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request: dad!shawn

Your sixteen-year-old son was sitting on the couch, texting one of his friends, when Shawn tossed him a key. “Go cut the grass. Gettin’ long.”

“Can’t you do it?” He asked, groaning.

“C’mon, it’s just the grass. And ll you have to do is sit and steer!” Shawn laughed, walking over to the fridge. “Babe, are you going grocery shopping soon?” He asked, looking at you.

“Yeah, probably this afternoon. Why?”

“Curious.” Shawn said, taking out an apple. He walked down the hall to the small in-home studio that was built years ago, and before he shut the door, he yelled, “Cut the damn grass!”

Your son groaned, but stood up, and went to put on shoes. “Watch out for your sister’s tree, she got it from some field trip, and it’s pretty small. Don’t run over it!” You warned, going to get dressed, and wake up the still-sleeping four-year-old.

After waking her up, and getting dressed, you saw the neighbors that had bought the house across the street were moving in, and it looked like there was a girl about your son’s age. “Momma, are we going shopping?” Your daughter asked, noticing the reusable bags were sitting on the table.

“Yeah, wanna go get Dad with me?” You asked, taking her hand and walking down the hall. You opened the door and the small girl ran into the room, hopping onto Shawn’s knee.

“Hey, sweetie!” Shawn smiled, dropping the pen he was using on the desk, and wrapping his arms around her. “What’re you doing?” He asked, laughing when she began to draw smiley faces on his sheet music.

“Drawin’!” She said, not looking up.

“Do you wanna go shopping with us?” You asked, walking into the room, running your hand through Shawn’s curly locks.

“Yeah, lemme just go change into somehting more appropriate.” He said, standing up. He was wearing some old basketball shorts, and an old John Mayer tee.

You nodded, going out to tell your son that you were leaving. He saw you and stopped the mower, and walked over to you. “Why did you and Dad have to buy such a big yard, oh my God.” He complained.

“Hey, you didn’t seem to mind at your party, when you had friends literally everywhere.” You teased, smiling. “Your dad, sister, and I are going food shopping. Maybe you should surprise your father and wash the car before we get back.” You smiled, knowing the Jeep needed a wash.

“Maybe. Let me finish the yard first, Mom!” He smiled. “Can you get that cereal I finished yesterday?” He asked, eyes hopeful.

“Sure, sure. If you need anything else, just text me.” You said, heading back into the house.

At the grocery store, you were pushing the cart, and occasionally adding things into it, while Shawn was walking behind you with your daughter next to him. “Ooh, can we et this!? Please?” She asked, holding up a pop-out spaghetti strainer.

“Why? We don’t need that, sweetie.” Shawn laughed, taking it from her hands.

“Oh,” She said, shoulders dropping. “Can we get- can we get ice cream!?” She asked, jumping up and down.

You smiled, nodding. “Since someone finished it without telling anyone, we need some anyway.” You said, giving a pointed look towards your husband, who was suddenly interested in the cake mix next to him.

“You know,” Shawn said, walking up to you. “My parents can take the kids for the weekend, give us a little alone time.” He whispered, knowing it had been a while since you two were alone.

“Not this weekend, maybe next.” You said, tossing a box of tampons into the cart.

“Damn.” Shawn grumbled, looking at his phone when it went off. “Looks like the kid found out there’s a girl his age across the street.” Shawn laughed, texting his son back.

“Hmm, maybe if he listened at dinner, he would know.” You smiled, steering the cart towards the checkout lanes.

Back at home, you and Shawn unloaded the groceries, with your daughter helping out when she could. Once everything was put away, you peeked outside, and saw your son finishing up the front yard. “He’s still not finished?” You questioned, mostly just talking out loud.

You walked out to the front porch, and sat down in the swing that was on the porch, and soon Shawn joined you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “I like this, I didn’t have to cut the grass, get to relax with you while-”

“My tree!” Your daughter went zooming by at breakneck speeds for her age, and ran over to the small conifer tree that was not a tree anymore.

You snorted, and stood up, going to console her, as you saw her start to cry. Shawn followed, wanting to see what was on his son’s mind. “It’s ok, honey, we can get you another one.” You picked her up, and she nodded, wiping her tears.

“How didn’t you see the bright pink tape tied to the top of the tree?” Shawn asked, curious.

“Umm,” Your son looked across the street, where the neighbors were setting up a bench in their porch, and you smirked.

“Someone’s got a crush!” You teased, walking back inside.

