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Things to love: CP winning a Saturn Award, Zoe Patton (Cute little thing), CP/KL friendship, Iris/Wally possibly bringing back the Brother/Sister Crime Fighting Unit. CP in general.

The Queen has had an incredible hiatus! Vacation in Jamaica, world premieres, birthday celebrations, quality time with friends and family, a well-deserved Saturn Award, and the cutest little puppy to top it off.

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I really don't understand this whole "giving the people what they want" thing dan is so fixated on? Mostly because him feeding phil, isn't really what we want? Like it's something they've done naturally throughout the years. I could understand if they started doing that but this has been going on since at least Xmas cookies back in 2011? Why suddenly start making it sound like a natural thing is "fan service" when it's literally not? Dan's so strange with this in my opinion.

I think it’s suddenly something Dan is fixated on because he’s aware they are orchestrating a shift in their own behavior now, and that colors his perception of everything he says and does on camera. 

In previous years, they were firmly closeted and knew that they had no intention of coming out. Everything they did in context with each other was by default not something they were trying to indicate fans should read into. 

But we live in a different world, anon. We live in a world where Dan and Phil are letting us know when they’re on private vacations together, attending premieres and awards shows in matching suits, where they don’t bother to introduce each other on either of their channels, they acknowledge editing each other’s videos, they generally invite us into their life in a much more exposed way than before. And Dan knows that. Phil knows that. They know that they are moving the boundary back, and therefore everything they do is scrutinized in a different way more befitting of what they’re letting us see. Which has to be - you know - terrifying. They don’t want to be 100% locked down and private about everything, even casual behavior on camera. And they can’t control how far we take things - but they can try, so I think this is them trying. 


Today’s been a year since “Bummer Vacation” premiered, when Kelly Osbourne’s parents guest starred! Sneezy won a vacation for him and his pals, but it soon disrupted by Hildy, who wanted the 7D to leave the premises! The two parties decided to settle over who can stay at the resort over a karaoke contest. Both Hildy and Happy (who represented the 7D in the contest) equally have good pipes! 

what the fuck did we do to deserve this treasure of a cast???? lip syncing to each other’s voices to promo the premiere, taking vacations together, supporting each other???? every day we are so blessed and i am so thankful

Stereogum is calling Florist a “Band To Watch!” Not only that, they’ve premiered “Vacation,” off their upcoming EP, “Holdly.” We’d link to the song here but you know how exclusive premieres work! Over at Stereogum there’s an in-depth interview with Emily where she talks about the EP, the upcoming full-length, “The Birds Outside Sang,” & the artistic process! 

From the article:

This EP is a collection of their newest songs, and serves as a precursor to their full-length debut, The Birds Outside Sang, which will be released via Double Double Whammy in early 2016. That record was originally slated for release this month, but vinyl pressing issues — a frequent issue of late for smaller independent labels — delayed it. In this situation, though, it’s a case of frustrating circumstances yielding even better results: Holdly is the ideal introduction for a quiet, intricate band who write songs of this weight. 

Check it out!