so many doors,” he said as he leant back, probably thinking of how to convince his patients that after getting their lips done, they should get their nips done too.

What followed was a round of jokes about how women  now would have to swatch lipsticks on their breasts, or flash a sales clerk. Jon can’t believe it, but Theon found a goldmine of possibilities with this discovery.

But how quickly the tides changed.

“What are you all laughing at?”

Turning around was a mistake when the love of Jon’s life (though she doesn’t know it yet), was suddenly behind him, all flowing red hair and blue eyes and sexy in a green one piece with side cutouts. Half of her face was hidden by her hand as she shielded her face from the sun.

Robb kicked a warning at Theon, shoving him off the blanket, and shot everyone else a look while he grinned at his sister. “Hi, sis. Massage done?”

Sansa took the vacated spot beside Robb and with a hand covering her mouth she whispered something in Robb’s ear.

Sam took off to get more drinks while Satin and Theon raced towards the jet skis.

Jon looked over at Viserys, who well, just looked bored.

Robb laughed then and handed Sansa a bottle.

Huge mistake.

Huge. Big. Mistake of watching Sansa tilt her beautiful head and drink, her tongue darting out to lick at her glossy pink lips and his mind going to the gutter, wondering if he licks that gloss off those gorgeous thick puckers, would it be like licking over her -

He looked away at once from Robb’s pointed glare.

“Hey, Jon?”

Don’t look at her lips.

Why? They’re glossed it’s not her normal lip color.

Still, don’t look at her lips.


She smiled softly at him, “Mind if I ask for some of your sunscreen? I left the one you gave me. I don’t trust anything else.”

Robb was quiet and his eyes never left him.

“I don’t mind."He grabbed the bottle anyway and went over to hand it to her when she suddenly moved Robb a bit to stretch and lie down on her stomach. She looked up at him then and he swore he became suddenly stupid when her eyes raked over him while she bit her lip - those damn lips - fucking Greyjoy - fucking article - fuck my life - oh those damn lips that moved and asked a question Jon!

He blinked and she giggled. "I asked if you mind-?”


She wants his hands on her.

Seven hells.

But before he could even answer, Robb took the bottle from him and shooed him away. “I’ll take care of it.”

Sansa pouted but couldn’t argue as Robb started to slather the lotion on Sansa’s back, glaring at Jon the whole way.

Jon backed off and sat on the lounge beside Viserys.

“She used to have a mole above her breast bone. I could answer your question, dear nephew.”

He sighed and shook his head.

“I have a feeling, Robb will have his precious little sister wearing waterproof lipstick for the whole trip,” Viserys added. “Can’t say I blame you for being curious. Sansa Stark is one of few that I would deem needn’t a stitch of change in that perfect face and body of hers. Perfect tits. Perfect ass. Perfect face. Well, maybe some suspicious moles if they grow, which they won’t thanks to you. but that’s it.”

Jon said nothing.

He sighed and flicked his hand dismissively. “Nephew, you disappoint me.”

Jon looked back at Sansa now sitting up and rubbing the rest of her body with sunscreen and Robb still glaring at him.

“There’s no way I’m going to find out this trip, am I?”

“Of course there’s always a way. If, you have the balls for the balls doctor.”

Present time

“Jon, are in you there somewhere?”

He blinked and rubbed his neck. “Sorry, Gilly. My head’s out in space lately.”

She eyed him then and let out a smirk. “Is this still because of the article Theon showed you guys?”

Jo gaped at her.

She hit his nose with her pencil. “Sam tells me everything.”

He dropped his face over his hands. “Seven hells, Gilly. It’s taken over my life. I can’t unsee it. Every time a patient talks to me, I can’t help it.” That and wondering when the last time I saw Sansa without lipstick on.

And then he peeked at her. “Is that why you wear that lipstick more often now?”

She raised a brow in answer.

Jon groaned. Even my employees were on to me.

“It can’t be that accurate. I’m sure there are some who have shades lighter or darker, same concept as Robb’s other version of 'perfect shade’ - yes - I know that too. Anyway, you’re too damn professional for me to believe it’s a general fixation. I think your fixation is pretty much a very specific one,” she poked him hard. “And yes, everyone knows you moon after her.”

“Am I that obvious?”

She laughed then while he groaned.

A knock stilled them and of course the universe would send her.

And there she was, hair up in a bun, looking beautiful as ever even if she was still wearing her grey scrubs under her long white coat, was Dr. Sansa Stark - but to his disappointment, she was still wearing a surgical mask.