“Shut up, Mom!” Your son looked at the ground, but you could see his face was a deep red.

Shawn laughed, following his family inside.

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“Miss Ida was the heart of this church,” Ora begins, the words coming out shaky, just like she didn’t want. She gives herself a minute to clear her throat, and it’s now that her eyes drift to rest upon the stranger in the hat in the first pew. He’s stoic at first, eyes trained on Miss Ida’s casket, but when he seems to sense her gaze, his eyes meet hers in…well, it appears to be surprise.

Both of his eyebrows raise, making Ora’s furrow in response. She clears her throat again, and her eyes dart to her daddy, standing off to the side in his pastor’s robe, a regal shade of purple she’s always loved. His gentle smile puts everything back into focus. Voice a bit steadier, Ora’s eyes scan the index card in her hands and she presses on.

“I think that everyone can agree with that,” she continues, to a few kind laughs and a plethora of nods from the congregation. “She had a presence that could fill up the whole room. I don’t know how many church functions that woman helped plan, cooked for, and cleaned up after. She gave so much of herself to our little family here at Bellevue Baptist, and she gave it unselfishly and with the most love in her heart that I think I’ve ever seen in anyone. I also think that I can speak for everyone when I say that she will be deeply missed.”

Overwhelmed with a sudden wave of grief, Ora pauses, her voice catching on the last sentence she’s read, and she feels the need to clear her throat again. Her eyes find the stranger’s once more, and his are studying her, seemingly dark but scarily attentive beneath his wide-brimmed hat. He leans forward in his seat, long hair swinging against his shoulders, elbows rested on his thighs. The gap of his half-buttoned shirt opens a bit more, revealing a pair of birds tattooed across his chest. The rings on his hands catch in the light. There’s a small, black cross tattooed on his hand, just offset from his thumb.

Ora can’t stop looking at him.

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Heyy so I'm looking for this fic, it's like a ten thousand + word one shot where the gang is all in new New Zealand. Keith and Shiro are there to do a triathlon and I think Lance, Hunk, and Pidge work at some kind of boat rental place?? Idk i dont remember that part. I think its rated either mature or explicit. Sorry I can't give you guys any more information but if you find it thank you so much!!

Heey thank you for your detailed description! It helped a lot ^.^
- Vallie

What We Make of It by wittyy_name (1/1 | 46,327 | Mature)

Keith has been training for this for months. So despite feeling like everything else in his life is falling apart and could be summed up with a big, blaring question mark, he finds himself halfway across the world with Shiro and Allura, preparing for his first ironman triathlon. He was expecting some typical touristy activities and a grueling day of physical activity. What he wasn’t expecting was to meet a gorgeous boy with bright blue eyes and a smile that made his insides squirm.

Lance has been in a rut, unable to find the happiness that once filled his life. Everything looks gray, and he feels suffocated. And that’s how he finds himself halfway across the world, backpacking across a foreign country with his best friend, Hunk, and their new friend, Pidge. That is, until they run out of money and decide to get a job. He’s having fun, and colors are leaking past the dam and back into his life. What he wasn’t expecting was to meet a beautiful boy with dark eyes and a shy smile that broke those flood gates wide open.

The Maldives

Niall holds your hand and looks around amazed by the sunset. You two were in the Maldives, for a holiday, just the two of you.

You smile and take a picture with Niall by the sunset as he kisses your cheek.
Niall laughs “this is so beautiful.”

You nod “it really is. But I’m tired of all the exploring we did today, can we go to our room and relax ni?” you ask.

He smiles and wraps his arm around your waist and nods “of course we can angel” he says and walks back to the rooms.

When you get there you squeal as you see the jacuzzi. “Niall! I wanna go in the jacuzzi” you say excitedly.

He laughs and takes off his clothes and gets on it with his boxers on. “it feels so relaxing! Come and join me sexy angel” he teases.
You blush and take off your dress and go in the jacuzzi in your underwear.

Niall can’t help but look at you up and down and he grabs your hand pulling you to his lap.
You rest your head on his shoulder and your back against his chest and you both look at the view.

“Isn’t this amazing?” he whispers in your ear sending shivers all over your spine.

You bite your lip holding back a moan and nod “yes… ni. It is” you whisper and turn your face to meet his eyes.
He grabs some wine and puts it in two glasses and hands you one.
You drink it slowly and his eyes trail your lips. You notice him and you smirk putting the glass away and turn to look at him innocently.
Niall looks at your lips and not missing an opportunity to taste them, he leans and kisses you slowly, running his tongue over them tasting the wine.

