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a/n: ok me @aquariumprincess23 were talking abt rika and we got soft™ and i started writing some random stuff about her and this happened djdjdb lol im not crying my eyes are sweating,,

Rika couldn’t stop her hands from shaking.

She stood in front of the front door with a plant pot in her grip, looking down at the small flower that only bloomed this morning. Rika wasn’t sure what MC’s favourite flower was, but she hoped that the pink tulip growing in the soil of the ceramic pot would suffice. She hadn’t met with MC since just before her recovery, and truly, she wasn’t in the best state. She apologised for everything – for the troubles, for the pain, for the fear, and she knew that it wouldn’t be forgiveable – although she was blubbering and sobbing and sitting at a table at a mental institution. Now, three years later, she was about to see MC again, who now took the surname Kim and lived in a row house with Yoosung.

Lifting up her head, Rika stared directly at the front door, and she was proud of herself because even that seemed too much for her, right then. She felt some leaves swirl around her ankles as a wind brushed by, and she shivered, suddenly regretting not bringing a cardigan. Swallowing, she brought her arm up and knocked twice on the door, toeing the threadbare doormat below her feet. Home, it read, a heart replacing the ‘o’. Rika’s heart swelled, but her nerves were singing. What if she ruins this home they made? What if she’s really crazy like everyone says she is? What if she really is just a monster? She tapped her foot, and stepped back to look at the curtained windows. Why weren’t they answering the door? Maybe they changed their minds, maybe they realised it was a bad idea to invite her, maybe they–


There was a doorbell.

Exhaling, she pressed it, and her trembling fingers made her stutter and ring twice. Swearing under her breath, she clutched the plant pot tighter. She hoped they wouldn’t find her slip up annoying. She really didn’t mean to ring more than once.

If Rika heard the footsteps behind the door, she was sure her heart would’ve stopped. The anticipation was killing her, and she didn’t realise it until the door opened, but a scowl formed on her face as she stared at the bottom of the door. Why does she have to be so jittery all the time? Stop, stop, stop! MC stood in the doorway with a smile, and Rika met her eyes, and her pulse was in her throat. She nearly lost her balance, and she was glad she didn’t, or the plant pot would’ve dropped. Wait, did MC say hi already? Geez, if only she could pay attention for once.

“Oh, Rika!” MC exclaimed, and held the door open wider. “Ah… I hope this isn’t too soon, but is it too much to ask for a hug?”

Surprised, Rika’s first reaction was no. What if she hurt MC? Everything she touched broke, first Sally, then… V… Biting her lip, she looked up, and nodded. Just slightly. It was all it took before MC was tugging her into an embrace. She gasped in surprise, caught mid-hug, looking down at the plant pot in her own hands over MC’s shoulder.

It’d been so long since somebody hugged Rika. She forgot how it felt.

It was comforting. She could feel MC’s heart beat against hers, and smell the hot chocolate clinging to the woollen sweater she wore. MC’s hand rubbed her back, and Rika closed her eyes. She wanted to stay like this. She could live like this. This feeling of affection and the presence of somebody else who wasn’t ready to call her bad names or make her feel crazy. She didn’t want to let go, and she was so glad when MC didn’t pull away. So, so glad. Relaxing, she looked up into the house, and watched Yoosung approach the doorway wearing a pair of mismatched socks and a hoodie. His eyes lit up, and Rika’s heart contracted. Yoosung. Her little baby cousin. He’s so grown up. She only ever saw Yoosung once without brown hair, and now his head was full of blond, clips nowhere to be seen, and his fringe falling over his forehead. He had grown taller, and his face had matured. She saw his graduation photo hung up on the corridor wall, and she couldn’t believe it. Was this her Yoosung? The little boy that would follow her around at the first RFA part because of his shyness? MC let go of her, eventually, and ushered her into the house, saying something about ‘not standing too long at the doorstep.’

“N-noona?” Yoosung stuttered, and Rika swore she’d never felt so relieved to be called something in her life. She was scared to death that she lost him – that after everything, she lost the appreciation that Yoosung had for her. But, she didn’t. Tears fought for room in his eyes, and she could tell he was trying to swallow them back. She stepped foreward, and hugged him, and she felt the feeling again; the one she had when MC embraced her. He held her, and she noticed how much taller than her he was. His chin could rest on her head. She heard him sniff. “I missed you. I missed you so much.

Inhaling, she knotted her fingers into the back of his shirt. This was the only part of her old self she had. She cherished Yoosung. He gave her a reason to recover, because nobody other than Yoosung looked up to her anymore. Nobody other than Yoosung thought she was much more than just a madwoman.

“I… missed you, too.” Pulling away from him, she surveyed his face, trying to mark every one of his changes. No more baby face. The scar over his left eye. The glasses. The maturity. Biting her lip, she suppressed any tears, and shakily brushed his hair above his hairline, before reaching down and gently pinching his cheek. “How’d you grow up so quick, huh? How’d you grow up so much without me to see?”

“I could say the same for you.” Reaching behind her, Yoosung carefully touched the ends of her hair, which now reached her neck. It was cut choppily, and Rika was meaning to get her hair styled at some point. It was only just growing back after she shaved it in her last few months in recovery. “Your hair… it’s so different…”

She caught his hand and stepped away from him. Guiltily, he quickly moved away, muttering an apology, but she stopped him. “No, it’s just… too soon…”

Sensing the change in mood, MC stepped in. “A-ah, Rika, do you want to see our kitten?”

