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Title: Sangria

written by: @rubducked | semul

prompt: “Hi there! So I’ve been listening to country music lately and there’s this song that comes on, Sangria by Blake Shelton. I think Rick!! And it’s AU and its cute and romantic and maybe one of these awesome writers could make something using that. Thanks :)” for ANON

 words: 1665

rating: a spicy T

summary: AU Rick and Michonne on beach resort vacation. One-shot.

a/n: So this can be read as a standalone one-shot or as a continuation to the “Richonne Christmas Reunion” piece I wrote for A Very Richonne Christmas found on the Richonne Just Desserts Tumblr page. Either way, I hope you enjoy it!


The last rays of warm sun shimmered across the cerulean horizon. The waves lapped quietly along the sandy beach, the enticing aroma of food tantalizing their senses. Strings of white lights surrounded them, creating a peaceful, magical feeling, reminding him of the warm summer nights he’d spent chasing fireflies as a boy.

Rick gazed at the beautiful woman resting against the bar next to him. The white lights made her eyes shine like the moon illuminating two dark ponds in the still of the night. They pulled him in, sinking him deeper into an abyss, embracing him with a warmth that melted away the worries and cares that shrouded his soul. He could lose himself in those eyes. She was just so…magical. Yeah, magical, he thought happily.

He drowsily blinked at the bottom of his empty glass. It was his third drink of the night but they weren’t any closer to acquiring a highly coveted table for two at the swanky beachside restaurant she’d suggested. He’d be upset if he wasn’t feeling so damn good. He was buzzing on a tropical island with the most gorgeous woman in the world: Michonne.

She radiated beauty. Her brown skin glowed from the sun that had kissed every exposed – glorious – inch of her earlier that day. Her hair was pulled up revealing a flawless face and shoulders he had an urge to lick. Her flowy white dress made her look like a fairy tale princess. She was perfect. How a guy like him managed to get a woman like her was beyond him. He smiled dopily as her gaze came to rest on his.

She sighed contentedly, taking the last sip of her dark crimson drink, setting it down on the bar. “I don’t think we’re getting a table tonight,” she said unperturbed, running her finger around the rim of her glass.

A deliciously heady feeling hummed throughout his body. He lazily lifted his eyebrows and made a noncommittal noise. If he were being honest, he was relieved. He relished having her all to himself, not needing to share her with prolonged, meaningless distractions. He loved taking full advantage of those moments of pure intimacy, focusing all his energy on just being with her. A sly grin lit up his face as an idea suddenly came to mind.

He leaned in. “You wanna go back to the room?”

She pondered it for a moment before smiling conspiratorially. “I saw a vending machine we can raid,” she suggested, slightly waggling her eyebrows.

He hurriedly took out his wallet and slammed a few bills on the bar. Hastily taking her hand, he grunted, “Let’s go.”


The buzzing of the vacancy sign and their chuckles filled the night air as they strolled back to their hotel hand-in-hand. They stumbled past the glass entrance, failing to restrain their giggles, earning them a questioning look from the desk clerk. Once they managed to find and enter the elevator, Michonne gripped his arm tightly and slipped off her sandals.

“Ahh,” she sighed, tilting her head back in ecstasy as she stretched her toes, the cool tile beneath her bare feet sending shivers up her legs.

Normally, she wouldn’t dare walk barefoot in public areas but wearing sandals she hadn’t broken in was taking a toll on her pinky toes. She held the torturous shoes in one hand as she released her grip on his arm and languidly looked up at him with a satisfied smile. Her lips parted in surprise at what she found.

He looked predatory. Licking and biting his bottom lip, his eyes shamelessly raked up her body. That moan had stirred something primal inside of him. It took everything to restrain himself from pulling her into his arms and taking her against the elevator wall just to hear that sexy groan again. The ding of the elevator tore them from the intensifying mood. 

She smirked knowingly at him and glided out the doors, enticing him with the natural sway of her hips. He practically sprang after her. His hands landed on her waist and spun her around. He attempted to devour her but she pressed a finger to his advancing lips. He groaned in frustration, opening his eyes to her teasing gaze.

“Not here.” She gently pulled out of his embrace and walked backwards, away from him. “Not yet.”

He looked at her longingly as she turned to continue seductively walking down the dimly lit hallway. He inhaled deeply. She would be the end of him. A smile tugged at the edge of his lips. It would be an ending he would only be too happy to face.

He staggered up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, her back thudding against his chest. She could feel the sunglasses in his shirt pocket poke at her as he laid kisses against her bare shoulder, refusing to let her go as they toddled their way to their room.