You could feel Niall’s member getting hard against your leg.
He lets out a soft moan into the kiss not being able to control the fact he needed you.
You smirk and straddle his lap rubbing yourself against his member slowly as Niall rests his hand on your hips.

He looks at you surprised “d-don’t tease me please” he whispers, surrendering to you.

You laugh softly, loving to know he needed you so much. “no Niall… now you’ll have to beg.. like you always make me do” you whisper in his ear.

It drives him crazy and he rubs his hips against yours, as a sign of pleading.
You let out a low laugh “no ni, that won’t do it. You have to say it… say it out loud” you whisper tracing your finger over his shoulder and his arm.

He looks at you sighing shakily “I-I need you (y/n). now” he whimpers.

You lean and kiss his neck slowly as you reach his boxers and pull them away. Niall was fully naked and surrendered to you.

Niall grips your waist and looks at you “please… please, you’re all I need” he whispers and he reaches the back of your bra to take it off. But you stop him.

“No niall… I will be yours, but only if you beg and tell me that you want me and how you want me” you say and a smirk rises on your face.

He whimpers and pulls you against his member “can’t you tell? This is all for you baby” he whimpers.

You bite your lip holding back a moan and try to keep your attitude. “I need more than that” you whisper in his ear and kiss it below.

Niall rolls his head back “I… I want you around me, I need to feel you" he whimpers.

You smirk “and why’s that baby?” you ask and keep teasing him, each time making his member harder and harder.

“Cause only you can make me feel so good…” he whimpers and squeezes your bum.

You stand up slowly and take off your underwear “is this what you want ni? Me? Like this?” you ask slowly.

He nods desperately “yes, just like that” he whimpers and looks at your body biting his lip in desire.

You get on his lap and Niall’s hands land immediately on your bum squeezing it.
You rub your hole against his member causing Niall to let out a loud moan just by the little contact between you two.
You lean forward and kiss Niall slowly, working your tongue with his and slowly, really slowly, to tease him, you start to get on him.
He instantly moans into your mouth and squeezes your bum trying to make you go lower but your resist and stop your movements.

“Niall, you gotta be a good boy, or I’ll stop” you whisper in his ear.

Niall nods quickly, desperate for you to continue. That teasing game was driving him crazy, and in reality it was driving you crazy as well.
You start lowering yourself on him again. Niall hides his face on the crook of your neck letting out a groan, which caused you to roll your head back whimpering.

“Faster baby… p-please” Niall begs “ride me… that’s all I need” he whimpers and looks at you.

You smirk and start moving in circles slowly “how does that feel ni?” you whisper in his ear trying to sound innocent and he cries out loads of whimpers.

“I-it feels amazing…” he pants and tears of pleasure run down his cheeks.
You smirk and you start to feel the urge of moving faster on him.

Niall hides his face on your breasts and kisses one of them moaning as you suddenly start moving up and down on his length faster each time.
Sooner, Niall’s legs start shaking, meaning he wouldn’t be able to take it any longer.
You keep moving on him, taking all of him inside of you. You rub yourself against his balls causing Niall to whimper and grab one of your breasts and squeeze it gently.

“Y-you just feel so good baby girl” he cries out and rolls his head back.

“I know you can’t hold much longer Ni… come for me… inside of me” you whisper resting your breast against his chest.

Niall moans your name out and in a matter of seconds he comes inside of you really hard.
He hides his face on your neck leaving an hickey.

You whimper and smirk in satisfaction, coming a few seconds later as well.
Niall pants and looks up at you “baby girl… what was that?” he asks

You smirk “that was me fucking you really good” you whisper in his ear and nibble his earhole.

He lets out a soft sigh and grips your waist, you laugh and get out of him. “I think we should go to sleep…” you smirk “it was a very tiring day” you whisper as you put your red lace underwear back on, which you knew Niall loved.

Niall nods and looks at you up and down. You laugh and hand him his boxers and walk to the bedroom.
Niall puts his boxers on and follows you to the bed, still panting.

You were already laying there, laying with your legs a little spread open. It was obvious you were teasing Niall again.
Niall runs a hand through his hair looking at your body and he climbs on the bed, and gets on top of you.

“You are driving me crazy, baby girl, with all of the teasing…” he whispers and kisses your neck.

You smirk and roll on top of him sitting on top of his member with one leg on each side of Niall.
He looks at you biting his lip and licking them.