Turning around, her lips parted. She felt Yoosung gently take the plant pot from her hands as she faces MC. Softly, she asked, “Y-you have a kitten?”

“Yeah!” Yoosung smiled. “Her name’s Lisa. She’s still small. Do you wanna meet her?”

Rika bit her lip, and looked down at her beige shoes. Shutting her eyes, she knotted her fingers together. Yoosung and MC were welcoming them into their home with so much love, it was almost too overwhelming for her. After three years of pills, and psychiatrists, and a vacant mind, Rika didn’t think she remembered how it felt to be loved. Now there she stood, fresh from one of the two first hugs she had in over three years, surrounded with soft carpets, and wine red sofas, and a spice perfumed kitchen. She didn’t want to get rid of this feeling.

"Yes,” she said, and followed Yoosung into the living room.

MC walked ahead, and Rika watched as she kneeled down in front of one of the sofas and peered underneath, murmuring softly and running her fingers along the carpet in front of the mouth of the gap beneath the couch. Rika waited with her breath held. She hadn’t been this excited in a long time. MC laughed gently, and waves Rika to sit by her, to which she complied. She gasped when white fur peeked out from beneath the sofa, and when MC reached out to touch it, it darted back in. Rika looked at MC, and saw the mirth dancing in her eyes as she chased for the kitten with her hand again, until it slowly peered out and stretched, sitting just in front of the two girls.

Rika stared. The kitten was still tiny, barely any fatter than the width of her hand. It was white and fluffy, and blue eyes which gazed up at her curiously. They blinked, and she wanted to stroke her so badly, but she was scared. What if she hurt this, too?

MC wrapped her hands around the kitten’s spine and lifted her up, running her thumb along her soft temple as she closed her eyes and nuzzled into her owner. Rika’s heart nearly melted, she barely heard Yoosung sit next to her.

“Would you like to hold her?” MC offered, reaching over to touch Rika’s hand. She froze under the other girl’s touch. Her hands were so warm.

“Y-yes, please,” she responded, but when MC went to hand Lisa to her, she panicked. She didn’t know how to hold a kitten! What if she dropped her? What if she held her too tight? What if something… bad happened… What if Rika–

“Noona?” Yoosung said softly, touching her shoulder. “Do you want me to show you how to hold her?”

Bowing her head, she nodded, keeping her hands in her lap. Yoosung took Lisa from MC and turned Rika to face him, letting the kitten rest against her forearm. Rika looked up at him, hovering her hand over the cat’s fur. He nodded, and she stroked Lisa, scared that she might touch her too harshly in the meantime. She wasn’t breathing. All she could feel was the kitten against her chest, and–

“Oh, my God,” she whispered, feeling Lisa hum against her body. “Is she purring?”

“She likes you,” Yoosung said.

Rika exhaled, rubbing Lisa’s cheek with the tip of her thumb. She was so soft, and so warm. She was alive. The trust that something so vulnerable and so tiny put in her made something clutch her heart. This kitten… Lisa… Lisa trusted her with something as valuable as her own self. Lisa didn’t think Rika was a monster, or crazy, or dangerous. She bit her lip, and didn’t feel the tear run down her cheek. When would she ever feel this much love again? Sniffing, she scratched the cat behind her ear, before Lisa stilled. Rika begun to panic Did she do something wrong? Why wasn’t the kitten moving? Th-this is Sally all over again, how could she–

“Oh,” MC said softly.

Rika couldn’t hold in her sob, and held her hand over her mouth, crying into her palm. They were painful cries, painful and racking her whole body. Yoosung stared at her, alarmed, and so did MC. She cried harder, unable to breathe in properly without hiccuping.

“I-I’m so s-s-sorry… y-you shouldn’t have let m…me touch her.” She touched Lisa’s fur. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt her. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

MC leaned in, and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. “Ssh, it’s okay…”

“N-no… Lisa isn’t m-moving…”

“Hey, Noona.” Yoosung reached for the kitten in her lap, and nudged Lisa’s nose. She woke up, and sniffed, meowing softly. Rika stared at her lap, the kitten now awake and kneading at the skirt of her dress. Her lungs were worn out. Oh. Yoosung smiled. “See? She just fell asleep.”

She held her hand out for Lisa to sniff, her eyes still spilling tears, and the kitten stuck her tongue out and licked her hand. Rika’s chest contracted.

“I… don’t want to hurt things anymore.” She choked on a sob.

Leaning in, Yoosung let her rest her head on his shoulder. “You won’t, Noona. You’re a wonderful person.”

She paused, inhaling deeply. She listened to the clock tick on the opposite wall, and the cat’s purrs. “Am I a monster?” she asked softly.

“No.” The other two said immediately.

“Then…” she breathed, another tear slipping down her cheek, “why do I feel like one?”

She wept, her tears falling on Lisa’s fur. Her shoulders trembled as Yoosung tried to lull her, and MC reached out to hold one of her hands in both of hers. Rika sniffed, and sobbed, and she was glad Yoosung said nothing about the tear patch she left on his shirt. He stroked her short hair, running his fingers through the choppy strands. She pressed the side of her face against his chest, before sitting up, looking down at the kitten.

“I-I swear on my l-life…” She covered her mouth as she cried, still looking at Lisa. “I swear on my life. I will never h-harm y-you. Ever.”

