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Note: Dedicated to my fellow hoes in @bangtan-bookclub. I love you ALL. This isn’t full smut, but it’s pretty explicit (which is why I tagged it the way I did). 

Summary: UnderwearModel!Hoseok




“You owe me cookies,” your friend reminds you, nudging your shoulder with a cheshire cat grin. “And you can bake them on his abs. God he’s so hot.” 

Jung Hoseok stands across the room bathed in warm lighting as he poses for the photographer. He’s nearly naked save for the small, tight scrap of cloth covering his essentials. Boxer Briefs. 

You shudder as you pretend to work while sliding Hoseok discreet looks. The boxer briefs he’s wearing is a reminder that (A) you lost the bet by thinking he wore regular briefs, and (B) you needed to get laid ASAP if you were this close to losing your cool over a random underwear model. 

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RebelCaptain/RogueJedi Modern AU | The Holiday

Jyn Erso and Luke Skywalker don’t know each other: they live in different countries on separate continents but are both in desperate need of distractions from their day-to-day lives. When they find each other listed on a vacation exchange site, the two throw caution to the wind and switch homes for the Christmas holiday. 

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Take a Break

I’m taking a break from tumblr. Like I’m completely logging off and everything for a few days. Maybe longer.

Im having some bad mental health days and with that comes the idea that my art is the worst. I’m not improving as quickly as I’d like. I need to go back to traditional art for awhile, read some books, center myself. I am getting short tempered, stressed, and feeling like a really unpleasant person and I don’t want that to be who I am.

It also means, even though I just started it, I’m putting my ask blog on hold.

If you need to get in touch with me, I do have a twitter. I don’t post a lot on there and mostly follow funny twitter accounts and other art “blogs” but I do check it regularly. You can find me @Lozeyjones on twitter. 

I’ll reblog this once more for the day crowd but as of now I’m taking a vacation away from this site. I can’t handle much anymore.

Again, my twitter is @lozeyjones

I also check deviantart frequently (every day) so you can find me there as just Lozey.

I’m sorry I’ll be absent for awhile, but I do think that to feel better about myself and my art, I need to get off of this website to cool down and rethink things.

I hope everyone else is doing fine, however. I’ll just be on for the next 24 hours so if you need to let me know anything, tell me now or I won’t be able to get back to you for some time.

Thanks for understanding, and goodnight <3

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Misaki babysitting harohapi's members

a side note abt the blog: mod moca and i discussed things for a while and we’re going to turn off anon asks for a bit. we’ve got ~50 requests and they just keep pouring in. we’ll turn it back on when we make a dent in the asks!

some peronaxrobin modrenau headcanons that NO ONE ASKED FOR

-Robin owns a a book store, Perona runs the little cafe next door
-They know eachother before Zoro introduces them, but didnt know they both knew zoro. He tends to go into one store when he’s actually looking for the other and everyone just assumes he went the wrong way. It actually never occured to him that they were next door to eachother
-eventually they knock down the wall to combine the shops, and its very nice not to have to leave the store to get tea or to flirt with the cute barista
-they buy a huge beautiful victorian home for an insanely cheap price because the last 5 owners have all been murdered there. They considered this a feature, not a deterrent (robin says she hopes the ghosts of the former owners dont try to dismember them in their sleep. Perona kinda hopes they try)
-ALL OF THE GHOST TOURS, and vacations to big archaeological sites and haunted castles and the worlds spookiest places. Someone was murdered in that hotel room? lets us stay in there, we will pay double.
-The house is covered in flowers everywhere
-They own a yellow canary named Hana and a sphinx cat named Horo. He’s missing an eye and perona says he reminds her of Zoro
-100% get married on halloween 



The Avengers vacation in Las Vegas. Thor brings some inebriating Asgardian “elixir” for you, Pietro, and Tony after the rest of the team bails for the night. Next thing you know you wake up married and naked in bed with the handsome Speedster.

Warning: Sexual situations, language, drinking


Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 2,408

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    EDWARD’S ISLAND. One of many FASCINATING sites when vacationing at Camena, Oregon  —  at least from what you ONCE heard. The rich history of the island attracts quite the visitors due to its advancement in radio technologies  …  and the SINKING of the USS KANALOA   —   the WWII submarine targeted by Japanese submarine chaser Tokisada. The isolated land ALWAYS CHANGES and so have the people COMING and GOING. This doesn’t seem to be the first time the school has thrown one. Attending a beach party located on the infamous ex-military base was something to do, right ?
8 PM. You feel the chill in the air as the sounds of the rushing waves fills your ears. The garrulous chatter of gulls perched on rocks and the quiet, DARK yet serene scenery kept you wide awake and distracted. Fellow cohorts appear with MIXTURE of emotions ranging from ANXIOUSNESS to EXCITEMENT. You’ve seen the CLICHE horror movies of the rebellious group of teenagers throwing such extravagant celebrations only to TURN for the WORST. You can only HOPE it doesn’t end that way You finally arrive to the destination, seeming to be the last ferry ride to the island. Calling the place ABANDONED felt like an under statement. The MISSING presence soon replace by LIVELY, INNOCENT souls. Some familiar faces while others new. Your hostess seems to have her hands full until a voice came through the crowd : “ LET’S GET THIS STARTED ! “ Guests settle down, allowing the hostess to speak once more, “ I ONLY INVITED THE SELECTED FEW BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT A NUMBER OF PEOPLE GETTING CAUGHT OR I’LL GET IN TROUBLE FOR IT. THIS ISLAND ISN’T GOING TO HOLD HUNDREDS OF US, YOU KNOW ? 