You trace small kisses on his neck and chest
“ni… I want you to taste you…” you whisper and his eyes widen.

“d-do it please” he whispers and takes off his boxers immediately.

You laugh “so desperate again?” you ask slowly.

He nods “I want you to take me all in your talented mouth” he whimpers.

You smirk and you get on your knees and trail little kisses on his long and hard member till you get to the top of it, licking it.

He looks at you gripping the sheets. You smirk and take his member to your mouth, and slowly you start working your tongue on him.

Niall starts whimpering instantly. He tangles his fingers in your hair “fuck… you feel so fucking smooth around me” he groans and looks at you.

He felt the need to touch you and make you feel good. So he pulled your panties to the side running two fingers over your hole, causing you to moan and whimper against his member in surprise.

Niall pushes himself deeper in your mouth, needing you to pleasure him more and more.

You take your mouth out of his length and start kissing his balls and licking them.
Niall cries out and he pushes two fingers inside of you harshly as his thumb plays with your clit.

You let out multiple whimpers against his balls, due to the pleasure he was giving you.
“You even feel tight just around two fingers” he groans and looks at you.

You smirk and start moving your hand on his member as you work your tongue on his balls.
Niall moves his hips up, to push himself against you even more. he moves his fingers inside of you and suddenly adds another one, causing you to whimper at the feeling.
Your legs start shaking as Niall keeps playing with your clit and his fingers in you. He whimpers loudly “you feel so amazing with your mouth on me baby girl” he groans and in a matter of seconds he comes again, this time not being able to warn you.

You whimper and lick it as you come hard on his fingers as well. Niall pants and takes his fingers to his mouth licking them. “fuck… you taste so sweet (y/n)” he whispers and you collapse to the bed next to him.

Niall pulls you closer to him, your bare bodies against each other. After all those adventures you both fall asleep like that.


Next morning, you wake up and blush deeply as you remember the previous night.
You lean and kiss Niall pink and soft lips. He smiles and opens his eyes. “morning” he whispers against them.

“Morning ni” you say and hide your face on his neck “I want to go to the beach! And explore the area” you tell him.

He laughs and shakes his head “sorry baby girl, but that won’t be possible for today” he whispers and rubs your bare back.

“Why not?” you pout and look at him.

“I don’t think I’m able to walk” he laughs, causing you to blush.

He leans and places a kiss on your shoulder “Last night you fucked me really hard..” he whispers.

You laugh and hide your face on his neck. He smirks “I loved it” he whispers in your ear causing you to laugh and smile.

The rest of your day was spent messing around, making small talk, watching movies and reminiscing about your previous night.

Please fire me. I had to call in sick to work today (I have bronchitis & Pneumonia), and my supervisor replied that I needed to give them two hours advance notice. I called at 8:30 AM, my shift starts at 9:30 AM, and my supervisor doesn’t arrive until 8:00 AM. I’m sorry, was I supposed to call at 7:30 in the morning to a location where no one will pick up the phone?

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I want one shot or multichaps without ot12 or just a few characters. i hate focusing on many characters. Chrissy I want bottom soo and smutty fics, nowadays it's too many topsoo. (I don't hate bottom kai but I prefer him to be manly, gentle, and funny) it's difficult to find the good fics of cutie soo.

OK, so I am just going to throw a ton at you and hope for the best. the amount of smut varies from a lot to a little. It was actually hard to not just do a list of pwp lol. 

Aside from his just a note that I am going to Disney for my 10 year wedding anniversary (as promised on year one) (super excited) so I will not be posting for a while. I’ll pick up in about 2 weeks. so here is a lot in the meantime. Enjoy

Love In Control: Ongoing. This is so my favorite thing right now. Kyungsoo’s boyfriends do go far enough so he takes to the internet to find someone who can do the things he wants

If You Allow Me: Complete 4 chapters-(vampire Jongin) Kyungsoo is living with his friend Chanyeol and a new roommate that has some peculiar habits

Kyungsoo’s Vitamin D: One shot. Kyungsoo is obsessed with Jongin’s dick and Jongin decides to try to keep it away for a little while

Pose For Me: One shot- a jealous Jongin fic I missed. Jongin is a model and Kyungsoo decides to become one too in order to spend more time with Jongin

Rookie Boy: Complete 4 chapters. Kyungsoo wants a little more from his boyfriend in the bedroom so he convinces him to try new things

Measure Up: One shot. Kyungsoo likes that his boyfriend is bigger than him and asks him to talk about it during sex