Rika felt stupid. She felt stupid for crying over a kitten and she felt stupid for walking into her cousin’s home and bringing her messy brain with her. She felt stupid for feeling so much just by embracing Lisa, but she had no room to hate herself, since she could hear Yoosung crying from above her, and MC inclining towards her for an embrace. Other than stupid, all she could feel was how much she loved this family. MC, and Yoosung, and Lisa. And she cried more because she knew this was a love that she’ll only ever know once, and a love that she’ll never have back. She pressed the heels of her hands to her eyes, and took in a quaking breath.

“Th-thank you,” she said, “for accepting me.”

“Rika…” MC whispered. “Welcome home.”

Sasusaku Month ‘17: Day 1

Prompt: First Love.

Title: Right Where We Are.

Rating: T

Summary: Teasing his wife has always been quite amusing, but just this once, Sasuke decided to give in to temptations. /post-gaiden.

AN: Happy Sasusaku Month, y’all! I hope you guys like this fanfic.

‘Right Where We Are’

The tweets of birds could be heard as a fainted sound by his ears. Gaining his conscience, he could hear the subdued voices more clearly. He attempted to open his heavy eyelids, inhaling, he finally managed to do so. His vision was still blurring and it took a few seconds for him to adjust his perception. The first thing he saw was his wife’s pink hair.

A smile crossed his lips as he realized he hadn’t woken up in a dark cave or a life-less cottage he’d normally wake up in. He had opened his eyes to see the place he was very familiar with. The matress, the sheets, the ceiling, the walls; they were all well-known by him.

He was finally home.

His eyes were focussed on the woman laying next to him. He noticed the slight changes in her form. Her hair were shorter than he had remembered them to be, her shoulders were a little broader, her waist slimmer. She was petite- yet curvy, as always.

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That Fateful Night (Min Yoongi drabble #12 + #25)

Min Yoongi 12 + 25

12. “Take it off.”

25. “As you wish princess.”

Originally posted by bts-jimin16

Your heart thumped wildly against your chest, almost as if it was trying to mimic the beat of the music as his hips pressed up against your own. Your mind was vacant of its normal thoughts, the alcohol coursing through your veins prodded a pleasant silence within your head, everything seemingly fuzzy during your alcohol induced haze. The only thought appearing throughout the music piercing your eardrums was Min Yoongi and the way he felt pressed tightly against your body in a sensual embrace.

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Rescue •P10•

Avengers x Reader

Masterlist | Rescue Masterlist | Part Nine

Summary: reader is getting a tour of her new job at the Avengers tower, but happens to be the only one who notices an oncoming jet, about to crash into the building.

Word Count: 2085


Warnings: angst, Tony being a fluffy bear, cliffhanger ;)

A/N: AHAHA are you ready? I bet my ass you’re not. Enjoy 💛

“How are you keeping him out?” Penny sat cross-legged on my bed, folding my laundry with me.

“I locked him out on my security panel.” I muttered, flattening out a creased pair of dark jeans.

“Can’t he override that?” she raises an eyebrow. I shrug. A sigh escapes her lips.

“You should at least figure out what he was talking about.” she says it like a suggestion.

“I don’t really want to. I just don’t to know how much he’s keeping from me and—it’s like, he’s the only reason I’m alive. I dunno. I thought he would be honest with me. It’s my life on the line.” I say quietly.

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anonymous asked:

“Why don’t you stop doubting yourself and just kiss me already?”

Thirty looks good on Aaron. Still young in the face, beard thicker than ever before, but he looks more confident as he walks, shoulders no longer hunched over, hidden by hoodies. Six years at the scrapyard has also helped, his biceps tighter, larger than before, shirts wrapped tight around his torso, shifting around his chest as he walks.

Robert’s sat perched on the edge of their bed, running a towel through his hair as Aaron makes his way through from the en-suite. There’s a grey towel wrapped around his waist, tugged tight around him as he steps over Robert’s shoes, making his way over to the full length mirror that Robert insisted they buy. They’d been together years now, married almost as long, so Robert allows his eyes to roam over his husbands back, isn’t embarrassed as he feels his heart beat in his throat, pulse quickening as Aaron begins to tug on his black boxers.

Theres still droplets of water glistening on Aaron’s skin, trickling down his chest, around his nipple and falling to the floor. A small trail lies on Aaron’s stomach, faint hairs resting from his belly button, travelling down towards..

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someday i’d like to go where nobody knows what i am
and i’d like to be quiet, quiet as i can
maybe be i’ll be safer there where where nobody knows what i am
and what i can do
while i wander the vacant streets of my mind

Reality   By: Y. Black

New tale I’m sharing as a sample let me know what you think.

I swear on everything, how many times do I need to put my information in, just to confirm I want to do this trip? I’ve only saved the last 3 and a half years. I’ve dreamed of this for so long. Ever since the first time I watched the infomercial that highlighted the perks and destinations that this incredible voyage would venture and offer. I was ready for this journey right now, but confirming my info and payment with my retina, I still had 18 months to pack.

As soon as the payment was confirmed, my inbox chimed and I accessed the confirmation number that was promised to me. I clicked the new message titled Moonlight Mariner. I spun my chair around and gazed upon the hologram that was centered in the room. My excitement was overflowing as I watched the translucent picture come to life before my eyes.