Her skin tingled from his prickly caresses. It felt good, especially when he began sucking on the sensitive spot near her earlobe. Her giggles quickly turned into lustful sighs. She wasn’t sure how long she’d be able to hold on to her last bit of sobriety if he kept this up.

After finally reaching their door, she turned and leaned her back against it, placing her hand on his broad chest sliding it up to his shoulder. Her gaze let him know that she was as turned on as he was. He tightly gripped her waist with one hand and leaned his forearm above her against the door. His eyelids were drowsy with desire. He needed to taste her.

His lips chased hers but she teasingly brushed hers against his before pulling away, leaving him unsatisfied. Enflamed, he grinned shrewdly. He’d let her get away with it. For now. This bliss they were experiencing had inspired an endless reserve of patience in him anyway.

The warm buzz of alcohol flowing through his veins only served to enhance his bliss. Never in a million years did he ever imagine this beautiful woman – who’d once been his closest friend – to be pressed so close to his body, awakening a passion inside of him didn’t know he was capable of feeling. Fate had gifted them with each other and the gratitude in his heart grew with every moment spent at her side. Who would have thought that after years of being apart, they would find each other, only to discover a love like he’d never known?

He leaned his forehead against hers, words blooming from his full heart. “I love you.”

Her eyelids fluttered closed, her stomach flip flopping in elation. It took everything inside her to not devour his pink and ready lips.

“I know,” she murmured, intentionally holding back the words that had etched themselves in her heart long ago. She wanted both of them to be completely sober when she said them, not seconds away from drunkenly pouncing on each other.


She moaned in affirmation, gripping her sandals tightly in one hand and burying her fingers in the curls at the nape of his neck with the other. She couldn’t wait any longer. Though, as she pulled him in, he teased her by pulling away with a grin.

If she wasn’t going to say the words he knew she felt, he was going to hold out long enough to get her head spinning like his had been all night. He angled his head and whispered against her cheek, “You love me?” He gently placed soft kisses down her jaw line.

She sighed, tilting her head, exposing the column of her neck. “Mmm…maybe. A little,” she said more breathless than she intended.

He smiled, still kissing down her neck. “Yeah? Only a little?” he prompted as he slid his hand near the delicious curve of her backside, pulling her closer.

She managed to whimper in response. His lips worked their way back up, his whiskers tickling her earlobe. “You’re bad liar,” he whispered huskily.

She bit her lip before laying her hand on his chest to still him. Though he was right, she didn’t like being called out.

“You think I’m lying?” she challenged, her dilated pupils and breathlessness betraying her.

He searched her eyes intently. “I know you are.”

She regarded him. His confidence was attractive as hell. The fact that he knew her inside out was enough to flame the desire she felt for him and only him.

He leaned in against her obstructing hand, whispering in her ear, “I can see it in your eyes.” He lingered, nuzzling her ear lobe, taking a moment to inhale her alluring scent before pulling away.

She arched her eyebrow challengingly. After a moment, she reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out his sunglasses. He lowered his hands to her waist as he watched her in curious delight. She pulled his sunglasses on gracefully with one hand and schooled her expression. They covered almost half her face, sagging down her cheeks. She looked adorable as she gazed up at him solemnly.

“No you can’t.”

After a moment of admiring her wittiness, his bright grin slowly faded. His eyes darted to her tempting lips. He couldn’t resist any longer. He pulled off the glasses and dove in. They crashed against the door as he finally devoured her hungrily, tasting the sweet Spanish wine still lingering on her lips. Inebriated by her taste, he felt his world begin to spin out of control but the gentle tugging at his curls tethered him from floating away.

Between fervent kisses and fumbling with the room key, he half-heartedly continued attempting to elicit a response from her, “I can taste it on your lips.”

Managing to open the door, he walked her inside, still thirstily drinking from her wondrous lips. His ability to form coherent words floating away with each kiss.

Closing the door behind them, she susurrated against his mouth, “Mmm, baby, that’s just the sangria.”

Going under

Harry Styles - 782 words (Requested by anon)

I let the sun soak through my skin, sighing out when I hear a bird chirp somewhere to my left. This holiday Harry decided we should go on has been nothing but relaxing, playful and paparazziless.

It was quiet. Too quiet. My eyes form into slits as I try to hear where my boyfriend is located, coming up empty handed. My mouth opens to shout out his name but it’s replaced with a shriek as I feel his arms envelope me before he sends both of our bodies off of the edge and into the clear blue water. I feel a bit of water fill my lungs before I paddle my best to reach the surface again, gasping for air as my hair mats to my face, covering my eyes completely.

