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I just read that Natsume is scared of thunderstorms, could we maybe see something about that please?

Consider this the beginning of a mini nishinatsu series :’) 120% because there was talk on the discord about this pairing and now it’s stuck in my head rip

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Tsuji may have assigned Satoru and Natsume out of turn cleaning duties to get back at them for being chatty, in the passive aggressive way of all overly-cheerful class representatives, but Satoru doesn’t really mind. Hanging out with Natsume beats going home any day—and since it’s more or less his fault they’re in trouble, he can’t exactly complain to his friend about it without sounding like a total heel.

“This is the worst,” Satoru says with feeling, hauling the heavier of two trash cans outside. “Tsuji’s got in for me, I swear.”

He can’t complain more than usual, anyway.

Dumping his half of the trash, he turns to glance at his quiet companion. Natsume is next to him but he may as well be miles away. The half-empty bin is hanging loosely from his hands and his head is tipped back, round eyes trained without blinking on the sky. Satoru follows his gaze, nonplussed.

There are thunderheads rolling in, dark and foreboding as they build up in a gray sky. He hadn’t noticed before, but now that he’s paying attention, the air definitely smells like rain.

“Oh, wow,” Satoru says, eyebrows shooting up. “It’s really gonna storm. No wonder my brother bullied me into taking his umbrella this morning.”

Plucking the trashcan out of Natsume’s hands, he dumps it for him, then stacks it inside his own empty bin. Natsume seems out of it, but Satoru is no stranger to his vacant moods—the guy zones out a lot—so he simply hefts the stacked bins under one arm, grabs Natsume’s hand in his free one, and leads the way back inside.

“If we hurry, we can make it home without getting too wet,” he says, all but dragging his unresistant friend up the stairs. “I mean, there’s no way we can beat the rain, but—you have an umbrella, right? I can walk you home with mine if you don’t.”

“No, that’s okay,” Natsume finally replies. “I have mine with me.”

He’s keeping pace with Satoru on his own now, but he doesn’t tug his hand away. Satoru takes that as implicit permission to keep holding it. The only sounds that accompany them as they run through empty hallways are the echoed stamping of rapid footfalls and the faraway rumble of approaching thunder.

In a little under ten minutes, they’re back at the front doors. Satoru is shoving his school slippers in his locker and yanking on his sneakers in their place, a little out of breath from tearing through the school—and glad no staff had caught them, because that would have given Tsuji a whole heap of disciplinary material to work with if he was still in a bad mood tomorrow.

“Alright,” he says with a triumphant grin, as a light rain begins to fall, “it’s barely started out there. Come on, Natsume, and we can—”

He trails off as his eyes move from the doorway to his classmate. Natsume is still in his uwabaki, jack and umbrella bundled under his arm. He hasn’t even stepped down into the entry area yet, lingering on the raised floor a few feet away, with what looks like absolutely no intention of taking another step.

“Go on without me,” he says with a smile. “I forgot something.”

Satoru blinks at him. “What? Just go get it real quick, I can wait.”

“I might have to look for it,” he deflects easily. “It could be awhile. You should go ahead though, before it gets too bad out there.”

His expression is empty and serene. It stirs something uneasy to life in the pit of Satoru’s stomach.

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Kansas woman and her boyfriend are arrested after her 3 year old son’s body is found encased in concrete

Miranda Miller, 36, and her boyfriend Stephen Bodine, 40, have been arrested after the body of Miranda’s missing 3 year old son, Evan Brewer, was found encased in a concrete block The boy’s remains were found inside of a home that Miller and Bodine had been evicted from. The landlord found the concrete block while cleaning the home and reported it to police. A forklift had to be brought in to remove the concrete block from the home.

In March, Evan’s father, Carlo Brewer, called Child protective services and told them that he thought his son was being abused by Miranda. On July 6th the court granted a protection from abuse order, and Evan was to go live with his father. That day was the last day that anyone saw little Evan alive. 

Miranda and Stephen have not been charged with murder yet, because they are waiting on the Medical Examiner’s office to officially identify the body, and charges will be upgraded once that is completed. For now Bodine has been charged with suspicion of aggravated assault and aggravated interference with parental custody, and Miller was charged with suspicion of aggravated interference with parental custody.

