vacation and stuff


my principles of cartooning final! it was a class group project where we each had to do 2 pages and 1 illustration that would be part of a full 22 page comic but could also stand alone. the theme was “my summer vacation” and every panel had to include photo reference and we had to include one action scene. here’s my part, which was the first 2 pages of the 22 page comic!

Summer is coming, so here a little refreshing GIF !

THANK YOU to all of you to following me and beeing interested into my work ! You are more than 150 on this page ! I’m really honored and it keep motivating me to share with you the best of my work ! 

Thank you very much <3 ! 

I am overly busy those days so I couldn’t push it more but I’m still happy of the results ! I hope you’ll like it too :) !

See you soon and have a nice week ;) !