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I want one shot or multichaps without ot12 or just a few characters. i hate focusing on many characters. Chrissy I want bottom soo and smutty fics, nowadays it's too many topsoo. (I don't hate bottom kai but I prefer him to be manly, gentle, and funny) it's difficult to find the good fics of cutie soo.

OK, so I am just going to throw a ton at you and hope for the best. the amount of smut varies from a lot to a little. It was actually hard to not just do a list of pwp lol. 

Aside from his just a note that I am going to Disney for my 10 year wedding anniversary (as promised on year one) (super excited) so I will not be posting for a while. I’ll pick up in about 2 weeks. so here is a lot in the meantime. Enjoy

Love In Control: Ongoing. This is so my favorite thing right now. Kyungsoo’s boyfriends do go far enough so he takes to the internet to find someone who can do the things he wants

If You Allow Me: Complete 4 chapters-(vampire Jongin) Kyungsoo is living with his friend Chanyeol and a new roommate that has some peculiar habits

Kyungsoo’s Vitamin D: One shot. Kyungsoo is obsessed with Jongin’s dick and Jongin decides to try to keep it away for a little while

Pose For Me: One shot- a jealous Jongin fic I missed. Jongin is a model and Kyungsoo decides to become one too in order to spend more time with Jongin

Rookie Boy: Complete 4 chapters. Kyungsoo wants a little more from his boyfriend in the bedroom so he convinces him to try new things

Measure Up: One shot. Kyungsoo likes that his boyfriend is bigger than him and asks him to talk about it during sex

Velvet Dreams: one shot nonau Kyungsoo has a crush on Jongin but is worried Jongin wants girls because he is bisexual

INK: Ongoing. Kind of dark. Jongin is an incubus who is obsessed with Kyungsoo and now has started at his highschool

A Simple Life: one shot- Jongin and Kyungsoo have very different positions in life, but both share heartbreak over the same person and bond over that, but their jobs kind of make them unable to really be together

Need You Now: One shot Kyungsoo loses his virginity to Jongin (and gets embarrassed when they go buy condoms)

Provocative: one shot. Kyungsoo is graduating high school and loses his virginity to Jongin on a dare

Starboy: Complete 2 chapters. Kyungsoo is kind of a dork in school and is really into astronomy and he meets Jongin at a party

Drawing You: One shot. Jongin is an art student who is obsessed with drawing Kyungsoo

Spur of the Moment: One shot. On vacation Kyungsoo sees Jongin gets dumped and then they spend the rest of their time together

Come as you are: Complete 2 chapters Kyungsoo is the vampire Jongin is the wolf, they are in a secret relationship because some shit went down and their families hate each other, but they make it work

Hands On You: One shot. Jongin is a model and Kyungsoo is his stylist

Locked in Love: Complete 2 chapters. Kyungsoo works at a prison where people get locked up because love if forbidden and then he meets Jongin and joins the rebellion

Aurora: one shot (one of my favorite wolf stories) Kyungsoo is an omega who can’t stay with his pack since he heats started so he starts living with Jongin

Spellbound: Complete 2 chapters. Kyungsoo meets Jongin when he goes to a strip club with Baekhyun, and likes him. He keeps seeing Jongin in real life, who is kind of weary of him

Let Me Love You: one shot. Jongin helps Kyungsoo through his heat

Body Moves (Yeah, Just A Little Bit) : One shot Kyungsoo is a model and Jongin is his makeup artist (smut happens)

I’ll heal You When You’re Sick (Put A Sock In It!): One shot nonau fluff smut Kyungsoo tries to help Jongin when he is sick

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Roadtrip fics! Traveling. Cross-country. Meeting on vacation. Adventures aboard. Those types of fics please! Any recommendations for them will be appreciated

Hello! So I did one of these lists recently you can see here, and then I did a different one where they get together during summer vacation you can find here. OK, Enjoy!