Velvet Dreams: one shot nonau Kyungsoo has a crush on Jongin but is worried Jongin wants girls because he is bisexual

INK: Ongoing. Kind of dark. Jongin is an incubus who is obsessed with Kyungsoo and now has started at his highschool

A Simple Life: one shot- Jongin and Kyungsoo have very different positions in life, but both share heartbreak over the same person and bond over that, but their jobs kind of make them unable to really be together

Need You Now: One shot Kyungsoo loses his virginity to Jongin (and gets embarrassed when they go buy condoms)

Provocative: one shot. Kyungsoo is graduating high school and loses his virginity to Jongin on a dare

Starboy: Complete 2 chapters. Kyungsoo is kind of a dork in school and is really into astronomy and he meets Jongin at a party

Drawing You: One shot. Jongin is an art student who is obsessed with drawing Kyungsoo

Spur of the Moment: One shot. On vacation Kyungsoo sees Jongin gets dumped and then they spend the rest of their time together

Come as you are: Complete 2 chapters Kyungsoo is the vampire Jongin is the wolf, they are in a secret relationship because some shit went down and their families hate each other, but they make it work

Hands On You: One shot. Jongin is a model and Kyungsoo is his stylist

Locked in Love: Complete 2 chapters. Kyungsoo works at a prison where people get locked up because love if forbidden and then he meets Jongin and joins the rebellion

Aurora: one shot (one of my favorite wolf stories) Kyungsoo is an omega who can’t stay with his pack since he heats started so he starts living with Jongin

Spellbound: Complete 2 chapters. Kyungsoo meets Jongin when he goes to a strip club with Baekhyun, and likes him. He keeps seeing Jongin in real life, who is kind of weary of him

Let Me Love You: one shot. Jongin helps Kyungsoo through his heat

Body Moves (Yeah, Just A Little Bit) : One shot Kyungsoo is a model and Jongin is his makeup artist (smut happens)

I’ll heal You When You’re Sick (Put A Sock In It!): One shot nonau fluff smut Kyungsoo tries to help Jongin when he is sick

Going under

Harry Styles - 782 words (Requested by anon)

I let the sun soak through my skin, sighing out when I hear a bird chirp somewhere to my left. This holiday Harry decided we should go on has been nothing but relaxing, playful and paparazziless.

It was quiet. Too quiet. My eyes form into slits as I try to hear where my boyfriend is located, coming up empty handed. My mouth opens to shout out his name but it’s replaced with a shriek as I feel his arms envelope me before he sends both of our bodies off of the edge and into the clear blue water. I feel a bit of water fill my lungs before I paddle my best to reach the surface again, gasping for air as my hair mats to my face, covering my eyes completely.

“Harry fucking Styles!” I shout, my two hands rubbing flat over my face to get rid of all the hair, a chime of laughter erupting from behind me. I start laughing along too, my feet and arms moving gently to keep myself floating.

“I just got my hair dry, you little shit.” I groan, a smile still evident onto my lips as I hoist myself back onto the dock, wetting the wood with the water flowing from my body.

Harry swims closer to me as I squeeze the excess of water from my hair, kicking some water into his face as he comes near. “I like you more when wet.” Harry smirks, his hands grasping my ankles to I’d hold him up, his body just drifting. “Of course you do.” I flick the droplets of water that rest on my hand towards his face, smiling as he bites my shin softly but quickly.

“Come play.” Harry pulls my legs, trying to get me back into the water, his fingertips ghosting over my freshly shaved legs, pulling himself up while resting his weight onto my knees, his lips puckering in my direction for a kiss. My hand rests on his jaw as I press my lips to his. I let myself slip into the water, my legs wound around Harry’s waist as I end the kiss.

“Do you think you can swim with me sitting on you back or will you drown?” I laugh as I crawl towards Harry’s back, my hands squeezing his shoulders as if to say he should try it in a non verbal manner.

“I think I might drown then love.” Harry chuckles as he keeps drifting around near the small dock, my hands rubbing over his chest as I wait for him to do anything. “We won’t know if we don’t try.” I simply state, kissing his cheek as I grin at his mock hurt.

“Is this your subtle way of murder?” Harry gasps, one of his hands squeezing my leg, the other pressed against his chest. A giggle leaves my lips as I watch Harry pjs both our bodies to a less shallow bit of the water, trying to swim.