“Harry fucking Styles!” I shout, my two hands rubbing flat over my face to get rid of all the hair, a chime of laughter erupting from behind me. I start laughing along too, my feet and arms moving gently to keep myself floating.

“I just got my hair dry, you little shit.” I groan, a smile still evident onto my lips as I hoist myself back onto the dock, wetting the wood with the water flowing from my body.

Harry swims closer to me as I squeeze the excess of water from my hair, kicking some water into his face as he comes near. “I like you more when wet.” Harry smirks, his hands grasping my ankles to I’d hold him up, his body just drifting. “Of course you do.” I flick the droplets of water that rest on my hand towards his face, smiling as he bites my shin softly but quickly.

“Come play.” Harry pulls my legs, trying to get me back into the water, his fingertips ghosting over my freshly shaved legs, pulling himself up while resting his weight onto my knees, his lips puckering in my direction for a kiss. My hand rests on his jaw as I press my lips to his. I let myself slip into the water, my legs wound around Harry’s waist as I end the kiss.

“Do you think you can swim with me sitting on you back or will you drown?” I laugh as I crawl towards Harry’s back, my hands squeezing his shoulders as if to say he should try it in a non verbal manner.

“I think I might drown then love.” Harry chuckles as he keeps drifting around near the small dock, my hands rubbing over his chest as I wait for him to do anything. “We won’t know if we don’t try.” I simply state, kissing his cheek as I grin at his mock hurt.

“Is this your subtle way of murder?” Harry gasps, one of his hands squeezing my leg, the other pressed against his chest. A giggle leaves my lips as I watch Harry pjs both our bodies to a less shallow bit of the water, trying to swim.

“Oh yeah, when you die can I have your shirt collection?” I state, a string of gibberish laughter leaves my lips when Harry stops mid swim, almost drowning both of us before he picks up again.

“Apparently we can.” Harry chuckles as he swims a meter, my feet paddling along to keep him moving and make sure his head doesn’t go under. “Yes, go Harry!” I cheer, clapping my hands together like a retarded seal before I feel the cold water come into contact with my face again, Harry turning so I fall into the water again. This time I merely laugh before diving under, pulling Harry’s legs from underneath him making him go under just like me.

Harry comes back up and gasps for air, his eyes widened as he smirks in my direction.

“You should be really glad I love you y/n.” I bat my eyelashes as I pull myself out of the water again, winking at his as I pull my bikini shorts back in its rightful place. “I love you too H. Come on, let’s try out those go carts down the road.” I only have to say it once, Harry already out of the water as he sprints towards me, plucking me off of my feet and throwing me roughly over his shoulder. He pats my bum a time or two before starting to jog towards our holiday home, a smile on my lips as I have a time to look at our view. Not only the palm trees and the sea, but that lovely bum underneath me.

“Hey! Don’t smack my bum!” Harry shrieks as his pace picks up and all I do is chuckle. I couldn’t be more lucky.

Lots of love,

L. xox
How to Love (Final Part)

Title: How to Love (Final Part)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Cas

Summary: Set in the 2014end!verse, Dean stays with (Y/n) during her final moments after she suffers a fatal injury.

Word Count: 3,316

Warnings: character death, injury,

POV: Readers, 2nd person + Dean’s (kinda)

A/N: yay so I got it out earlier than I thought! It didn’t end as happy as I wanted it to, but after what happens it’s kinda hard to turn 180 on the characters. I hope you guys like it! Please let me know what you think!

read part one, part two, part three and part four first!

You could feel yourself slipping in and out of consciousness, the darkness pulling you under and you fell to it welcoming each time it came for you. Once you came to a few minutes later, you wished you hadn’t. The pain had faded out what felt like hours ago, leaving you with a dull emptiness where a blade once cut through your flesh.

The dizziness was slowly beginning to drag you under again when you heard a voice ring out in the distance. You forced your eyes open, staring in the only direction your body would allow you. Then you heard it again. It was low, broken, and desperate like the source had just crawled from the depths of hell itself just to get there. Only, it sounded far more frightened than you could have ever prepared yourself for.

“(Y/n)!” The voice called out again, cracking at the echo of your name.


You tried to call back to him. Your lips parted for a second time and the only sound that moved past your tongue was the shallow breaths from your weakening lungs. It was becoming more and more difficult just to breath, let alone grab the attention of a man too far away to see.

You could hear his footsteps running along the corridor and suddenly his blurry figure came into view. He froze dead in his tracks and it was in that moment you knew he had spotted you. His knees nearly gave out under him as he caught himself on a nearby railing.

Your fingers twitched slightly in an effort to raise your hand to him, but it fell against the concrete limply.