4/1- aggg I forgot one! Officially added!(marked ***)

Heart On Your Sleeve: One shot. Jongin is supposed to confess on a trip they take to Hong Kong. (very adorable Jongin)

Spur of the Moment: One shot. Kyungsoo takes a trip alone to Japan and meets Jongin who is having a fight with his lover and then they spend the rest of their vacations together

NYC to Madrid, One to Two, Me to You : One shot. They meet on a cruise that they go on with their parents and find out that they have a lot in common

Lutefisk and Love: One shot. Jongin invites himself along to Kyungsoo’s vacation to Norway, much to Kyungsoo’s dismay 

***Sweet Escape: one shot Kyungsoo is having a hard time getting over his friends death and takes a trip to clear his head

Can You Keep A Secret: Complete 2 chapters Kyungsoo is famous and sits next to Jongin on a flight to Hawaii for some resort promotion and freaks out from the plane and says too much, and then meets Jongin again in Hawaii….

I Hate You (I Like You): Complete 2 chapters- another enemies to lovers fics that happened after the last list. They are high school enemies (kind of) and their parents are best friends so they are forced to go on a camping trip together

To The Beat of Our Hearts: One shot, Kyungsoo goes to Vegas for vacation and gets dancing lessons from Jongin who shows him how to put passion into his movements ^^

Vacation: one shot.  Flowers and Ink sequel, They go away together for the weekend

Taking Flight: One shot. Kyungsoo goes on a quest to find Odin and meets Jongin and Sehun who travels with him along the way

To Cherish, Love and Hold One shot, The broke up and then meet up again while on a similar trip to the Maldives 

Going under

Harry Styles - 782 words (Requested by anon)

I let the sun soak through my skin, sighing out when I hear a bird chirp somewhere to my left. This holiday Harry decided we should go on has been nothing but relaxing, playful and paparazziless.

It was quiet. Too quiet. My eyes form into slits as I try to hear where my boyfriend is located, coming up empty handed. My mouth opens to shout out his name but it’s replaced with a shriek as I feel his arms envelope me before he sends both of our bodies off of the edge and into the clear blue water. I feel a bit of water fill my lungs before I paddle my best to reach the surface again, gasping for air as my hair mats to my face, covering my eyes completely.

“Harry fucking Styles!” I shout, my two hands rubbing flat over my face to get rid of all the hair, a chime of laughter erupting from behind me. I start laughing along too, my feet and arms moving gently to keep myself floating.

“I just got my hair dry, you little shit.” I groan, a smile still evident onto my lips as I hoist myself back onto the dock, wetting the wood with the water flowing from my body.

Harry swims closer to me as I squeeze the excess of water from my hair, kicking some water into his face as he comes near. “I like you more when wet.” Harry smirks, his hands grasping my ankles to I’d hold him up, his body just drifting. “Of course you do.” I flick the droplets of water that rest on my hand towards his face, smiling as he bites my shin softly but quickly.

“Come play.” Harry pulls my legs, trying to get me back into the water, his fingertips ghosting over my freshly shaved legs, pulling himself up while resting his weight onto my knees, his lips puckering in my direction for a kiss. My hand rests on his jaw as I press my lips to his. I let myself slip into the water, my legs wound around Harry’s waist as I end the kiss.

“Do you think you can swim with me sitting on you back or will you drown?” I laugh as I crawl towards Harry’s back, my hands squeezing his shoulders as if to say he should try it in a non verbal manner.

“I think I might drown then love.” Harry chuckles as he keeps drifting around near the small dock, my hands rubbing over his chest as I wait for him to do anything. “We won’t know if we don’t try.” I simply state, kissing his cheek as I grin at his mock hurt.

“Is this your subtle way of murder?” Harry gasps, one of his hands squeezing my leg, the other pressed against his chest. A giggle leaves my lips as I watch Harry pjs both our bodies to a less shallow bit of the water, trying to swim.

“Oh yeah, when you die can I have your shirt collection?” I state, a string of gibberish laughter leaves my lips when Harry stops mid swim, almost drowning both of us before he picks up again.

“Apparently we can.” Harry chuckles as he swims a meter, my feet paddling along to keep him moving and make sure his head doesn’t go under. “Yes, go Harry!” I cheer, clapping my hands together like a retarded seal before I feel the cold water come into contact with my face again, Harry turning so I fall into the water again. This time I merely laugh before diving under, pulling Harry’s legs from underneath him making him go under just like me.