“Hello Justice Cooper, I am Cynthia. I will be your personal host as we prepare to embark on your amazing journey aboard the Moonlight Mariner. First, I would like to thank you for choosing Moonlight. We specialize in making your travel dreams a reality. Based on the questionnaire that you filled out, as well as a quick scan of your interest in your histories, in addition to your frequent spending habits; I was able to comprise a catalogue of several excursions that I am sure you will love.”

“Wow.” I was completely elated.

“Wow, indeed Mr. Cooper. Or do you prefer Justice?

“Oh, ummm… well Justice is fine, I suppose.” I was astounded, I mean I had heard about interactive holograms, but never had I encountered one. I was utterly in awe, to say the least. “Your name is Crystal correct?”

“No sir, my name is Cynthia.”

“Apologies, I’m not very good with names.”

“No worries Justice, I am sure we will become well acquainted over the next several months.”

I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant, but she had piqued my interest considerably. At this point, my excitement was palpable. I mean I knew what I had signed up for but I never imagined I would have my own personal hologram delivered right here in my very own living quarters. Desmond wouldn’t believe me if I told him. Hell, he’d probably shun me. He thought I was completely crazy for even wanting to take the voyage. But guess who gave zero fucks about what Desmond thought of my desire to take the trip? That’s right, Me. I wasn’t going to share my experience with him, and the last thing I needed was a Debbie Downer trying to rain on my parade.

Cynthia downloaded a countdown/preparation calendar into my pod, that she posted on the wall just outside the kitchen. Our interaction left a gigantic smile on my face, a bit of uncertainty in my stomach, and a million questions I wasn’t sure I could or was even ready to ask. Being a realist with optimistic ways and an expert dreamer, I just let the blocks land as they may.

That night I kept having thoughts of this Cynthia character. Was she a real person? How did she get that job if she was? Would I actually get to meet her in person? I wonder if she will be onboard the journey?  My thoughts gradually became more unfiltered and unhinged. After pondering for what felt like hours, I decided to turn in before I questioned myself into an aneurism.

Upon entry of my sleep chamber I was presented with several dream options.

Desmond bullying in childhood

Mom’s funeral

Revenge on Desmond

The Moonlight Mariner


I wanted to choose the Moonlight but curiosity was said to kill the most curious of cats and Cynthia had more than stirred the interest within me. I donned my breathing mask and was out before my eyelids had a chance to properly shut. My mind was a very vivid place, so it only heightened with my chamber’s direction. Contrarily, Desmond still slept the traditional way. He wasn’t a dreamer like I was. He and I shared DNA, but that was about as much as we had in common. But he was my brother and though we rarely saw eye to eye, he was all I had, and I loved him for it.


I stood at the foyer of my pod complex. I had just exited my Uber Xtreme and as it whisked away my gaze summoned at the sound of my name. There she stood. She had a shimmering caramel skin tone, and dark locks that fell just below her shoulders. Her eyes shined like the fullest moon on the dimmest night. She was dressed in active wear as though she had just returned from working out at the gym. Everything in my immediate vicinity became still, virtually lifeless. I could feel my cheeks give way to a fleeting smile of adoration. As she drew nearer I extended my hand but was knocked for six as she leapt into my arms.

“Justice, I’ve missed you so.”, she said as she nestled into my neck. The familiarity she exuded was one I couldn’t quite put my finger on, she continued, “I knew you were going to be gone but those extra two days really did a number on me. Were you able to accomplish everything that you needed?”

“Yes, I was.  Desmond needed my help with the farm. It also gave me some much needed time with my niece and nephews.” I went back home about three times a year. I had been in Upper Miami for almost a decade now. I left there not much longer after I had graduated. Desmond was a traditionalist like I mentioned. He took after Pops in that regard. Mom was the one who had dared me to dream and be great. He despised the wave of new. But I often joked about his beach farm in Orlando. Global warming had the real Miami disappear well over two centuries ago. There were modern day Atlantis like cities that littered the globe these days. If you should ever have the time you should visit, they are amazing. Upper Miami was created along with many other Upper’s to combat the inevitable rising tides of the world’s oceans. It was located 6 miles above the earth’s crust. It was quite a genius idea at the time it was created. It provided relief to humanities most imminent threats outside of the Ice Age. Most times I used the Upper Community Transit, or UTC to get back and forth to the farm.  Well, UTC to the crust, then four hours on a vessel then another hour by electric motor vehicle. In total the trip was about 8 and half hours.

“I’m sure they missed you so much.”

“As I have missed them. They are growing so fast these days.” I was ready to have kids of my own but my dating life had been a recurring epic failure. Desmond often tried to make my dating life a topic of discussion. He never was open enough to explore how I had and frankly, I had no desire to try and enlighten him. “What did you miss of me?” I probed Cynthia. More for myself and information as to our interaction rather than truly wanting to know. It was as if I was trying to piece together an unsolved mystery at this point.  

“Well Mr. Cooper, I missed seeing your smile, and waking you up in the morning, in the special way you like” She raised an eyebrow and pursed her lips while gaving me a sassy smirk. As we made eye contact, I felt my groin tighten. She continued, “I missed asking how your day was and inviting you over for dinner.” I was beginning to get a picture of what this was. “You know, you are my favorite human right?”

I was thrown a bit. I was almost certain Cynthia was the real thing. Yet she was a droid. I guess it only made sense as she was too perfect. From her glamourous looks that allured me, to the way she knew my comforts. Never had a soul come close to that nor had they ever shown this much interest in me. “Well Cynthia, you are my favorite too.” I kissed her on the check and my dream concluded.