He was racing towards you when the darkness took over again.

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Let’s Go To The Beach

Title : Let’s Go To The Beach

Pairing : Castiel X Reader

Word Count : 2,720

Prompt : You and the team go out to the beach in an attempt to find mermaids. However, it turns into more than just a regular hunt when none of you can find any signs of the supernatural. In the end, you all just have to learn to have a day off… But relaxing is not as easy as it would appear when you are a trained killer. Who knew it would end up being such a hassle to have a vacation?

“This is the life.” Dean leaned back on the longue chair, folding his arms behind his head as he snuggled down in the blinding sunshine.

“But we failed to catch what we came out here for, Dean.” Sam said, leaning out over the edge of the boat, squinting despite the sunglasses on his sun-blocked nose. “Remember? We were supposed to catch a mermaid.” Sam ran a hand through his hair as he ducked back under the shade of the boat’s roof. “What am I supposed to say to that guy who lent us his boat for the day?”

“You know something, Sammy? You worry too much.” Dean smirked, closing his eyes to the sharp rays of light beating down on you.

“Just relax,” Dean murmured and Sam sighed.

“I just don’t like being stuck in the middle of the ocean when we are trying to prove that monsters exist in this area.” Sam scowled.

Dean scoffed. “You scared of the ocean?”


Dean sat up, peaking at his brother with a smirk. “I think you are.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “I’m not.”

“Perhaps we should return this boat then.” Both Sam and Dean turned at Castiel’s solemn voice. He was staring at the vastness of the ocean, his blue eyes squinted against the glare, and his button-down shirt looking much less formal all disheveled and half removed by the ocean wind. His hair was tangled wildly around his sunburned cheeks. “We could return to shore.”

“Cas,” Dean raised a hand to the angel, cocking an eyebrow. “I love you man, but for God’s sake; you need to get that stick out of your butt.” Dean pulled a beer from the six-pack by his chair and smiled. “Just try to have fun for once.” He tossed the drink at Cas to emphasize his point.

Cas caught the bottle easily, reflexes on point as usual, and he glared at Dean. “I do not have a stick up my butt.” Dean let out a snort of laughter at Castiel’s contempt. “What is fun about taking advantage of a fisherman like Hasseman?” Cas continued, looking down at the drink in his hand.

“Hey, he lent us the boat for as ‘long as we needed to catch the mermaids’, remember?”

Cas narrowed his eyes and set the beer down by his bare feet. He had rolled his long dress pants up around his knees. With a pair of sunglasses on his head in that attire, he almost looked like the owner of the yacht-like fishing boat.  Were it not for his attitude, he might have been able to play the part.

“But it is more practical to return to the port—”

“Oh, come on, Cas. We are not going back yet, are we?”

Cas whirled around at the sound of your voice, his mouth still agape as he lost thought completely.

“Wow.” Dean smiled, nodding to you as you stepped up onto the hot deck in bare feet. You stuck out your tongue at him as you passed, wearing little to nothing in your black bikini. “Y/N, never knew you had that hidden under all those delightful layers of plaid and leather and,” he raised a drink to his lips shooting Cas a smug look, “emotion.”

Cas finally managed to close his mouth, staring at you. You stepped toward him and wrapped your arms around him happily, loving the sensation of the warm salty air as it whipped through your hair. “Dean, you would never know because you never take time to dig through layers.”

“I dig.” Dean insisted indignantly, spreading his hands.

“No you don’t.”

“I’m pretty sure all of us have too many twisted layers anyway, Y/N.” Sam said, pulling off his red t-shirt with a sigh before he sat down on a lounge chair by Dean. “Your argument is invalid if all of us are equally screwed up.”

“Touché.”  You smiled as you ran your hands teasingly along the button-down seam of Castiel’s blouse. You were itching to get him out of it, but he wasn’t like Sam and Dean. He was gentler, purer, and far more fun to mess with.

You looked to Cas. “I thought we were going swimming.”

Cas was watching your fingers as they traced the buttons of his shirt. He dragged his gaze up to yours after a struggle, his cheeks pink as he took in the sight of you. “I…” He looked around, as if he forgot his argument altogether.

“Yeah, but Cas wants to go back to the port.” Dean said with a smirk. You giggled as Cas shot Dean a poisonous glare. “Isn’t that right, Castiel?”

There was a pause as Cas swallowed quickly and cleared his throat. “Well, if that’s what Y/N really wants, I’m sure a few extra minutes couldn’t hurt.”

“Sweet.” You and Dean both let out a cheer at Cas’s consent. Sam chuckled and leaned back, picking up a book he had been reading and placed it over his eyes as he settled down to rest in the shade.