“I’m sorry, is this a bad time?”

Gilly answered faster. “Oh no, Dr. Stark. Dr. Targaryen and I were just finishing up with our endorsements. He’s all ready for you now.”

Jon looked at Gilly for answers and she gave him a look that said you owe me before she went and revved up one of his laser machines. “All the reds for today, Dr. Stark?”

Oh. Tattoo removal. Of course. How could I forget? Jon’s been working on removing Sansa’s tattoo she got when she was still with that twat Joffrey Lannister. As promised, she could swing by anytime after hours. 

Then he remembered where she had it.

There on the lateral side of her left breast near the axillary area was a tiny gold lion with a red mane.

“If it’s truly a good time?” Sansa repeated. “And Gilly, really, you can call me Sansa, I’ve told you that.”

Jon felt Gilly’s foot then.

He bit back a yelp and nodded.

Sansa removed her mask to reveal those lips finally as they stretched out into a beam. “Great. Thank you Jon!” Others take me, not a spot of lipstick on those pink lips.

Gilly ushered Sansa in the treatment room while giving him a smirk that said, half the battle done then Jon?

For fuck’s sake, Jon. Pull yourself together!

He swallowed then and followed as Sansa started stripping her scrub top off revealing a lacy pink bra and he was stupid again. Pink. Of all the colors. Pink.

He wasn’t that stupid that he did manage to turn around as he heard them giggle while she laid down and Gilly covered her with a sheet.

“Gloves over there, machine is warm - is the patient comfortable?” he heard Gilly ask.


It was probably Jon’s sordid imagination but did Sansa just purr that?

“Dr. Targaryen, I believe, Sansa is ready for you now.” Gods damn it, Gilly. “I’ve set everything you need over here and there. I can go now or do you still need me to assist?” She eyed him.

He shook his head and swallowed. “I’ve got it from here. Thank you Gilly. Drive safe.”

“See you tomorrow, doctors.”

“Thank you Gilly,” Sansa wiggled her fingers at her.

With one last pointed look at him, she left.


Jon’s heart started to pick up.

“Shall we start?” she peered up at him.

Jon simply nodded and went to wash his hands before putting on his gloves. “Okay, so reds today.”

She nodded at him. “Finally! That’s the last right? This is the last I’ll see of that damned mistake?”

Jon smiled at her then, liking the idea of being the one to erase that damned Lannister lion on her beautiful skin. “Yes. Once and for all and forever. Thank the gods.”

She bit her lip and half-smiled. “Someone seems to hate it more than I do.”

He checked on the settings of the laser. “Sorry but I hate that prick. And he doesn’t deserve a space on your skin.”

She touched his arm then, making him stop breathing when she looked at him with something he couldn’t place. “Well, shit as he was, there was some good that came out of this mistake.” She indicated on her still sheet covered skin.

He narrowed his eyes at her.

Her thumb rubbed his arm then. “If it weren’t for this tat, then I don’t know when you’ll talk to me again,” she said softly.

Too many thoughts scrambled his brain - the first that he banished was mishearing her saying 'tit’ when she said 'tat’. And then it hit him what she was really trying to say. Ever since she repaired his inguinal hernia, he hasn’t been able to look her in the eye. Until the day she came and asked about a tattoo removal.

"You mean… you only -

She smiled at him softly. "It’s not only that Jon. There was no one else who knew about this. I mean, I’m still feeling stupid for dating the creep in the first place, I’m doubly mortified that I branded him into me. And well, after your um, surgery, you were so embarrassed and I missed you and I thought if I showed you this… that it would… be even for us?” she blushed then.

Seven hells, marry me already. Can you not be more perfect?

“Sansa - you didn’t have to - I mean - he stuttered.

She shook her head and sat up, one hand catching the sheet to her chest while she squeezed his arm with her other hand. "You were embarrassed then too yet you still trusted me to do my job. I wanted you to feel that I trust you with something embarrassing like this too.”

His chest tightened. I love her. My heart rattled while my brain agreed.

Jon didn’t know what else to say so in panic, He reverted - somewhat - to doctor Jon. “Well then let’s erase this twat out of your life once and for all.”

She shook her head then. “Jon?” And there he was staring at her perfectly pink lips again. It was her fault he liked seeing his name take shape in those perfectly pink lips.

Perfectly pink. Perfectly pink. Perfectly pink.

He snapped out of it and looked into her incredibly blue eyes instead when those perfectly pink lips formed into a knowing smirk.

Her eyes drifted lower then before going back up. “Jon… I don’t think I want a tattoo removal tonight.”

