vacation premiere

what the fuck did we do to deserve this treasure of a cast???? lip syncing to each other’s voices to promo the premiere, taking vacations together, supporting each other???? every day we are so blessed and i am so thankful


In the premiere of GIRLS Season 6 Hannah ventures to the Hamptons for “work.”

1. Working remotely requires wifi…and a floatie.

2. You make your own dress code.

3. A “corner office” has nothing on your workspace.

4. The line blurs between entertainment and work expense.

5. Team outings are wild nights in disguise.

6. “Research” becomes a pleasurable experience.

7. Team building comes with s’mores, a bonfire and a beach.

Stereogum is calling Florist a “Band To Watch!” Not only that, they’ve premiered “Vacation,” off their upcoming EP, “Holdly.” We’d link to the song here but you know how exclusive premieres work! Over at Stereogum there’s an in-depth interview with Emily where she talks about the EP, the upcoming full-length, “The Birds Outside Sang,” & the artistic process! 

From the article:

This EP is a collection of their newest songs, and serves as a precursor to their full-length debut, The Birds Outside Sang, which will be released via Double Double Whammy in early 2016. That record was originally slated for release this month, but vinyl pressing issues — a frequent issue of late for smaller independent labels — delayed it. In this situation, though, it’s a case of frustrating circumstances yielding even better results: Holdly is the ideal introduction for a quiet, intricate band who write songs of this weight. 

Check it out!