You tugged on Cas’s arm happily. “Let’s go!”


“Let’s swim, dummy.”

Cas let out a low laugh, unamused. “I don’t want to swim, Y/N.”  You turned to him, pouting and he smiled at you, blushing slightly. “Of course that doesn’t imply that you aren’t allowed to get in if you want to.”

“You like to watch, eh Cas?” Dean called, and Sam punched him as you both rolled your eyes.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go?” You asked, deflated.

Cas smiled and gestured to his clothes. “I did not bring a change of clothes.”

“You could take them off.” You offered with a slight smile. You knew you wouldn’t be able to convince Cas. When he set his mind to something he was impossible to persuade.

“I’d prefer to keep my attire on my body while Dean and Sam are around.” He cast a glance at the boys. “They tend to be…” He trailed off, searching for the right word.


“Bitches?” Dean shouted, his eyes closed as he smirked to himself.


You let out a laugh and stepped away from him, looking over the edge of the boat into the clear, blue waters. It looked so tempting… “But how often do we get the chance to swim in a place as beautiful as this?” You undid the latch that held the ladder up against the side of the boat and it fell intot he clear, blue water with a splash. You turned back to the angel, giving him the best puppy-eyes you could muster.

“Really, Y/N, you can swim if you want to.” Cas insisted gently.

“I don’t want to alone…” You turned away and sat on the open chair by Dean, frowning.

You glanced at Cas out of the corner of your eye hopefully, praying your pouting would change his mind. But to your surprise, you heard Dean let out a groan of compliance. “Alright fine.” Before you could question him, Dean had stood up and pulled his olive-green tee over his head.

You let out a soft sigh, not wanting to cause him any trouble by compelling him to do something he didn’t want to do. “Dean, its fine. We can stay dry today—” Your voice cut off in a squeal of fright as Dean swooped over and picked you up easily in his arms.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N…” Dean shook his head at you as you struggled in his arms for a moment, your eyes wide with fright as he carried you to the edge of the boat. “Everything is more fun when wet.”

Before you could finish a scream of realization, Dean tossed you over the edge of the boat and you landed in the salty water with a gigantic splash.

You bobbed to the surface, sputtering and coughing, rubbing the sea water out of your eyes. You blinked up to see Dean laughing so hard he was doubled over on the edge of the boat, Castiel and Sam rushing to see what had happened. You frowned, despite the fact that the water felt amazing and it was good to hear the Winchester’s laugh again.

“DEAN!” You shouted, as a gentle wave cradled you in the warm water, bobbing you up and down. “What the heck?!”

Dean let out a final chuckle, wiping his eyes as Sam came up behind him. “How’s the water, sweetheart?”

You narrowed your eyes at him, pushing your wet tresses back from your forehead. You glared up at Dean. “Delightful.” You cast him a sudden smile, laying back on the waves, enjoying the sun on your face. “I’m surrounded by idiots on a boat and potential mermaids in the water. I’m actually happy down here, thank you very much!” You turned and started swimming around indignantly.

You smiled to yourself, paddling a little ways away.

“Y/N, don’t go too far.” You frowned a little at Castiel’s worried voice.

You turned on your back to look at him from where he perched on the boat. His eyes were locked on you attentively. You smirked to yourself as you realized you had his full, rapt attention. You pushed your hair back from your face and fluttered your eyes at him as seductively as you could. “Nothing’s going to happen, Cas. You’d jump in to save me wouldn’t you?”

You heard Sam chuckle as Castiel flushed a little pink as you shimmied away from him on your back, swimming tauntingly around the boat. Cas’s eyes were locked on you. You smiled to yourself, mentally praising the way you were holding his attention so strongly.

You closed your eyes against the brightness of the sun, ducking under the waves for a few seconds. The sound of the ocean was dull and muffled under water, but it was still magical. You reemerged a few moments later, wiping the water from your face.

But as you resurfaced, you heard a low, raspy voice call out from the deck. “Oh my god, what is that?!”

You whipped around in the water, the concern in Dean’s voice setting you on edge. “What?”

Dean pointed, running to the very edge of the boat, his eyes narrowed in suspicion and fear. “That, in the water!”

You spun a quick circle. You could not see anything.

“What is it?” Castiel’s voice was full of protective roughness as he came up beside Dean, his eyes wide and searching the water.

“In the water next to Y/N.” Dean pointed.

CAs leaned over, his eyes narrowed at the waves.

“It looks like…” Dean shifted a centimeter closer to Castiel, and his frown suddenly vanished into a grin, “an angel.”