“Y-you don’t?”

She shook her head once and grinned. “I don’t. Though I have a different…consult in mind.” She tilted her head coyly as she widened her eyes and batted her lashes. “Is that okay Dr. Targaryen?”

He swallowed for the hundredth time, willing his mind to go out of the gutter before it’s too late.

A squeeze on his arm and his dick twitched in answer.

Too late for that now.

“What can I help you with then?”

She bit her lip. “I think…it’s better I show you,” she dropped her voice just as all the blood dropped to his groin.

“Show me what?”

She dropped the sheet then, showing him her almost see through lacy pink bra while her hands went to her back. “You see, doctor. I’ve read something online…”

Fuck. Is she? For the love of all the old gods and the new please please please!

“You can’t believe everything you’ve read in Dr. Google,” he said much more confidently now, playing along finally.

She shook her head feigning innocence. “Oh no, no, no. Of course doctor. I’d rather believe the…experts. And for this one, I’d think a Dermatologist would know best.” She said while toying with the clasp. “So who better to ask about this, than the country’s top Derm?”

He sat on the wheeled chair and pulled himself closer to her, straightening his back. “Well, only one way to find out. What is it that you want to ask me, Sansa?”

She unclasped her bra then and threw it on the floor while he gawked at her beautiful bare breasts.

“So is it true then, Dr. Targaryen? Do you think the shade of my nipples would match my lips perfectly?”

They do.

They really really do.

Perfectly pink indeed.


“I think.”


“I think I’d need to swatch it, just to be sure,” he said before crushing her lips with his.

There are gods and they are real!

She tasted so sweet and hot and something entirely Sansa.

She moaned and he took that moment to slip his tongue inside that glorious mouth he’s been fantasizing about along with other things for days - months - years!

She gave as much as she got, kissing back almost as desperately as he was as her hands pulled at his tucked in button down and then her hands were exploring up his bare chest from under it. His hands wandered too. From her silky red hair, to her long graceful neck, but something felt…odd.

She pulled away panting. “What is it?”

“I’m still wearing my gloves, fuck.”

She looked at his glove-covered hand then before giving him a delicious smirk. “Keep them on.”

His cock throbbed. “Yeah?”

She nodded while she ducked and began kissing the side of his  jaw and then down his neck. “Yeah. You still have to…examine me doctor. To answer my question.”

He groaned then and placed his hands on her shoulders before pulling away.

He looked at her then, her hair mussed, her blue eyes glazed, while those beautiful pink lips were open and gasping, until he looked lower and there they were.

He started by tracing his gloved finger over her lips slowly. She slyly took one and sucked on it - twirling her tongue around it and now he was imagining those lips twirling on another member. He pulled it off and reprimanded her.

“Now that was naughty. Even if you’re a doctor, Doctor Stark. You are my patient right now. And I expect all my patients to behave. Otherwise, I won’t reward you after. Can you do that?”

Her pupils dilated as she nodded eagerly. Fuck. Fuck.

“Now then. Let’s see if they match,” he said as gruffly as he could, his ego stroking more and more when she shivered while he trailed the finger she just wetted over her neck, down her collar, and traced around a soft ample breast, before cupping it from below.

His other hand traced from her waist and up to her other breast.

She was breathing erratically then and maybe so was he. But gods how long did he fantasize about these breasts? He squeezed and she moaned and he wheeled closer, parting her legs with his knees in the process. “They are a perfect shade of pink.” His thumbs brushed over her nipples then earning a high-pitched whine. “They do match those delicious lips, yes. But I think I’d have to see if they taste the same. Don’t you think? Just to be thorough.”

She nodded at him and he went for it, taking one nipple into his mouth, they both groaned while he started laving it and sucking while his other hand worked her other.

She grasped at him then, her hands clinging to his white coat that he cursed. She was half-naked and I still had on too many clothes and damned gloves at that. He switched breasts and felt her legs pull him closer as she rubbed against his all too willing bulge.

After being in her mercy for so long, seeing her under him now was like all his dreams come true.

He  didn’t know what possessed him but he wanted to see if he could make this last. Make her beg. But maybe after he makes her come like this first.

He let her move against him while he worked at her breasts, whispering into her soft skin how beautiful and sexy she looked, how he’s wanted to touch and taste her for a long time, and finally after tugging on a nipple with his teeth, she came.

“Fuck,” she exhaled.

“There is…one more thing I have to examine first,” he chuckled at her.

She looked up at him then, her face and body covered in a sheet of sweat and a flush that rivaled her now loose hair.