Carlo’s wife uploaded this video that showed a confrontation with Bodine on August 13th. She stated:

“I knock on the door where my stepson was last seen (which is supposedly vacant) and this guy Stephen Bodine aka Bo yells thru the door and says he’s holding him hostage in the basement, threatens to “chop” me up “into little pieces” and proceeds to open the door, tries to attack with a hatchet, then busts our tire. I got it all on video and YES police were called. Please keep an eye out especially if you’re around the area of May St. And Vine near Pawnee and Seneca!!!”

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LOL here I go with another meta.

Ok the show starts with a showdown with the Argents & co and we find out the nogitsune led them all there on purpose. Duh, right? Anyway. We hear him tell Allison that he wanted Scott there. Why? Well, it’s because he’s been his source to feed off of ever since he took over stiles’ body. His plan was to cause strife, chaos and pain so that Scott can heal the humans and whatever and once Scott absorbs all of that he was going to feed off him like in 3x19.

Moving on, we see the nogitsune stab himself with what I assume is the last tail (correct me if I’m wrong) he releases the fireflies so that mayhem would ensue. Ok. Here’s the part that got me thinking. How and why did stiles end up in the parking lot? My theory is that the nogitsune is weak and the tail or whatever wasn’t enough to satisfy his craving. He needed more.

We see Lydia in her car and she had a specific destination in mind only her banshee GPS sends her right where they find stiles laying on the ground in a vacant parking lot. Remember guys, Lydia has some sort direct link to stiles’ subconscious.

Next we see Scott, Deaton and Lydia trying to come up with ways to help stiles. And of course Peter knows all and tells them they need get into the nogitsunes mind and drag stiles out of his own subconscious. We hear Scott ask “what if this is a trick?” and the camera pans to the nogitsune and he has a smirk on his face (keep this part in mind).

Anyway, Scott was the one that was assigned to bring stiles back, Lydia was only there as back up.

Scott and Lydia enter stiles’ mind and again teen wolf and their doors. When Scott leaves the room the door slams shut and Lydia is locked in the room, leaving her and Scott separated. We see both Scott and Lydia go into two different hallucinations but what was weird was Scott’s hallucination went completely left and his memory had absolutely nothing to do with stiles, and instead of him being greeted by the nogitsune he was greeted by Allison.

Lydia on the other hand went back to a moment that we all know is significant to not only her but stiles. Lydia going back to that moment led her directly to the nogitsune. Notice the nogitsune’s reaction to seeing Lydia. He obviously wasn’t expecting to see her.

Again, notice his face expression when he spot’s her. I would also like to point out the parallels of the enter workings of stiles’ mind. 

When the nogitsune first appears to stiles in his mind his head is bandaged and he is writing on the wall with chalk kinda like this:

Parallel this to when he first sees Lydia.

Also, when stiles is trapped in his mind he’s always in lockers. 

The nogitsune slams the lockers that were open shut. Metaphorically Lydia and Scott enter the door to stiles’ mind and the nogitsune slamming the lockers shut could be him trying to keep Lydia inside.

Anyway… Why was he so surprised? Well, it’s because Scott is the source and he knows about the connection between Scott and stiles. That’s how he was able to manipulate and feed off Scott in the first place, he figured if he couldn’t get Scott in the loft this would be the perfect plan b. Only Lydia traipsing through stiles’ mind like that revealed that Lydia was the one he wanted all along. In 3b it’s safe to say there’s definitely a connection between Stiles and Lydia… one that allows her banshee powers to hear and react to everything stiles is going through. Like when stiles was afraid the night she heard him on the radio, how terrified he was when he thought he had the same disease his mom had. It’s possible this whole entire time Lydia has been absorbing all of stiles’ pain not only because she’s a banshee but because she’s his tether. When Lydia went through stiles’ mind that’s when I think the nogitsune realized it.

Scott and Lydia find stiles and Scott does his part by roaring to get stiles’ attention, but it wasn’t until the echo of Lydia’s voice that pulled him out completely (it’s not just someone to hold you under, its someone who can pull u back). That’s exactly what Lydia did and it’s also the reason the nogitsune took her.

On to next week’s episode. As controversial as the tunnel scene is, this is all a tactic for the nogitsune to scare Lydia. Hence why he’s telling lydia stiles is dying blah blah blah. He’s playing off her fear, off of feelings I don’t think Lydia knows she has. IMO I think the nogitsune/ Lydia scenes are going to be used to shine a light on the connection and feelings she doesn’t know she has for Stiles. 

Did that make sense? LOL :p