I woke up refreshed as I always did but I was filled with many questions that pleaded for answers. I knew that I’d be plagued for hours on end. The most pressing of those questions was whether she was like me or if she was truly a droid. As I worked that day, I couldn’t help but wonder who was who at Horizons Water facility. In an effort to smooth integration, the company had within the last year hired 150 new employees, but hadn’t stated if the new employees were droid or humanoid. I kept my distance though, as I’d recently been disappointed by a droid, to say the least.

At Horizon, I worked in the lab. It was here where I would test the Ph and salinity content of water extracted from the clouds below. I only associated with a handful of people who were tenured at this point. Phil and I had grown close as we had gone through orientation together, and here it was, five years in and counting. He worked on the other side of the plant where he did purification of the samples extracted.  Resources have become an even hotter commodity and new ways to produce more with less have been the latest trend. Being somewhat on the cutting edge suited me well. I was always conscious of my footprint, even as a youngin’ I was keen on recycling. Even more so, how I could help with the issues that the plagued the world.

Albeit all my pushing Cynthia to the back burner did nothing, she consumed every vacant moment that my mind had. My commute was consumed of her prancing through the innards of my mind. The Uber ride home was monotonous as my chamber had an uncanny ability to tie my dreams into my reality. That being said, part of me was anxious. Having that blurred line of recalling her presence upon my arrival, I couldn’t help but pause. It was almost as if I was waiting to hear my name called in the lovely tone that only her melodic voice could hum.

DAY 3246

Jalsa, Mumbai                    Feb 16/17,  2017                  Thu/Fri 2:06 am

Sitting after, and in conversation with, the serial that plays on the teleV,  there is a discovery .. sleep induced, finds opportunity to nap against some of the scenes that pour out .. and remarkably there does not seem to be loss of story or the missing of any particular sequence descriptive of the scenario at all .. the vacant mind absorbs, as if there were to be an afterthought play back machine engineered by the mind ..

The mind has itself had many incarnations in a life time, and it is the most complicated and curious element of the body - they now talk of brain transplant - and there would be a time I suppose when, the capacity and credential of the kind of brain one would desire, would not be an impossibility ..

Each hour spent within the walls of this supreme element, gives rise to an opinion, an idea, a direction for the project to be contracted .. or projects to be contracted .. they come in droves now … each one superior in content than the last one .. or the one just before that .. we live in fascinating times .. times when the flow of talent and creativity abound .. burst into the firmament with excessive enthusiasm, making it most difficult for a ‘decision making challenged person’ , even more challenged and undecided ..

Blessed are they that do not ever wantonly face the stigma of insecurity .. many do and perish under its weight, despite the contrary effect .. but insecurity may have a million connotations .. for a million minds .. all different and tough to fathom ..

It can - insecurity - secure one from impending disaster, or perceived disaster ! One could either succumb to its weighted implant, or stand up in ‘bravehearted chest beating avataar’ and overcome it ..

One may be brave in believing that ‘all will be well’ .. but that shadow of doubt and uncertainty .. that fence which seemingly protects, finds itself, bruised and cut in many places, presenting a picture which may have nothing to do with the start of this discussion .. INSECURITY .. !!!

Deformity in any form is challenging .. handicapped, or to be politically correct, challenged in the form, can cause some empathy .. but is least desired .. it envelops the  brave and strong, but somewhere the bravery side steps and leaves one alone aloof and vulnerable to all possible weaknesses.

There can never be any single human that can boast of ‘zero vulnerability or weakness’ .. we are all in the oven together and on a scale which does not differ from each other .. or perhaps does .. who knows .. the act of disclosure is also an insecurity .. !!!

We all live and exist with multiple shortcomings .. and our tenure in the years of our lives shall ever be filled with the effort we make to rid ourselves of this purported stigma .. it isn’t .. it is not a stigma .. it is a comment .. much like the comments that shall appear as soon as this missive goes socially media conscious .. ie a post on the BLOG ..

My love shall be short but filled with immense value and concern ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Siren Song

Originally posted by abreaktocome

Summary: Modern AU: Kylo, Hux and Phasma are assigned to stay in a cabin their boss Snoke owns, a secret lair of sorts, until further notice. One night Kylo finds himself unable to sleep soundly, both haunted by his nightmares and drawn towards the water from an earlier dream. Attempting to clear his head, Kylo goes outside to the dock hoping for some relief only to make a shocking discovery. 

A/N: This is based off of a drabble I did for the Halloween prompts, but I’m also thinking about extending it cause I saw an AU idea that I loved and really want to run with it. Hope you all enjoy!

Turning to his side Kylo clutched onto the sheets, his eyes wincing in his slumber.

“You can’t escape it.”

The voice echoed through his head, laughing menacingly. The sounds alone sent a chill down Kylo’s spine as he tried to remain asleep. The more the eerie sound consumed his dreams and bounced off of his skull, the harder it was to remain in a state of slumber.

“There’s no turning back now.”

Kylo trembled, his knuckles turning white as he held onto the covers with as much of his might as he could. For whatever reason in his slumber, it felt as though he were hanging onto a cliff side, desperate to stay above the surface.

“You belong to me!”