He licked his lips then and smirked at her. “There’s another pink I think I need to examine.”

Her eyes widened then and her breathing hitched as he laid her down his procedure table and started toying with the ties of her scrub bottoms. She nodded at him and tried to sit up to help but he stopped her.

“Shh, you just lie back down there and let me do all the work,” he unlaced her ties and pulled her panties and bottom down in one quick pull and there she was all bare and wet and perfectly pink too.

He sat back down and wheeled himself close, his hands going to her thighs. He looked up at her then and when she nodded he dove right in and licked a long stripe that sent her moaning his name out too loudly. Who gives a fuck? Not when I’m finally here with the love of my life in the best way ever. I want the whole damn world to know.

Then best get to work.

He separated her lips and stuck his tongue in, licking all around before thrusting back and forth, his fingers working her bundle of fibers up top.

Sansa was wriggling and bucking up against his tongue while her fingers made their way to his hair. She moaned and practically screamed when he switched, his fingers working in and out of her while he sucked at her clit.

She came with a howl that he didn’t relent with. He kept going and going until she was on her third peak. He could eat her out all night and come satisfied in the morning.

She was the best tasting woman he’s ever had and there was no way he was letting her go after this.

She kicked at him then, too sensitive as he stood up and kissed his way up, covering her body with his still clothed one. She grabbed at his face then and kissed him hungrily, tasting herself making it all the more hotter.

He pulled away. “Was that good, my love?” My love because there was no going back from here. Her eyes shone as she kissed him tenderly. “So… was Dr. Google right this time?”

He chuckled. “Yes. Your nipples matching your lips as confirmed is my expert opinion on that matter. I guess, Dr. Robb Stark too.” he ground his hips against hers.

“Please don’t mention my brother, right as he was, while your hand is on my boob.”

He laughed before pulling up and stroking her face. “Sorry you had to do this. Sorry it took a long time. I love you Sansa. I have for a while now.”

It was her turn to laugh then as she pinched his nose. “You were taking too long and when I made Theon tell me what you guys were laughing about at the island, I’ve been planning on doing something like this too. And yes, I love you too you big dork.”

He grinned and made to kiss her when she shoved him away until he stood and she went to her knees.

Holy fuck.

“Now why don’t I test my expertise too, hmm? I’ve heard that a man’s foot size is a measure of his cock. And I’m pretty much an expert…on cocks,” she purred as she unbuckled his belt. “And you…have rather…big foot status.”

“Y-you’ve seen it already,” he gulped. Remembering the embarrassment he  felt when she had to examine his swelling groin - and not in that way. Fuck. The worse way.

She looked up at him then, wickedly. “I did. And while I was already impressed even in its scared form, I’d like to see…it’s potential for excitement. I mean, I had to order a special catheter size just for you,” she crooned.

He cringed then even if he did see the compliment in her words. Thanking the gods he only had to have it in me for only a few hours but all thoughts of embarrassment flew away when she suddenly pulled on some gloves that came from out of the air for all I care.

His pants and boxers were down and she had a hand on his cock and one on his sack. “Thank goodness I did a lap on you,” she whispered as she continued tracing her fingers over his dick and up and below his balls with those damned gloved hands.

Her breath was too near his cock that he couldn’t help its twitching. “Hardly. A. Scar. Thanks. to. you.” he grunted.

“Of course. I’d never dare to destroy the most beautiful pair of equipment I’ve ever seen. And I think, I’ve seen them all. You have a pretty cock, Jon. A pretty huge cock with pretty hot balls to match,” she said before diving in and swallowing almost to the hilt.

“Ungghh,” he moaned while he reached and failed to hold on to whatever the fuck furniture was behind him, almost falling on my ass.

He slipped off her swollen lips with a pop when she looked up at him, her hand taking over. “Probably the gloves, my love. It’s slippery.”

He moaned before he bit his gloves off then, tasting her and ripping it away before grabbing on for real while his  other hand instinctively went to her head.

She was so good at it that he was in danger of coming faster than a teenager. He didn’t want to come in her mouth - at least not now. He had other ideas.

He reached down and pulled her up, bringing her flush to him against the nearest wall where various posters of the benefits of his brand new 4D laser that promised everything from skin rejuvenation to vaginal tightening were hung up.

Another machine to add to his mission of making the world beautiful, one beautiful woman at a time and then some.

They wasted no more time as he entered her and fucked her hard against the wall, kissing everything he could reach from her lips to her hair to her neck - her perfectly pink nipples.