Before any of you could react, Dean stepped behind Cas and shoved him hard in the back. Your eyes flew wide in shock and amusement as a low growl of shock ripped from Cas’s throat before he hit the water in a loud splash. You let out a laugh as Dean wiped his hands in front of him, as if satisfied with his work. He shot you a look as Cas surfaced a few feet away, sputtering something in Enochian, “You’re welcome.”

“You really are so charming.” You laughed as you paddled toward Castiel, shooting Dean a sarcastic smirk.  

Castiel frowned, swimming in a sloppy circle before he shot Dean a deadly glare. “What was the purpose of that?!” He snarled, but a wave cut him off, filling his mouth with salty water. He spit it out and frowned up at Dean as Sam came up to stand beside his brother.

“Come on, Cas. It’s not that bad.”

At your voice, Castiel turned around in the water, his anger melting away. You almost giggled out loud as he swam toward you, his blue eyes searching your face with a look of pure, unadulterated concern. “Are you alright?” His voice rumbled, so deep and powerful, you were sure that ripples would cast out from his rib cage.

“I’m wonderful.” You smiled, swimming closer to him, nuzzling under his chin as you paddled beside him. You cast a quick peek at his chest. His button down white shirt was clinging to his well-built chest, and you had to look away quickly so that he wouldn’t notice.

That and you were about to drool. You couldn’t help it. He was flipping gorgeous, his tangled hair dripping and sparkling as if diamonds were being cast of his ebony locks, his clothes clinging to his body, his blue eyes matching the color of the mesmerizing waves.

There was a moment of silence as you cast him a sweet smile before paddling away. Or you would have, if Castiel hadn’t caught hold of your wrist and pulled you tightly to his chest. You almost let out a gasp of delight at the contact, clinging to his strong chest as your eyes flittered up to his. He blinked at you, a slow smile spreading across his face.

“You are blushing.”

You looked away, finding it hard not to smile. “It’s the heat…”

Castiel was still for a long moment, his eyes fixed on your face. “Liar.”

You blinked for a moment, caught off guard like a giggling school girl. “I forgot angels were so perceptive…” You took a moment to regain your composer. Castiel was yours, after all. You didn’t need to be so intimidated by him. You took a deep breath and leaned into his chest. Castiel was still studying your face as you leaned in and pressed your mouth to his, cutting off a gentle breath of question that hovered on his perfect lips.

He always tasted so sweet, almost impossibly so. Now he tasted ever so slightly of salt, and you smiled against his lips as his fingers gently lingered above your shoulders, as if he was afraid to touch your exposed body. You leaned harder into him, enjoying the strangle sound that rumbled from his chest as you pressed your body flush against his.


“Hmm?” You purred, running your fingers through his hair as he shifted under you. You grinned, pulling back to admire your work, only to laugh under your breath at the way his hair was sticking up at all angles on top of his head.

“I love you.” Castiel smiled, a warm growl erupting from his throat. You shivered in anticipation at the sound, so feral and wild and un-earthly. He was so distant form you in moments like this, so desperate for you that he seemed more alien than ever, and yet, you were the closest in these moments as well. Your breath escaped you in a rush as he leaned into you and pressed a wide open kiss to your neck. His fingers moved and started to fiddle with the strings of your bikini ties and you blinked open your eyes.

Up on the deck, Dean and Sam were staring at you with amused grins on their faces.

“We shouldn’t…” You finally ground out, barely managing to finish as Castiel pulled your hand up to his mouth and pressed his lips to your fingers deliciously.  “Not here.” He frowned for a moment and you cast a quick look up at the boys.

Castiel frowned. He looked back to you. “Let them stare.”

You let out a little giggle. “It’s not about me. It’s…” You snuggled up into Castiel’s arms with a smile. “I don’t want them to have the satisfaction of knowing they can throw us into the ocean whenever they feel like it.”

Castiel frowned. “So you are insinuating we should educate them?”

You grinned. “Do angels have power over the elements or is that just Jesus?”

*                                             *                                             *                                             *                                             *

“See?” Dean leaned back, away from the edge of the boat with a proud smirk. “Sometimes you just need to push people together.”

Sam rolled his eyes and sat down on the lounge chair on the deck, sliding his sunglasses down his nose. “Whatever. They are already together. I don’t know what you feel like you have accomplished.”

Dean smiled to himself, folding his arms smugly. “I’m an awesome match-maker, Sammy. Admit it.”

Sam rolled his eyes.

Neither of them could see the giant wave that was traveling toward them from Castiel’s direction.

As it turns out, angel wings can move more than just air.

TITLE: Daddy’s girl.