“Oh yeah, when you die can I have your shirt collection?” I state, a string of gibberish laughter leaves my lips when Harry stops mid swim, almost drowning both of us before he picks up again.

“Apparently we can.” Harry chuckles as he swims a meter, my feet paddling along to keep him moving and make sure his head doesn’t go under. “Yes, go Harry!” I cheer, clapping my hands together like a retarded seal before I feel the cold water come into contact with my face again, Harry turning so I fall into the water again. This time I merely laugh before diving under, pulling Harry’s legs from underneath him making him go under just like me.

Harry comes back up and gasps for air, his eyes widened as he smirks in my direction.

“You should be really glad I love you y/n.” I bat my eyelashes as I pull myself out of the water again, winking at his as I pull my bikini shorts back in its rightful place. “I love you too H. Come on, let’s try out those go carts down the road.” I only have to say it once, Harry already out of the water as he sprints towards me, plucking me off of my feet and throwing me roughly over his shoulder. He pats my bum a time or two before starting to jog towards our holiday home, a smile on my lips as I have a time to look at our view. Not only the palm trees and the sea, but that lovely bum underneath me.

“Hey! Don’t smack my bum!” Harry shrieks as his pace picks up and all I do is chuckle. I couldn’t be more lucky.

Lots of love,

L. xox
Anywhere Else

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(not my gif)

Prompt- You vent to Klaus about your problems with your parents and he takes it upon himself to find the solution.

Pairing- Klaus x reader (established relationship)

Word Count- 692

Trigger Warnings- None!

Song- Anywhere Else but Here by Simple Plan

The slamming of the door downstairs and the hurried footsteps up the staircase informed Klaus of your return. Strange, you had only left no more than twenty minutes ago.

“Back again so soon, love?” Klaus muttered from behind his canvas. You fell down on his bed with a groan. “I take it the talk with your parents didn’t go well.”

“It didn’t go at all, Nik.” You put your arm over your eyes. “I’m 21 damn years old, I should be able to have the balls to go and have a serious talk with them without turning back and running away with my head lowered and my tail between my legs. A conversation that doesn’t involve my future or the fact that I don’t have a set career yet.” You peeked out from under your arm, his back still facing you as he painted. “You’re not saying anything. You usually have an opinion about… well everything. Especially this… What are you painting?”

He ignored your last question, but moved just enough so that the majority of the painting was obscured from your view. “Of course, love. I was only waiting to make sure you were done ranting.”

“I’m sure… Nik, this is ridiculous. This is something that NEEDS to be talked about with them, ya know?” You sighed and pushed yourself up to lay your head on the pillows.

He stood and faced you, still blocking most of the painting but you managed to see a lot of blues. “I do know, love. I know that you made this decision to talk with them, as an adult. I know that it all but took me burning the bridge behind you to keep you from backtracking. Tell me, who unraveled my hard work?” He laid down next to you on the bed and pulled you against him.

You sighed, burying your head deeper against his chest. “Well it started with Elijah. He told me my whiteboard sign and pointer stick were too childish and they’d never take me seriously if I used them.”

“Well that’s rubbish,” he scoffed. “I quite liked the whiteboard sign especially. Perhaps you could get your point across without the ‘pointer stick’ but the sign clearly stated 'save all questions until the end. Please don’t interrupt’. How is that childish?” You shrugged against him. He held you a bit tighter, sighing at his failed attempt to help cheer you up.

“I just… I hate that this is the way things are. That this is how they HAVE to be. I’m miserable.” At this point you were just basically talking into his chest. “I want out.”

Klaus sat there quietly for so long that you worried you’d angered him. You pulled away, looking into his face. He seemed lost in his own thoughts. “Nik?”

Your voice seemed to bring him back. “Y/n, what if I took you away from here?”

“Nik….” You weren’t sure what to say. Honestly the thought of just packing up and leaving with Nik seemed… perfect. Almost too good to be true. However your more adventurous side won out. “Where will we go?”

He grinned, and you felt your own lips pull up in response. “Anywhere else but here, love.” Nik kissed your hand and brought you over to the map laid out on his desk. “Pick anywhere, and that’s where we’ll go.”

You, however, looked away from the map and towards the painting. “How about there?”

The painting was of a beautiful cliffside estate overlooking the sea. He smiled sweetly at you. “Go pack your things, my darling. It’s time to go.” You kissed his cheek and ran down the hall to your room, squealing as you went. Klaus didn’t care where it was you two were going as long as you were together, he wasn’t only content. He was happy.