She came with his name dragged out roughly from her lips, while he followed with a roar of her name just as soon.

Theu clung to each other as they gathered our bearings.


She started giggling then.

“Pinch me, I’m dreaming. Wait - don’t pinch me.”

She kissed his nose then. “This is so real, Jon.”

He let her slide down  but he held her to him. “This isn’t a one time thing right?”

He felt her shake her head below his chin. “I’m yours for the long haul, if you want me, Jon. I’ve been yours for a long time.”

He groaned and kissed her then. “Like hell I don’t want you! Gods, to think we could’ve been doing this months or maybe even years ago. I don’t know anything!”

She grinned and winked at him then. “You know some things. But yeah, you sure took your sweet time, Jon.”

He smiled sheepishly at her. “Sorry. Though if I went after you the moment I knew, you probably didn’t have to date shitheads like Joffrey.”

She laughed. “Yeah, well. Things worked out in the end anyway. We’re here. Together. Basking in the after glow of the best sex I’ve ever had.”

What do you know, Jon Junior agreed and was ready again.

She raised a brow at him then. “Someone’s good to go again.”

She yelped when he picked her up and deposited her back to the table without warning. “Later, I have something I need to remedy, right now.” He went to check on the laser again and moved to get a new pair of gloves. She raised her brows then and started removing the gloves I forgot she still had on…with her teeth.

“Fuck, you have a glove kink or something?” She threw her head back and laughed, snapping one of her gloves at him.

“Ow!"he  cried out despite the tingle that shot below.

"Maybe I do now. Someone has to be the impulsive one here,” she smiled saucily.

He smirked at her. “You little minx.”

“Your little minx. Don’t say it like you hate it,” she sniffed haughtily. “Now get up here and remove this last trace of another man on me so you can brand me as yours however you like later.”

HeI growled. “You’re mine okay? You and your perfectly pink lips, pink nipples, and pink cunt are mine.”

“Yes doctor,” she gave a salute before lying down. “So…I take it, you take back cursing Theon and his unborn children then?”

He shook his head and chuckled while he slipped on the gloves and started sterilizing the field.

“Who would’ve thought that a silly article only a millennial could ever think of would get me the girl?” he grumbled.

Sansa snorted then. “Please. You mean, who would’ve thought nipple colored lipstick swatches -again- something only a millennial would come up with,  would get me the boy?”

He kissed her once and stroked her lip after.

“Thank the gods, old and the new then, for Millennial Pink,” she winked at him.

“Even the drowned god and R'hollor too if they had a hand in it!”


Request from anons: “Can u make a imagine/smut where Sammy and y/n go to ur family’s dinner night and at the dinner Sammy was horny so he was fingering u under the table and he acted like nothing was happening and then in the end he says to u “now who’s ur real daddy” and when u get home u can finish there😅 sorry if it was long!!!” “Could you please do an imagine where you’re pregnant with Sammy’s baby and he’s horny but you can’t do anything and you just laugh at him and don’t help him?”


“UNNNNGGGHHHH, do we have to go to dinner at your parents??” Sam groans in the driver’s seat. “Yes baby, you want to know why? Because we are about to be parents,” I rub my big ole belly, “And we won’t have time to visit my parents. So I just want to have a good visit before we have our first child. Okay? Please? I thought you like my parents.” “I do but your dad sometimes pretends he doesn’t like me and threatens me that he’s going to hunt me down and kill me if I don’t marry his daughter… We’ve been married for 2 years now!” “Hey, if you stay a good trooper,” I feel him pull over, “I’ll reward you.” I seductively said in his ear, smirking as I hear him groan a little. I kiss his cheek real quick, open the passenger and hop out as gentle as possible, waving hi to my parents that are standing at the window. I wobble up the stairs and in the house, “Hi mom, hi daddy.” I greet them with a hug. Sam walks into the house, carrying our luggage as he says hi to my parents too. “Samuel, hi baby.” My mom hugs him and kisses his cheek. “Hi mom. Hi dad.” He shakes my dad’s hand. 

“You taking good care of my pregnant daughter?” My dad said in a serious voice. “Yes sir.” “Are you sure? Y/N, is he treating you good?” “Daddy stop threatening Sam. It was funny at first, now it’s just getting old. You know he’s taking good care of me.” I wrap my hands around Sam’s back, leaning my head on his shoulder. “Alright. Let me go take your things into the spare room. Go sit down Y/N. You shouldn’t be standing this long while being this far along pregnant.” He grabs our things and walks up the stairs, “Thanks daddy.” I yell up to him, then looking at Sam. “You might want to hide your bulge, daddy.” I whisper to him, winking. 