Trapped on EDWARD’S ISLAND and subjected to CHILDISH games and CHALLENGING puzzles, a group of people eventually find they have made the GRAVE mistake of coming. They knew they should NOT have trusted everything they hear


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Keep complaining? Enjoy your vacation in a construction site.

This happened a long time ago when I worked on cruise ships. We always had dick heads from the Internet forum “cruise critic”. This guy had printed a sign “I am a cruise critic” and put it on his cabin door. Basically, these people expect special service and complain about absolutely everything to get free upgrades, drinks or even a free cruise.

As soon as he got on board he complained about his cabin and was upgraded to a balcony suite to shut him up. It still wasn’t good enough. He kept complaining that his TV reception wasn’t crystal clear. We visited his cabin and saw no issue with the image, in fact it was better than most TVs as it was close to the amplifier for that section. After replacing the TV anyway & explaining that we are tracking a geostationary TV satellite on a moving ship with a gyro stabilised dish and millions of dollars of above and below decks equipment he still kept complaining that the picture wasn’t as clear as his TV at home.

After 48 hours of him complaining and demanding a complimentary cruise (he was already cruising for free after complaining so much about his last cruise) we planned our revenge. When we knew he was at his allocated dining time my AV team showed up in the cabin & gathered a team of engineers, fitters and electricians. We stripped all of the wall & roof panels and pulled out all the AV wiring, dumping a buttload of dust everywhere before downing tools & calling it a day. After the guest & his wife returned after dinner and a show he called the front desk furious that his cabin had been turned into an uninhabitable construction site. It was explained to him that we listened to his demands and as such were re-wiring his cabin to ensure he has crystal clear TV reception just like he asked. He was advised would take a few days (the rest of the cruise) as it is a complex job.

He went quiet before asking to be moved to another cabin. He was moved to a cabin smaller than his original cabin and above the bow thrusters. He was not heard from again the rest of the cruise.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | source


So I kinda went out of this tumblr account for like over a year purely due to some misshaps in which I forgot my password and Chrome reset everything. I finally remembered my dud email password which I set this one up with and voila!

So the last time I had really updated this tumblr before I went offline for like over a year, I was in 3rd year uni, grinding the grind and doing my thing, but not feeling that amazing. From then to now, the following BIG things happened:

1. Joined a committee at university for Civil Engineering as Industry Officer! I was the only girl in the entire committee of 12, but they were very nice and excited to have a girl on board, and I got to do so many things! Like set up events such as construction site visits, Vacation work information session, etc.

2. Got great grades so definitely feeling the perks!

3. My boyfriend broke my trust and hurt me so fucking bad in a real big way. It shattered my illusion of the relationship. It involved another girl and I was so hurt and shocked. I felt like my world had shut itself down at that very instant he told me. It wasn’t cheating, but something close to it. He was the one to tell me almost immediately and he was sorry. That whole of 2016 - first bit of 2017 was spent recovering from this. I couldn’t trust him. I hated the girl too, which I shouldn’t have but she instigated it just as much as he was peer pressured into doing what he did. It was small, not even a kiss, but it hurt me in a big way. It hurt us in a big way. 

4. Remember that committee I was a part of? I became secretary for it for 2017! Executive member, and also brought the ratio of girls to guys from 1:11 to 6:6! How amazing is that! We’re doing great as a team right now, and I am the popular vote for president next year!

5. I got an internship with a road agency, and it has been absolutely such an experience, I have found my calling. My mentor is amazing, he is truly so nurturing, encouraging, and I have grown so much with the experiences I have gathered in project management. I currently work there part time, and although everyone is like decades older than me (youngest is probably 7 years older than me), I still feel like such a valuable member of the team! It has helped me grow in a big way, and I have brought so many of my skills into my university, and I have learned so much about the impact civil engineering, especially road engineering, has on the society. All those days back in 2013 in year 12 where I doubted how I would work out my way through uni, I think I know now!

6. My boyfriend and I broke up….for 3 hours. We both had established our future wasn’t going to turn out the way we hoped because I couldn’t envision telling my parents about him. But 3 hours in he admitted he would change his expectations for me, and I told my parents, and here’s the kicker - they’re fine with it! My mum has met him and is chill with him, so I guess you could say its alright?

7. I finally got my drivers license!!!!!! Man it feels good to drive!!!!

So yeah that’s me now mid 2017!