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The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is not only for little girls, They also offer a very affordable Prince Package! Boys receive a magical sword and shield from Prince Phillip himself as well as a new gelled up hairdo, complete with Mickey Mouse Head glitter if they want. Tyler LOVED all the time he spent here and can’t wait to go back!

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First time? (SFW or NSFW)

Since I’m working on a slow burn fic that isn’t going to have any NSFW scenes until the sequel I should branch out and explore other first times. Strap yourself in and take a fucking sip, babes. This is going to be a long list of shit.

  • Their first text messages to each other, a la my fanfiction, were this.
  • Their first proper picture taken together was once the GPF was finished, when skaters were still in their costumes. They were sitting together at the Kiss and Cry, medal around Yuri’s neck and both of them have half smiles on their faces, exhausted and completely wanting out of there just to get the banquet over with. Seconds before that picture, Otabek said to him, “that skate was worthy of three golds, Yura.” It sent shivers down his spine that would remain unexplained until he falls.
  • Their first Skype call was quick. It was barely twenty minutes while Yuri was waiting to leave and it was one of those “hey I have a little bit of free time do you wanna Skype?” “Sure.” They reacted like how Internet Friends do the first time they Skype, all smiley and flustered and giggly throughout the whole thing.
  • Their first time hanging out together off season was awkward. Otabek’s luggage was stolen when he got there and so he had to borrow some of Nikolai’s clothes that he wore with him while they went to St. Petersburg and visited various places.
  • The first time they stay up all night together was the second day of Otabek’s first visit. They had been so caught up in each others’ stories that they didn’t even notice the sun rising until Otabek turned his head and was blinded by a beam of light. Even after they get together, there are many more nights like this. 
  • The first presents they exchange are on their birthdays. Yuri’s was first, obviously, and he received two different cat shirts, simple gifts because they didn’t know each other too well just yet, but still he loved and wore all the time. Then when Otabek’s birthday came, Yuri’s extra ass got him this.
  • Their first inside joke is when Yuri discovers @daddybek and then decides to share the blog with Otabek to see his reaction. They never drop it even after they already establish the daddy kink in the bedroom.
  • One of the more entertaining firsts is the first time they get drunk together. It was Yuri’s eighteenth birthday, and Otabek decided to hell with being the responsible friend and did everything his best friend asked, no matter how ridiculous. They just were being stupid and having fun and they had the worst hangovers in the morning, the night before was hilarious and fun as hell. 
  • Viktor and Yuuri were behind Otabek and Yuri’s first trip together. They went to Disney World, of course, because what better place would they vacation to together other than Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom, Kilimanjaro’s Safari in Animal Kingdom and the Food and Wine Festival in Epcot? Nowhere. That’s the correct answer. 
  • The first time they change in front of each other outside of the locker rooms is when Otabek is visiting Hasetsu. It’s also the first time they share a bed and a room together, but they were comfortable with each other at this point and didn’t think anything of it. It’s not like they don’t have the same parts, after all. 
  • Their first movie together was Wonder Woman. It was either that or Lego Batman, but since Otabek’s little sister wanted to come they took her to see Wonder Woman because damn it all if that movie isn’t a masterpiece and absolutely incredible for young girls to watch. 
  • The first time they read each others’ minds is when Yuri is meeting Otabek’s DJ friends for the first time, and he knows who each one of them is based on personality and looks alone, and he’d never seen them before. He would just look at Beka and say their name with rising intonation and he would just nod in confirmation. 
  • Sometimes, when Otabek visits Yuri while he’s staying with Viktor and Yuuri, Viktuuri would forget something and go get it and leave the boys alone. However, they were really busy once and they sent Otayuri to go get what they needed, and that became the first time they went grocery shopping together. They helped with making dinner when they came back, too, making that the first time they cook together. 
  • The first time they meet each others’ families, their families were already aware of their painfully obvious crush on the other, even though they never mentioned anything about it. They would do everything in their power to try and get the boys to finally slip and hook up, but it never worked, much to their frustration. 
  • Like all first kisses, their first kiss was a mess and a complete mistake. Yuri didn’t know what he was doing while Otabek had experience. When it clashed, it was a bumbling mess of lips and clinking teeth, but still they loved it anyways. 
  • Nothing was more surreal than the moment they first referred to each other as lovers. Someone was hitting on Yuri, that beautiful boy, and Yuri impatiently told him “I have a boyfriend.” Still, he pushed, and finally Otabek intervened and just said, “he’s my boyfriend.” They didn’t think anything of it until after the guy left, and they both just thought about it for a moment, as if their minds were the same and they thought the same thing for just a second before they went on about their day as if nothing happened. 
  • Their first night they moved in together, they couldn’t sleep. They tossed and turned together in their bed with huge stupid grins on their faces and they couldn’t help but giggle with each other while they cuddled and watched the sun come up, peeking through the curtains they put up just a few hours earlier. It was beautiful…dawn of a new day, dawn of a new age. 
  • The first time they fought, and like, legitimately fought, was because Yuri kept pushing himself. He was behind in practice and kept overworking himself to exhaustion, and no matter what Otabek did he still kept doing what he wanted anyway, until finally a huge argument broke out. It ended up in tears and holding each other while Beka reassured him that he didn’t want him to hurt himself and he just wanted to keep him safe. 
  • And then, last but most certainly not least, there was the first of all firsts. It was right as Yuri was slipping under, his head resting on Otabek’s chest and listening to his heartbeat while they lied in bed together, illuminated by moonlight. There was a soft kiss planted on top of his head, before Otabek whispered, “I love you, Yuri Plisetsky.”

Magical Mornings! by Andrew Carter


First Look: Disney’s Polynesian Resort Villas & Bungalows

Twenty Tahitian-style, ‘over-water’ bungalows have just opened at Walt Disney World. They’re part of a massive renovation of the iconic Polynesian Village Resort, and the newest addition to the Disney Vacation Club. As the current bungalow rate is over $2000 per night, I thought I’d share some pics I found on the net. This way, we can at least IMAGINE we’re staying there!  :)


Golden Hour Party! by Andrew Carter


Off into the sunset! by Andrew Carter