After setting up the table with my mom, dinner started, my parents sitting on one side and Sam and I across from them. While eating dinner and my parents telling us stories of their trip to the Bahamas, I feel Sam’s hand set onto my thighs. I didn’t mind, or care because he always does that. As I ignored it and kept interacting with my parents, I felt his hands glide to the side of my thighs, and up my dress. I start fidgeting to make him stop but he just kept moving his hand closer and closer to my slit.

As his hand glided over my thighs, he pushed my dress to my waist, revealing my panties. You would think he would be struggling with my belly but knowing Sam, he’s slick with it playing it off like he isn’t even moving his hand. As my parents kept talking about their vacations, Sammy slides my panties to the side, moving his finger in circles on my clit. On the inside, I start screaming but on the outside, I’m smiling and nodding at my parents but not hearing one word from their mouths. 

Sam continues this motion, also entering one finger in me slowly, in and out. “Honey, would you like to help get dessert?” My mom snaps me out of my blank stare. “No, my feet hurt. Sorry mom. Daddy, maybe you can help mom?” He nods, wipes his face then gets up, following my mom into the kitchen. Once they are out of sight, “You better make me cum before they get back in here.” I gritted my teeth together, eyes rolling to the back of my head. “Fuck.” I whisper. Sam starts kissing my neck, fastening his pace, “What’s my name baby girl?” He husks in my ear. I just moan lightly, “What’s my name baby..” He says again. “Daddy...” I whisper in his face, kissing his lips as I felt my body shake. I grab onto his wrist but he doesn’t pull away as I cum on his fingers, preventing myself from moaning loud enough for my parents to hear. “That’s my good girl.” Sam pecks my cheek, removes his hand from my slit, lowering my dress back onto my thighs, and licking his fingers. My parents come back in with dessert and we finished dinner. 

Later that night, my parents go off to bed and Sam and I followed a couple of minutes later. Once I wobble closer to bed, Sam pops up from the bathroom ,smirking at me. “That was real risky what you did in there Mr. Wilkinson.” I pulled the blankets off my old bed so I could get under it. “Well Mrs. Wilkinson, you teased me earlier. So I had to get you back.” Sam winked at me. “Imagine if we got caught. My dad would have killed you.” I chuckled, hands on my hips, thinking. I look at Sam standing on the other side of the bed, staring back at me. I observe him up and down and see another bulge, “No.” I shake my head and he pretends to be angry. “Please.” He begs. “I’m pregnant. And my parents are next door. What do you expect me to do?” I sit down on the bed slowly, and lift my legs onto the bed. “At least suck it.” He looks down at it. I just laugh a little louder, “Funny.” I lean forward to grab the blanket. “I liked you better when you weren’t pregnant.” Sam huffs. “Me too..” I say as I watch him just stand there in his briefs. I just roll my eyes, swing my legs on the edge of the bed, and lift myself up off the bed. “Where are you going?” He asks as I wobble my way to him. 

He opens his arms thinking I’m going to cry in his arms again because of how emotional I get but before he wraps his arms around me, I slowly get to my knees. “Wha-” He says before I drop his briefs, revealing his friend. “Babe, you don’-” I lick the tip making him shiver. I hear him groan with his mouth shut, his head tilted back as I slowly fist him, sucking the head. I start teasing so much he got weak to his knees that he caught himself on the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed, as I continued to stroke him, looking up in his eyes. I tarted sucking length by length till i could go as deep as I could. His slight groans made me so wet I started rubbing myself too. The more I stroke his shaft, the deeper his voice got in pleasure. Once he finally came, he wiped me clean, helping me up and onto the bed. He put more pillows behind my back thinking he was just tucking me in. Before I knew it, he spreads my legs and starts licking up and down my slit. “F-fu-” I covered my mouth so I wasn’t loud. His tongue does wonders, as he sticks two fingers in me, fingering me in and out, as he sucks on my clit. “Fuck daddy” I whisper, holding onto the sheets trying not to scream. He lifts his head up, but his fingers still going in and out, “Cum baby girl, you know you want to.” His face one inch from mines, breathing hard. My back arches a little, as far as my pregnant self could, releasing all over his fingers again. His lips smack onto mines to keep me from moaning out loud. 