Finally unable to withstand the images filling his head, Kylo jolted up from his bed, panting. Resting his weight on his forearms he kept his head level, attempting to even out his breaths. Aside from the sound of air escaping him, the room was eeriely silent. Not even the humming of machines in the cabin made a single peep, neither Hux or Phasma snored and the waves of the sea were unable to be heard through the double paine windows. 

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Supergirl headcanon:

Sometimes Kara and J'Onn end up together on the DEO balcony, the sky stretched out over them and a quietness in the air they can almost feel. There’s a heaviness, it’s rare, but it happens, and they can always recognise it in the other. A shared look over an innocuous comment, a moment the other is too still, their gaze a little too vacant, their mind lost elsewhere. Some of these times, they let the quiet settle in their marrow, nestle deep within them, standing there, eyes focused upwards, staring somewhere neither can really see. Their shoulders brush, just barely, an exchange of warmth, and they just be. Other times, they talk. Simple sentences, in bits and pieces, about being the only survivors of their planets. The last man of Mars and the last child of Krypton. She tells him, guilt in her voice, that she can’t count Kal-El, as he doesn’t carry their history in his brain or their language on his lips. He doesn’t remember the streets and how they curved and arched. The sound of the wind, the taste of it, one like she’s never found here on Earth. Their words rise and fall, twist in on each other and fall around them, settling at their feet. J’Onn talks of his children. But also of the way the dust was dry and hot, red the colour of everything. The colour of life. Of death. Of rebirth. And she listens and nods, her gaze still cast up and swallows too heavily, something heavy in her throat. J'Onn watches her under the stars and wonders how she isn’t bowed more by the weight of Krypton, the responsibility she’s carried since she was too small to even grasp what was happening. His arm drapes over her shoulders, heavy and comforting and her head falls against his shoulder, a weight that keeps him here, on this planet. They share their memories in the hopes that someone else will remember, a bond that’s mostly unbreakable. There’s an understanding that comes with being the last of your kind.

signs and facial features

MALE ARIES - Male Aries typically have brown or green eyes and full eyebrows. They have a friendly face and lines around the mouth from smiling so much. They have slim, pointy noses and a somewhat prominent jawline. 

FEMALE ARIES - Female Aries have slim faces with prominent cheekbones. They typically have brown eyes and nice eyebrows. Like their male counterparts, female Aries have friendly faces but can be serious when needed. Female Aries also have nice smiles and prominent jawlines.

MALE TAURUS - Male Taurus have round faces with stout noses and full lips. They’re typically blue eyed and thick eyebrows. They typically have facial hair and no frown/smile lines around the mouth, however they have serious faces.

FEMALE TAURUS - Female Taurus have slim faces with blue-green eyes and arched eyebrows. Like the male Taurus, female Taurus have full lips, but unlike the male Taurus, they have slim jawlines and strong cheekbones. Female Taurus have somewhat aloof expressions but a friendly face overall. 

MALE GEMINI - Male Geminis typically have round faces and blue or green eyes. They have thinner eyebrows than other male signs and full lips. They have prominent noses and sometimes smile lines around the mouth. Along with their rounded faces, male Geminis have stout noses.

FEMALE GEMINI - Female Geminis normally have green eyes and round, youthful faces. They have full lips, and they have, unlike their male counterparts, prominent cheekbones and strong jawlines. Another difference from the males is the slimness of a female Gemini’s nose. 

MALE CANCER - Male Cancers have prominent jawlines and typically blue or brown eyes. They have thin eyebrows and longer faces with slight lines around the mouth. They have small eyes, and a long, skinny nose. Male Cancers have prominent chins and pale, thin lips.

FEMALE CANCER - Female Cancers tend to have ageless, round faces. They have green or brown eyes, full lips, and small noses. They have small, fixed eyes, and long, thin eyebrows.

MALE LEO - Male Leos have round faces but prominent chins. They have serious resting faces and long, skinny noses. Male Leos typically have small brown eyes and more prominent foreheads. Male Leos have more lines towards the forehead as opposed to smile lines around the mouth.

FEMALE LEO - Female Leos typically have the prettiest smile of the signs, with strong chins and small foreheads. They typically have green or brown eyes and strong cheekbones. They tend to have a smile on their face more often than not and arched eyebrows. They have an approachable expression and vibrant eyes.

MALE VIRGO - Male Virgos typically have mysterious but friendly expressions, with small, typically brown, eyes with crinkles around the edges. They also have rounder faces and thick eyebrows. They have slight smile lines around the mouth.

FEMALE VIRGO - Female Virgos have the friendliest faces of the signs. They typically have blue eyes and prominent cheekbones an chins. They have larger, full lips and small noses. They can sometimes have a mysterious resting face, but that just masks a friendly smile. 

MALE LIBRA - Male Libras typically have small mouths but full lips and longer faces. They have big, inviting eyes, typically brown or maybe blue. Their facial features are closely framed and close together. They have smaller foreheads and chins. Male Libras’ facial features can have a very friendly demeanor masked by blank resting faces occasionally. 

FEMALE LIBRA - Female Libras typically have longer faces with prominent eyebrows. They have larger eyes that can range from a dark blue to a chocolate brown. Female Libras also have long skinny noses. Female Libras’ cheekbones are highlighted greatly when they smile, but their features are more understated. 

MALE SCORPIO - Male Scorpios typically have small blue/brown eyes framed nicely by thicker eyebrows. They have crinkles around the eyes and forehead as opposed to around the mouth. A male Scorpio’s mouth is typically small with thin lips. They have prominent chins and jawlines. 