AUTHOR: proofreader-fangirl-animutrash

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that Loki witnesses college boys flirting with your teen, but still under age daughter while on family vacation. When they ask her where she’s from he interrupts with, “my loins.”


NOTES/WARNINGS: Rated teen for the dirty talk(kinda)


The summer holidays have arrived and since everyone from your family is off, you managed to convince your husband to go on a nice family holiday vacation to the beach as you all deserved it.

The only thing you were slightly worried about was your daughter who grew up to be incredibly gorgeous, having your h/c hair and Loki’s brilliant green eyes. She also looked older than her age of 15 years old and knowing how protective her father was of her…Well…You were sure something was going to happen.

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Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi?

a/n: Requested. I hope you like it. Didn’t mean for it to be so long. 

“Harry, come see this! Oh my God!” you were stunned into a slight stupor.

Hands down this was the most beautiful sight you had ever seen. Barely 24 hours had passed since you’d arrived in Paris and your stay had already been nothing short of amazing.

The hotel was elegance personified, but then again you expected nothing less than the best where Harry was concerned. Everything was beautiful, and now as you stood out on the balcony, you couldn’t believe your eyes. The Eiffel tower shone like a dream as it twinkled and dazzled with the sparkle of a million diamonds in the cool summer air. The lights glittered and danced and as you watched transfixed.

The entire city of Paris was alive with lights, but the light show starring the tower was simply magical. You were convinced you had the best view in the entire city and Harry was nowhere to be found.

You quickly glanced behind you, only getting a glimpse of him as he walked about the suite.

“Harry, you’re missing the show! It’s stunning,” you called, already turning back to the spectacle.

“I’ll be there in a second angel,” he answered.

You rolled your eyes at that. What could be more important than this? You had never seen anything this magnificent and there he was, clearly not bothered by the fact that the suite terrace was bathed in the prettiest of lights.

You shrugged it off and continued to stare in awe. Sooner than you liked the lights returned to their usual state. The show was over. As you were about to head back inside a pair of arms entered your periphery and anchored themselves on the stone balcony on either side of you.

“Hello,” his deep, low voice sent goose bumps sprawling across your skin, but you were still miffed that he missed the show.

“It’s over,” the pout was audible in your voice.

“What’s over?” he asked against your bare shoulder as he ghosted his lips over the skin.

“The light show. You didn’t get to see it.”

“It goes on every hour on the hour for five minutes for the rest of the night. I’ll see it,” he appeased you, continuing his trail of feather kisses to your neck.

Right. It completely slipped your mind that you were in a relationship with an international super star. He’d probably visited Paris and seen the Eiffel tower more times than you could count.


“What I would like to see is prettiest smile in all of France,” his teasing voice caused you to smile, just like he knew it would.

You turned around then to face him, smile instantly growing once you got a good look at him. He’d since changed out of his clothes and was now only wearing a pair of grey sweatpants than hung low on his slender hips. His hair hung freely around his shoulders and his lazy smile soon had heat coursing through your entire body.

“What were you doing in there?” you questioned, hoping it wasn’t a business call.

This was a vacation. Harry promised you a week of just spending time together in one of the most romantic capitals of the world and you were going to cash in on that promise.

“Ordering room service.”

Your face scrunched in confusion, “We just came back from dinner, what do we need room service for?”

“You’ll see,” was his only explanation as he planted a kiss on your lips before leaning back to look at you.

As you were about to speak, the familiar ringtone of his phone went off somewhere in the suite. You looked up at him, the question in your eyes and saw the apology in his as he detangled himself from you to go in search of his phone.

You pushed off from the balcony and followed him inside. Your eyes followed his back as he dug in his discarded jacket for his ringing cell.

With his back to you, an idea popped into your mind, pushing you into quick action. One zip and you were done. You fleetingly thanked yourself for remembering to wear the lingerie set under your dress. You remembered how seductive the black lace looked against your skin when you’d first tried it on. It was the sole reason you’d bought it in the first place and now you were eager to see Harry’s reaction.

If only he would turn around.

You watched as he found the phone and answered it. You felt a flare of annoyance upon hearing him greet his manager. You knew how hard it could be for him to separate himself from work and all duties attached, but a promise was a promise dammit and you had all intents of seeing it through.

You leant against the French doors leading to the terrace and cleared your throat, successfully catching his attention.

He turned to you then, probably about to ask you to give him a minute, but any words he planned to say died the moment he laid his eyes on you.

You felt resounding satisfaction at the way his gaze trailed your body and his breath hitched. He barely bid the caller goodbye before he was tossing his phone aside and striding straight to you.

“Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?” you purred, unable to hide your smirk.

“Yes. Tonight- every night. Holy shit…did you have this on all night?” he looked like a kid in a candy store.

It was almost comical watching him watch you. It’s like he didn’t know where to start. You decided to help him out by stepping into him, taking his hands and guiding it to your hips. Of course he didn’t seem to mind.

“God, you’re stunning,” he mumbled as he ran his fingers up and down your sides, dipping his head to kiss the spot on your neck just under your ear that he knew made you weak.

Any control you’d had over the situation was now relinquished to him. You were putty in his hands. You loved how Harry made you feel like the most desirable woman. How primal he could get when you two were behind closed doors.

His lips feasted on your neck as he guided you backwards, till you felt the back of your thighs hit the table on the terrace. With a gentle nudge he had you sitting on the table as he continued his assault on your neck.

“Harry,” you exhaled into the night air.

Not needing further encouragement his lips found yours. The kiss started off sweet and tender with his fingers under your chin. But then you nibbled his bottom lip and the pace changed. He groaned his approval into your mouth. His hands cupped the back of your neck and yours ran over his bare torso.

The need to feel his body against yours grew stronger with each moment. You felt his hands slide over your back, skilfully unclipping your bra and sliding the straps off your shoulders in one movement.

The cool breeze against your nipples was soon replaced by the delicious heat of his mouth. Your back arched, offering more of yourself to him.

There were only silent sighs as he rolled one nipple between his fingers while his tongue lapped at the other.

Your hands gripped a handful of his hair, keeping his head to you. But still it wasn’t enough.

As if sensing your needs his hand slid down into the lace of your panties. The feel of his long finger slipping into you felt like cloud nine.

“You’re dripping wet,” he moaned as he brought his lips back to yours.

Your hips bucked, urging him to slip a second finger into you. It didn’t take long before you were riding his fingers to your first orgasm, your moans and whimpers lost in his mouth.

He didn’t give you much time to come down from your high before he was lifting you off the table and placing you back in your feet. Your fingers raked down his torso, eager to get to the obvious bulge concealed by his sweatpants, but before they met their goal you were being spun around.

Any protests withered when you felt the entire length of his body pressed against your back. The heat of his chest on your cool skin sent shivers down your spine. Your head fell back on his shoulder as his hands slid up to cup your breasts. You instinctively arched into his hold, pushing your chest into his hands while bringing your ass flush against his arousal.

Your hands snaked up around his neck and in that moment it occurred to you that you were completely exposed to the city, but not an ounce of you cared. In fact, the exhibitionist nature of it all spurred you on.

“Fuck,” his guttural voice in your ear sent shockwaves to your core.

One moment you were upright and the next, one hand was at your back, pushing you forward while the next wrapped securely around your waist.

A stinging slap to your butt caused you to cry out unintentionally.

You heard him snicker behind you.

“Fucking ow!” you exclaimed, attempting to face him, but he was having none of that.

His hands kept you from moving.

“That’s what you get for wearing this all night and not saying a word,” he stated.

Without warning another slap was delivered to your behind.

“What the fuck was that for?” you demanded.

You would never admit it, but him spanking you turned you on even more.

“I just love the way your ass jiggles when I do that.”

You rolled your eyes, but your annoyance was short lived once you felt him slide the tip of his dick over your entrance.

You pushed back into him, more than impatient, but he continued to slowly slide himself back and forth over your slit.

“Don’t tease me, Harry!” you moaned.

“Tell me what you want,” he whispered in your ear.

“Fuck me.”

Your wish was granted, and you felt like heaven was at your fingertips. God, the way Harry filled and stretched you was a feeling unmatched. You could stay wrapped around him like this forever.

“So…tight,” he grunted as his hips thrust into yours.

His fingers were at your neck, and nipples, his blunt nails digging trails down your sides. His lips were on your shoulder and back and his laboured breathing was heavy in your ear.

Your hips moved against his in the perfect rhythm and soon you could feel your body climbing towards the familiar climax.

Just when you thought you couldn’t get more turned on Harry’s low voice brought you over the edge, “Cum for me baby.”

You saw stars as wave after wave of pure pleasure wracked your body. You didn’t care who heard as your cries of desire carried into the night.

His own grunts came soon after as you contracted around him.

As you got your breathing back to normal your eyes fluttered open to be met with the brilliant twinkling of the Eiffel’s hourly light show.

The same breath taking feeling consumed you at its glamour, but then again, that could just be the effects of having amazing sex with Harry.

Either way you were sure this was a beautiful start to your Parisian vacation together.

“Ready for round two?”

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