He licks me off, smirking at how horny I am from being this pregnant. He throws the blankets over me and rolls to his side of the bed, cuddling me. “MMM, that was nice baby. We haven’t done that in a while.” He says kissing my head. “Your dry spell has been too long, I’m accusing.” I giggle. “Too. Long. But it’s ok. It’ll be worth it in the end.” He rubs my belly, excited for the baby to arrive. “Now let me ask you something.” He says. “Who do you like calling daddy better? Me or your father?” He jokes at me, smiling big. I push his face off of me, “Good night.” I flip to my other side, ignoring his question. “Good night who?” Sam’s head pops up next to mines, “Good night daddy.” I peck his lips as we both fell asleep. 

happy new year

a/n - happy new year! after seeing the boys’ pictures from bali i got inspired to write this one - enjoy!

calum hood & y/n
word count - 4522
warnings - sexual content language

You didn’t even really want to be going on this vacation.

Not that you weren’t grateful to your parents for paying for you to tag along on their trip – you knew that you needed to get away for a while, that a change of scenery would do you good – you just didn’t exactly relish the thought of spending 10 days with only your mum and dad for company.

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“A Space Tail”

A late, late, late entry for Phanniemay Day 15, ‘Sci-Fi.’ Predictably, here’s some Space Au Danielle.

Space did funny things to people. 

Then again, people did funny things in space. Strapping themselves to rockets and blasting themselves across the big empty. Even though everything they were was tailor-made from millions of years of evolution for one tiny world, they still had to ride off to all the other ones. Transplant themselves to a foreign body that would always reject them. It tended to make people a little crazy.

Dani could sympathize. Everything down to her blood and her bones endlessly craved a place that wasn’t, anymore. Always a mismatch. Never a someplace that ever clicked into her incompatible links.

Space stations were the real dens of crazy. Built to accommodate everyone and succeeding with nobody. Gravity too high or too low, never the right temperature, finicky air composition. A place with dozens of different species, nationalities, clades, gangs, and corporates like a box of mismatched pieces. The bad edges crushed together.  

Not a single sentient belonged there, Dani especially. She was okay with it. The bar was offering half-off drinks for gals and gal-identifying.

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An Analysis of the Enforcers based on their living spaces

Here’s something to gnaw on:

I decided to rant about something random within the fandom…(I’m a poet apparently).

I was so enamored with Gino’s apartment that I felt I needed to study the functionality and differences between all the enforcers’ living spaces!!