FEMALE SCORPIO - Female Scorpios have narrow faces with prominent cheekbones. Female Scorpios have more exaggerated features than others, including larger eyes and fuller lips. Occasionally, female Scorpios have larger noses than other female signs. Female Scorpios have dark eyebrows and eyes typically of dark green or brown eyes. 

MALE SAGITTARIUS - Male Sagittarians have narrow heads with thick eyebrows and large eyes, typically brown or blue.They have larger noses and prominent jawlines. Male Sagittarians tend to have inviting smiles and full lips, as well as larger foreheads. 

FEMALE SAGITTARIUS - The female Sagittarius will normally have blue or brown eyes and big smiles. They have prominent eyebrows and chins, as well as small noses. They have smaller foreheads and cheekbones. The female Sagittarians typically mask a warm demeanor under stoic resting faces. 

MALE CAPRICORN - Male Capricorns have round faces with stout noses and warm, inviting expressions. They have small eyes and thick eyebrows. Male Capricorns usually have larger foreheads and strong chins. Male Capricorns also have smile lines around the mouth and occasionally the forehead.

FEMALE CAPRICORN - Female Capricorns usually have large, inviting eyes either blue or hazel, and large smiles surrounded by smile lines. Female Capricorns have strong jawlines and cheekbones that highlight their face. Female Capricorns have arched eyebrows and small noses. 

MALE AQUARIUS - Male Aquarians typically have the nicest face of the male zodiac. They have prominent jawlines and wide, vigilant eyes, typically blue or green. They have large foreheads and smooth skin. Male Aquarians typically have skinnier noses and dark eyebrows. 

FEMALE AQUARIUS - Female Aquarians typically have high cheekbones an prominent jawlines. Female Aquarians normally have blue or bright green eyes and smile lines around the mouth. They have full lips and even though they don’t show it often, a mesmerizing smile. 

MALE PISCES - A male Pisces typically has an aloof resting face, making them seem vacant in mind. They have mesmerizing eyes, typically green or brown, and thick, dark eyebrows. A male Pisces’ most prominent feature is his eyebrows, followed by his somewhat strong jawline. 

FEMALE PISCES - A female Pisces typically has large, dreamy eyes usually hazel or brown. They have a stony resting face that masks a friendly personality. Female Pisces usually have thin, arched eyebrows. They have strong jawlines and cheekbones, as well. 

No Sudden Movements


PAIRING: T’ChallaxReader


“How about an imagine where the reader and T'Challa are arguing because he doesn’t want her going on missions and then she flinches unintentionally because he moved his hand too quickly which brought back memories of your abusive ex-boyfriend.”


Originally posted by thetrailsman

“I can’t believe this. It’s my job, T’Challa. You can’t just tell me not to do it.” Y/N sighed, turning her back to him.

“I don’t want you to get hurt. I’ve seen the things you guys do, and I hate that sometimes I won’t be able to protect you.”

She shook her head as he spoke. Y/N had been an Avenger for as long as she could remember and, although she knew he was only looking out for her – she couldn’t help but feel like he was controlling her.

"Well, how do you think I feel whenever you go out and save the world as Black Panther, hmm? Do you think I’m not worried you won’t come home?”

Y/N tried to keep calm, but she could feel tears pricking in the corners of her eyes. T’Challa had seen her fight, he had seen that she could take care of herself yet he was being serious about not letting her do her job.

“I was doing this long before you came into my life and I am not going to change that now. So you can learn to deal with it.”

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anonymous asked:

Aomine, Himuro, Mayuzumi, Imayoshi, Kise,Takao when their "male" teammate is a girl in disguise after walking in on them undress when she thought no one was looking.

cute, cute, idea! hi, love! this is such a good reaction worth ask, i’m going to be adding gifs because why not! ahh, thanks for this, xxx.

Aomine Daiki: He enters the locker room after practice, thinking of getting a quick shower before meeting with Satsuki, fully expecting that it would be vacant. Not that he minded taking a shower with a couple of guys; afterall, they are his teammates. What he didn’t expect was a female student changing out of a certain player’s uniform. His jaw dropped by a fraction, unable to comprehend what was going on. Noticing a presence, you turned, color draining from your face as you took in Aomine’s form and reaction, shuffling to get something on. Your binders were placed neatly on the bench, and all you had on was the bottom half of your uniform and a bra.

“I-this isn’t what it looks like!” Crimson adorned your face as you hastily put your school blouse on. He scratched his neck, slowly recovering from shock.

“Are you a cross dresser or something? You into that kind of shit or what?” Shaking your head from right to left, you denied his accusations, explaining how you just wanted to play basketball, but had no other means to but this since Touo lacked a girls basketball team. He smirked, inching closer to you by every step.

“Well, why didn’t you say so. I’ll gladly teach you some moves after practice. That's only if you can handle it.”

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Himuro Tatsuya: It was Himuro’s turn to lock up the gym after practice this week, so after everyone left, he would usually just leave without checking the locker room or shower room, knowing no one was there. So today would have been no different if it weren’t for the fact that when locking up the school gym, he heard a distant slam coming from the locker room. Confused, he left his school bag at the entrance, ready to face whoever it was that was still lingering in the area. He opened the door with a creak, hands in position to fight or defend when he saw a silhouette of a girl in the room.