Harry comes back up and gasps for air, his eyes widened as he smirks in my direction.

“You should be really glad I love you y/n.” I bat my eyelashes as I pull myself out of the water again, winking at his as I pull my bikini shorts back in its rightful place. “I love you too H. Come on, let’s try out those go carts down the road.” I only have to say it once, Harry already out of the water as he sprints towards me, plucking me off of my feet and throwing me roughly over his shoulder. He pats my bum a time or two before starting to jog towards our holiday home, a smile on my lips as I have a time to look at our view. Not only the palm trees and the sea, but that lovely bum underneath me.

“Hey! Don’t smack my bum!” Harry shrieks as his pace picks up and all I do is chuckle. I couldn’t be more lucky.

Lots of love,

L. xox
Anywhere Else

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Prompt- You vent to Klaus about your problems with your parents and he takes it upon himself to find the solution.

Pairing- Klaus x reader (established relationship)

Word Count- 692

Trigger Warnings- None!

Song- Anywhere Else but Here by Simple Plan

The slamming of the door downstairs and the hurried footsteps up the staircase informed Klaus of your return. Strange, you had only left no more than twenty minutes ago.

“Back again so soon, love?” Klaus muttered from behind his canvas. You fell down on his bed with a groan. “I take it the talk with your parents didn’t go well.”

“It didn’t go at all, Nik.” You put your arm over your eyes. “I’m 21 damn years old, I should be able to have the balls to go and have a serious talk with them without turning back and running away with my head lowered and my tail between my legs. A conversation that doesn’t involve my future or the fact that I don’t have a set career yet.” You peeked out from under your arm, his back still facing you as he painted. “You’re not saying anything. You usually have an opinion about… well everything. Especially this… What are you painting?”

He ignored your last question, but moved just enough so that the majority of the painting was obscured from your view. “Of course, love. I was only waiting to make sure you were done ranting.”

“I’m sure… Nik, this is ridiculous. This is something that NEEDS to be talked about with them, ya know?” You sighed and pushed yourself up to lay your head on the pillows.

He stood and faced you, still blocking most of the painting but you managed to see a lot of blues. “I do know, love. I know that you made this decision to talk with them, as an adult. I know that it all but took me burning the bridge behind you to keep you from backtracking. Tell me, who unraveled my hard work?” He laid down next to you on the bed and pulled you against him.

You sighed, burying your head deeper against his chest. “Well it started with Elijah. He told me my whiteboard sign and pointer stick were too childish and they’d never take me seriously if I used them.”

“Well that’s rubbish,” he scoffed. “I quite liked the whiteboard sign especially. Perhaps you could get your point across without the ‘pointer stick’ but the sign clearly stated 'save all questions until the end. Please don’t interrupt’. How is that childish?” You shrugged against him. He held you a bit tighter, sighing at his failed attempt to help cheer you up.

“I just… I hate that this is the way things are. That this is how they HAVE to be. I’m miserable.” At this point you were just basically talking into his chest. “I want out.”

Klaus sat there quietly for so long that you worried you’d angered him. You pulled away, looking into his face. He seemed lost in his own thoughts. “Nik?”

Your voice seemed to bring him back. “Y/n, what if I took you away from here?”

“Nik….” You weren’t sure what to say. Honestly the thought of just packing up and leaving with Nik seemed… perfect. Almost too good to be true. However your more adventurous side won out. “Where will we go?”

He grinned, and you felt your own lips pull up in response. “Anywhere else but here, love.” Nik kissed your hand and brought you over to the map laid out on his desk. “Pick anywhere, and that’s where we’ll go.”

You, however, looked away from the map and towards the painting. “How about there?”

The painting was of a beautiful cliffside estate overlooking the sea. He smiled sweetly at you. “Go pack your things, my darling. It’s time to go.” You kissed his cheek and ran down the hall to your room, squealing as you went. Klaus didn’t care where it was you two were going as long as you were together, he wasn’t only content. He was happy.

Please fire me. I had to call in sick to work today (I have bronchitis & Pneumonia), and my supervisor replied that I needed to give them two hours advance notice. I called at 8:30 AM, my shift starts at 9:30 AM, and my supervisor doesn’t arrive until 8:00 AM. I’m sorry, was I supposed to call at 7:30 in the morning to a location where no one will pick up the phone?

