vacant kiss

I still remember it, I believe it was Autumn. Everything was colder before Winter. So were her lips. It wasn’t magical, it wasn’t rough. It was enough. It was the first and I was another human. She kissed something into my nothingness. The wind blew her hair away from her face, and that’s when I felt my first gust. She kissed Autumn into my eyes, my memories. She was experienced, I knew nothing. It’s been longer than my life as a poet, but it wasn’t special. I think about it all of the time. If I never had that first kiss, I would not be here. A different person, just like that. A meaningless first kiss, but it was sweet. A moth that got too close to the light, in the softest way. She was the first person to set me on fire.
—  #604 - @alice-is-vacant, about that first kiss.

Saw Veronica Falls at the Brudenell Social Club, Leeds on Saturday. The Brudenell is such a good venue, and every time I return I am not at all disappointed by the eclectic mix of clientele.

All in all, a good gig - not so sure about Vacant Kiss, the second support act, but nothing too much to complain about. Veronica Falls provided a lovely little show that got me tapping my toes, Southern Comfort and lemonade in hand (at proper northern prices!)