vacation post 2

When Rey first sees Finn again, he has someone with him.

(That doesn’t stop her from kissing him, obviously. And holding him for as long as she can.)

The person Finn’s with waits very politely, and Rey moves to shake her hand as soon as she can bear to separate herself from Finn.

“So, who’s this?”

“Rose,” Finn says, cracking a sideways smile. “The mechanic. We, uh. Got assigned to a thing together, and…” He tilts his head and looks at her in a way that’s probably meant to imply something.

Rey squints at Finn. She’s not good at reading these long pauses.

“I’ll tell you later,” Finn says, and Rey nods curtly. That’d probably be best; Rose is holding her polite expression very nicely but really shouldn’t be forced to stand here and listen to the couple talk.

Rey catches Rose’s eye and startles a little.

Rose has dark eyes. Like Finn’s, in a way, but also completely different; hers shine with curiosity and interest. She has a hard set to her eyebrows and mouth, despite her soft cheeks, and Rey guesses that choppy, soft haircut was self-inflicted.

Rey also guesses that she’s going to have a hard time keeping herself away from Rose, with those eyes.


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Different dress/suit combinations when you go on a date with your girlfriend.

It costs $0 to leave women alone and refrain from commenting on their weight, height, bodies, scars, acne, hair/hair color, clothing, piercings/tattoos, shoes/accessories, religious items/clothes, makeup or lack of it, body hair, etc. Even if you’re a “well-meaning” family member or friend. Offering loving advice is one thing, but disguising your poisonous, invasive misogyny as “concern” is just disingenuous. 

Just please leave women alone. People hardly comment on a man’s hairy legs or scars or rolls or clothes the same way people do about a woman’s appearance. Stop pointing out the acne on a woman’s face, or telling her that she needs to lose weight, or sighing and saying that she’d be so much prettier if she got her upper lips or eyebrows waxed. What she does it not up to you or your business, and even if you’re a woman yourself, you have no right commenting on her appearance. Honestly, the way people nitpick at women is exhausting and at some point, it’s impossible to deal with how much people expect from us and want us to conform to an image they’ve created for themselves.