【So★CB-R4】夢の空き地 (Vacant Dream Land)【Cover Your Callipygia (C.Y.C)】

C.Y.C’s final entry for SoCB!!!! Please watch!!! We worked really hard on it!!


Ichiran ramen in Ueno. After we went to the National Art Museum we went back to Ueno Station and ordered some ramen.
It’s, like, really good. Everything is customizable from the firmness of the noodle to the broth’s saltiness, garlic level, spiciness level, eggs, chives, meat slices…

(Clockwise from top left)
Me in my ramen booth
Auto ramen ticket vending machine
Vacant seat indication system
Photos courtesy of my increasingly irritable mother

Oh. Hello there. you and your red pants and white hair. I did not expect you to return so quickly. I’ve been rambling my typical self-centralized improv when you’ve been out. i expected you to be gone for much longer, Have you forgotten something?

.. Oh. I see. How flattering. No. I have not dressed like this for you. This is usually how I dress when I don’t seek to impress.

..Well. I didn’t expect you to return so quickly. I wasn’t even thinking about doing anything of that sort.

What do you mean my face is the same tone of colored stain as your pants? I am confused as to why you think such.

Yes. I usually sit in this corner. I’m not afraid or preparing anything. This is just how I relax. We’ve been through this before. I dress down. I sit in a corner. And I let myself go. I let my thought process go vacant. Not a single thought, Only concentration on the now. The current. The present. I let me, be me.

It can last for hours. And if I was completely able. I’d let it last forever. But we all have responsibilities. It’s like having a Mental nap. But remaining conscious. This is how I keep myself from going depressed, or insane. As cliche as it is. I’m not as strong as I used to be.

..Yes. I understand that, But..


mnnh. You’re evil. I hhope you know 

.. yeah.i know this is your room. and you dont enter mine.. .. yeah..

im guessing youll need the keys. theyre in the.. top drawer on the left..

..yeah. ill see you soon.. ill.. try to figure out dinner when youre gone..


Tian Yuan 田原

Another day I asked myself to run away   Though I wish to stay   Forever and ever    You called my name    But I thought that it was someone else    I don’t know myself    I don’t know anyone but you     I… I am locked in the moon    I… want to be with you     Take your time    You could dance all night    and drink the lies   I closed my eyes    I wish that you could take me away    It makes you sad    Sitting on a serpent-like train heading west    How could I shine    Lying underneath your vacant smile     I… I am locked in the moon    I… want to be with you

Lyrics provided by 青田晶.