“_____?” You yelped, immediately covering your body as a reaction even though the room was pitch dark. You didn’t expect Himuro to still be there, knowing he was one to never check the rooms before he left.

“You were a girl all along!” You nodded, explaining to him in detail that you wanted to prove your father that even girls can be in sports, too, surrounded by males. Himuro gave you his jacket, closing his eyes for good measure.

“You didn’t have to go to this extent, _____. You could have injured yourself! Although, I really admire your bravery joining the team; you’re an amazing player.”

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Mayuzumi Chihiro: It was the last night of the summer practice session at one of Akashi’s beach lodge. The team just finished ten laps around the entire perimeter, and were given time to take a bath at the communal hot springs. Mayuzumi chose to go in later than the rest of his team, knowing how chaotic it could be with the over excited Hayama and Nebuya together. He assumed he was the last one, entering with his light novel, a towel placed on his forearm. He walked further in, and halted hearing the rubbing of clothes. His dark grey eyes flickered to you currently undressing to get in the isolated baths. You turn in surprise, and immediately cover yourself with your towel, watching his jaw drop at your womanly curves.

“This-this isn’t what it looks like!” Mayuzumi placed his belongings in one of the basket, trying to remain unfazed but failing. His usual emotionless state was wavering, a dust of red on his cheeks.

“You’re a girl? Does Akashi know about this? And if you’re a girl why didn’t you just go to the woman’s side of the baths?”

“Of course he does! This was all possible under his permission. I couldn’t risk anyone seeing me enter from the woman’s side, Mayuzumi-san; I thought I was the last one to go in. I didn’t expect you of all people to be here! And please turn around so I could put something on.”

Originally posted by showuthedarkside

Imayoshi Shouichi: The Touo team were staying at a ryokan in Kyouto for a game against the Rakuzan team, and he had finally slipped away from the raucous. Half the team headed down the dining hall to eat, and half were supposedly at the baths or with the other team. He prepared to go to his baths, going back to his room to gte his towel and change of clothes. He pushed his glasses up, languidly walking down the hall towards his and his roomates room. Opening the door with a click and humming some aimless tune, he switched on the light to find one you taking off your sweaty basketball shirt to change into something dry. You weren’t binded, instead wearing one of your lacy bras. You shrieked, desperately reaching for something to cover you up.

“Oh, what do we have here? Sorry to barge in on you changing, _____. Of course, I was expecting someone to be in here, I certainly didn’t think a girl would be changing.” He turns around, ultimately unfazed by your identity. You throw a shirt on, fixing your hair and embarrassment before explaining why you were dressed as a boy in practice with the boys basketball team.

“Well, rules are rules, and since our team is a boys basketball team, we can’t have you compete with us, but I can talk to our coach and let you practice and join in on practice games, if that’s alright with you, ____-chan.”

Originally posted by findyourownhappyending

Kise Ryouta: Humming aloud, he twirled the keys to the school gym. He left his phone in the gym, and realized only when practice ended and everyone left after locking up. His blond hair swung around, brown eyes flittering around the gym. If he recalled correctly, the guy that was supposed lock up was the fairly new member, who was diligent with practice and played really well for someone so thin and short compared to the others. Jingling the keys and opening the metal door, he flicked on the lights to see the former in a pink bra, hair undone, shirt halfway on. His brown eyes were wide open, and he let out a small yelp just as you did.

“Ahh, I’m sorry, ____-cchi! I didn’t know you were in here changing! Wait, I didn’t even know you were a girl! Wow, you’re pretty cute, you should dress like that more often!” You hastily put on your top, facing the Ace player.

“Dress like this more often? I’m butt naked, Kise-kun! And please don’t tell anyone! I just want to practice but there aren’t many girls who want to join basketball so I can’t form my own club.”

“Sure, ____-cchi! I won’t tell, but when you’re free sometime, let’s go shopping! You look like you’ll flatter cute clothes well.”

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Takao Kazunari: He raced back to the school’s locker room, doing Midorima a favor of getting his lucky item that he had forgotten at school. Apparently he needed it the enitre day till it hit midnight because he believed something could happen even in the last two minutes before twelve. Huffing by the time he reached the door, he took out the spare key Midorima had and opened the dark gym. His eyes went towards the locker room, where there was light spilling from the corners of the door frame. Finding it weird that someone was still at the school, he slowly tiptoed towards the area, and opened the room with a bang. A disheveled figure spun back around, and gasped as it slipped on the floor. You rub your bottom, bruised from the fall and cover your chest with your hands. Though you were binded, you could still make out the curves of your breasts, and there was no denying that you were a female. Takao’s jaw dropped, eyes enlarged at your true sex.

“Woah, you’re a girl? What are you doing here so late? You should head home; it’s pretty dangerous!” You nodded, red hues coloring your cheeks. Takao smiled, a little shocked but overall, worried about your well-being.

“Let’s go, ____. I'lll walk you home! Let me just get Shin-chan’s lucky item and we can head off!”

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The Art of a Happy Ending

Summary: Dan Howell is a writer who dreams of writing a bestselling novel, but in order to write a bestselling novel, he must first find inspiration. After meeting the talented artist, Phil Lester, Dan finds himself writing what he never thought he could before.

Genre: AU, Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 13,272

Warnings: death

A/N: I absolutely loved writing this. It’s based on Atonement, one of my favorite books. Enjoy reading!

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