Going On Holiday With Bucky Would Involve

Requested by Anon

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  • Steve dropping you two off at the airport with all your luggage and waving you goodbye and telling Bucky to ‘behave’
  • Dropping your bags off then deciding you have time to get ice cream before your flight
  • Spending too long having ice cream and looking at the little shops so you have to run to the security gate, Bucky carrying your wheel on case on his shoulder as well as his carry on.
  • Bucky sighing as the metal detectors go off because he told them he had a permit for a metal arm and no  it could not be considered a weapon since it was kinda sorta a prosthetic arm
  • Trying not to laugh as Bucky was taken into a back room because he had to take off some clothes so they could search him and they had to call some people to check if a metal arm was allowed on a plane
  • Immediately becoming serious when you are told they’ll need to search you too
  • When you are finally let through, having to run to the gate because the plane was supposed to leave ten minutes ago
  • Arriving at the gate to find out your flight has been delayed so you have to wait another hour. Bucky joking that you both should have had more ice cream
  • Playing card games while you wait for the flight
  • Finally boarding your flight and sitting together. You get the window seat on the way there, Bucky gets it on the way back
  • Falling asleep on Bucky’s shoulder during the flight while he watches a movie, slightly interested by the fact that there is a tv in the back of a seat
  • Waking up to Bucky opening the hatch to get something out of his bag and all the other bags falling out
  • Teasing Bucky about it and him being embarrassed so he buries his face in your shoulder
  • Finally getting off the plane at your holiday destination and going straight to the bathroom because the whole way there Bucky had refused to go to the toilet on the plane
  • Taking the bus to your rented hotel hut thing by the beach
  • Spending the first night under the glass roof looking up at the stars free from light pollution.
  • Making love the next night after you’ve both recovered from your flight
  • Bucky and yourself doing cute couples activities like paddle boarding together and learning to surf. Going snorkeling while Bucky holds your hand securely. 
  •  Bucky making a flower crown for you out of tropical flowers
  • Convincing him to wear the hat you wove for him
  • Buying cute souvenirs for all the Avengers and people you knew
  • Reluctantly taking your flight back
  • Meeting Steve, completely exhausted and giving him his souvenir and the things you bought in duty free for him
  • Getting home and not unpacking your bags for a few days
  • Both you and Bucky being slightly relieved to be back in your own bed, although neither of you will forget the amazing things you saw and did together

Jack, you shouldn’t be asking Bommer about the Crimson Devil

You should be demanding an explanation for the mutant llamas that populate this sidequest’s exposition

No but seriously

Llamas are ruminants and as such lack upper incisors; the maxilla instead sports a cornified “browsing” pad of gum (exemplified below, albeit on an alpaca)

The only non-molar mandibular teeth present in llamas are the “fighting teeth,” unique to the camelid genera Lama and Vicugna

They erupt earlier in males (at 2-3 year of age) than in females (at 4-5 years of age), but are often removed in males in domestic settings because they do dumb shit like biting off each others’ testicles

How to Love (Final Part)

Title: How to Love (Final Part)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Cas

Summary: Set in the 2014end!verse, Dean stays with (Y/n) during her final moments after she suffers a fatal injury.

Word Count: 3,316

Warnings: character death, injury,

POV: Readers, 2nd person + Dean’s (kinda)

A/N: yay so I got it out earlier than I thought! It didn’t end as happy as I wanted it to, but after what happens it’s kinda hard to turn 180 on the characters. I hope you guys like it! Please let me know what you think!

read part one, part two, part three and part four first!

You could feel yourself slipping in and out of consciousness, the darkness pulling you under and you fell to it welcoming each time it came for you. Once you came to a few minutes later, you wished you hadn’t. The pain had faded out what felt like hours ago, leaving you with a dull emptiness where a blade once cut through your flesh.

The dizziness was slowly beginning to drag you under again when you heard a voice ring out in the distance. You forced your eyes open, staring in the only direction your body would allow you. Then you heard it again. It was low, broken, and desperate like the source had just crawled from the depths of hell itself just to get there. Only, it sounded far more frightened than you could have ever prepared yourself for.