Sorry No Photos…I gave episode refs, so go look. hit pause, soak in the scenery…

Analysis of Enforcers’ Quarters. It seems that many don’t have windows… are they underground? Where is this? in an older part of the MWPSB building? or just lower levels? Stone archways, brick and cement walls, iron railings and stairs are present in every one. and the same sort of light fixtures are in every apartment. They all have main sitting areas, which are adjacent to the kitchen (all of which seem to be made of stainless steel) and dining areas. It seems there is a small door in the dining area that leads to a bedroom (and bathroom?).   I am trying to figure out if they are decorated in holograms. Everything in their apartments seem to be decorated the old-fashioned way, by physical items, but I could be wrong…maybe the walls and floor are HOLO?  Room details taken from episodes as following: Kougami: S1E3, S1E7, S1E17Ginoza: S2E3Masaoka: S1E4Kagari: S1E6Shion: S1E22Ginoza’s Place is definitely turn of the century (19th-20th) French Country “Provincial"decor, largely decoracted in green victorian-looking wallpaper and neutral tones, accented by reds. The floors are at least somekind of imitation wood flooring (if they aren’t real hardwood, that is) and the bottom meter(ish) of the wall is a med-dark stained wood. Near the entryway and stairs is his little exercise/weight-lifting corner (no cardio equip’t). He even put up a tasteful divider to block the immediate view of his exercise area from the dining area. It seems Dime’s pen is on the other side of the stairs at the far side of the sitting room. There are (assumed by the one and a half that can be seen) three windows on that wall with red curtains. Gino’s coin collection is ALL OVER the walls, even in the kitchen/dining areas…seriously. He even has cases in which he displays them. He has a couch and a chair that are off-white, and an off-white marble-topped wood coffee table, all of which sits on a mostly red, white and gold persian/oriental-style rug.  His dining set is also wood, but more of a French country style. (This means his taste in decor is like 200 years old in the year 2114!) He has fancy victorian-style china (tea set). And I believe there are some frames with STAMPS. (rly, Gino?I knew about the Coins, but stamps, too?) His Entertainment center sits kiddie-corner, so he can watch from his favorite chair.  The vibe of his place is earthy and grounding, yet refined. Nice relaxing place for him and Dime. Masaoka’s Place seems to have 5 cathedral style windows on the opposite as you enter the room. He has two couches immediately to the left at the bottom of the stairs, that are dark, sleek and utilitarian looking. In the corner opposite the stairs, near the kitchen, sits his easel and a small utility table for his brushes and palettes, so he gets the "natural light” from the windows.  Although, as you come to the bottom of the stairs, there is another similar table and a chair…are there TWO easels? On the far wall, the entire “arch” seems to be a window, much akin to a studio apartment in NYC. There are at least TWO more canvases set up (one being the second chair and table were. there are canvases strewn about everywhere in that main area, it seems. The walls are greyish and seem painted, but have smatterings of what could be “accidental” paint . You get the feeling that his vibe is very much that of an artist: that it’s pretty much all Masaoka does other than work, sleep and eat. The windows are the important element of his apartment, so that he can paint. He doesn’t care to really decorate, because he’s too busy creating. Kagari, ever the eternal youth, has a pool table, a “hook”/“grab-it” style machine and around nine arcade games from the late 20th/early 21st century! Not to mention, a jukebox, a bike/scooter, remote-control car, a row of 25-cent bubblegum/candy machines and various weird paraphenalia from the 20th century. the decor has a mixed vibe of “50’s diner, 60’s mod, and 80’s arcade”. Super fun and Kitschy, just like him. The floors are checkered black and white tiles with yellow mod bucket seats and couch, and a kidney bean shaped kitchen table. His walls seem to have no windows, and are seemingly grey and utilitarian, only enhanced by the wall hangings everywhere. HIS light fixtures are different.  Shion, oddly doesn’t use her bedroom for her bed. it’s right in the same place gino has his work out area. Right in the little alcove next to the entryway stairs. I was unsure of the holograms, at least to a certain extent. The WALLS are definitely hologram-programmable. Windows are definitely holograms. Shion’s room tells me this FOR SURE, as she has it set to a tropical getaway theme.  There is a “beach” or pool “outside” yup. Those palm trees? yup, definitely a hologram. Her light fixtures are different, too, like something you’d see at an outdoor wedding. She has a deck/patio table and chairs near the “pool/patio” door/window. Wood floors, which I am now assuming the floors,  all which are different, are also holo-programs.  She has another table in her kitchen area round, seats four, still small…there seems to be a carpet in her dining area too. simple. not fancy.seemingly tan/beige.  A little table near the bed with a vase of flowers on it…purple…are they forget-me-nots? Kougami…You can tell, he doesn’t give a flying fuck. No holograms, not a single excess detail. He has his exercise equipment, a closet/dresser thing, the blue couch and chairs a plain glasstop coffee table, blue rug… and that’s about it.  oh yeah, he has a television. the bare necessities…Until you follow him into his room, where his old office apparently threw up. Bookshelves/hutches, filing cabinets, with boxes piled on top. And a couch, not a bed…A desk with a lamp, and pictures of the case ALL OVER HIS WALL.  *cue Jim Carrey ala Ace Ventura* “Obsessed much?"  So there you have it: Bri’s Observation and analysis of the different enforcers and their living spaces. 1) Ginoza is the only one that made his place "feel like home.” It feels like a house. It shows that Gino is incredibly observant and pays attention to detail.  I mean, I personally grew up with a family that was heavily influenced by victorian and provincial/country style. That rug he has reminds me of ones that my mom and grandmother had when I was a kid. Shit, I have one in my dining room. The only other thing was, why was Dime confined to his pen?? because of company, I’d assume the only reason… My Gino baby has good taste. ;) 2)Kagari is FUN. I’d be his roommate a close second to Gino, just because we’d drink and play video games ALLLLLL the time. My problem is that my personality vascillates between Kagari and Gino on a daily basis. Who would I choose to live with??? Fun? or Chill?  3) Shion breaks the mold a little bit…and It makes my wonder what she uses her actual bedroom for? I understand her need to be on a permanent vacation. If only those sliding doors were real…to me that would be MORE depressing.  4) Lastly, The sparseness of both Masaoka and Kougami’s spaces show that they truly have the intensely obsessive personalities. They don’t give a crap about their surroundings. It’s all about their need to DO something with themselves…Masaoka with his Art, Shinya, well, mostly his job, and exercising away as much of the stress that he could…(it didn’t work). Is it me, or do their apartments look like fragments of an old subway line??? I was trying to figure out the brick and stone, the arches…it was the only thing that came to mind.

Oh yeah… and where the hell are the bathrooms??? I could envision the ENTIRE layout of those spaces…but there was no indication of a private bath…weird.