“(Y/n)!” The voice called out again, cracking at the echo of your name.


You tried to call back to him. Your lips parted for a second time and the only sound that moved past your tongue was the shallow breaths from your weakening lungs. It was becoming more and more difficult just to breath, let alone grab the attention of a man too far away to see.

You could hear his footsteps running along the corridor and suddenly his blurry figure came into view. He froze dead in his tracks and it was in that moment you knew he had spotted you. His knees nearly gave out under him as he caught himself on a nearby railing.

Your fingers twitched slightly in an effort to raise your hand to him, but it fell against the concrete limply.

He was racing towards you when the darkness took over again.

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Vacation (Part 2)

Title: Vacation (Part 2)

Word Count: 700

Summary: A little romantic walk on the beach is in store for Spencer and the reader after the events of part one.

Rating: T


You sigh in contentment as you step into the warm hotel shower. As much fun as the beach was, it’s nice to get the saltwater out of your hair and off your skin. You begin to massage some shampoo into your scalp, pausing every now and then to rest against the shower wall. You’re completely and totally drained. Nevertheless, a smile lights up your face when you think about the fun you and the team had at the ocean. Particularly everything with Spencer. You nearly laugh aloud at the memory of throwing him into the ocean.

Your smile only grows when you remember the two of you falling back into the water together, you landing on top of him. He had gotten a little flustered at that. And, if you were being honest, you had gotten a little flustered too. After all, your crush on Spencer was obvious to everyone but him.

After your shower, you got ready to go to bed. It was only then that you remembered your phone.

“Oh, shit!”

You immediately grab your shoes. You’d left your work phone on the beach, and now you needed to go find it.


Fast forward ten minutes, and you’re still searching the beach. You’d checked the boardwalk, the sandy area where you’d left your things, the hammock you’d been sitting in… everywhere you could think of. You came up empty.

Sighing, you lean back against a palm tree. The night is quiet and calm, the only sound being the crashing waves. You breath in the fresh, salty air, looking up at the stars in the darkened sky. The night would be perfect if your phone wasn’t missing.

You take another deep breath, trying to calm down. It’s truly a beautiful night. Now if you could just shake the feeling that something is off-

“Fancy seeing you here.”

You jump and the sudden voice, letting out a shriek. You spin around, dropping into a defensive stance, only to find Spencer. He has his hands raised in an ‘I-mean-you-no-harm’ kind of way. You uncurl your fists, breathing a sigh of relief.

“What are you doing here?” You ask.

“Just clearing my head.” He replies, “And you?”

“Looking for my phone.” You say, frowning.

“Oh. Well, look no further.” He says, pulling your phone from his satchel. You let out another sigh of relief.

“Thank God, Spence.” You say, taking it from him, “I was freaking out. I thought I lost it.”

“No problem.” He says.

“So…” You begin.

“Yeah.” He replies.

“Wanna go for a walk?”

A beat.

“Why not?”


The moon was full and bright as you and Spencer walked the beach. The white sand beneath your feet was cool and slightly moist. The seagulls cried, the waves crashed, and the crickets chirped, forming a beautiful, natural symphony. You were in heaven.

“-and that makes it dangerous.” Spencer concluded his rant. You didn’t mind his ranting, though. He was interesting, and his voice had a lilting, lulling quality to it.

“You know, danger is the least of my worries right now. It’s so peaceful here. I want to stay forever.” You say, sighing.

“You know, normally I’m not very fond of the beach, but… at the moment, I’m liking it.” He replies.

“See, I make things fun.” You say.

“You do.”

You look over at him, taking in his tall frame, his perfect hair, his slow, smooth gait. He looks back at you, his bright eyes making you melt inside. Without thinking, without even planning it, you reach over and take his hand.

Tingles shoot up your arm. Spencer looks over at you, his eyes slightly wider than usual. You ignore your nerves and lace your fingers with his.

Spencer stops walking. You take this as a sign to let go of his hand, but he holds yours firmly. Confused, you turn to face him. He bites his lip, looking as though he’s steeling himself for something. You raise your eyebrows at him.

“Y/N, I like you.”