Empty Houses (Astrology)

There’s a common misconception in astrology that empty houses have little to no significance in ones life. The astrological houses are areas of one life, while the planets bare the energies and aspects of the personality we invest into areas of life, the signs tell as the manner of which we do that, while aspects shows personality and external interactions within the life areas. 

 Because there are 12 astrological houses and 10 planets, at least 2 houses will always be empty, and having more planets in a single house is extremely common. Chart interpretation can be opened up on a far larger scale when planetary rulers are taken into consideration. 

This is a core technique of mine that has allowed far deeper understanding and interpretation of a person’s life, providing additional information and greater accuracy in reading. This technique is just as valuable when applied to houses that contain planets. Each individual has a different sign per Cusp of their natal houses (interceptions are an exception in this regard). The chart provided below shows the natural planetary rulers of each individual sign if you are unfamiliar

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 How Cusp rulerships work is that the sign on the cusp gives the core mannerisms and traits we project when performing that house activity. 

Example: Cancer 2nd House Cusp will value family tradition, self care, nurturing the self and their body, home cooking, family life ect. They may be clingy to their material passions, making them reluctant to spend resources, or may be more likely to purchase things for the family or the home.

 When a house is empty, it takes its ‘cues’ from its planet ruler as to additional direction of how to act and the ruling planet 'gives’ its energy from the house it’s in to the House Cusp it rules. 

 Example: Cancer 2nd House Cusp, we would look for the moon. The moon may be in the 7th house in Sagittarius. The possible interpretations could be that this person takes on their partners family values more than their own, especially after marriage. They may also value partnership and marriage, especially when it comes to establishing a family. They may increase their sense of self-worth and value when in a relationship. The partner may be the primary financial provider for this person.

 I’ve personally found that empty houses tend to act more strongly towards the sign their planetary ruler is in than the sign on their House Cusp. Reason being that an empty house has no energy invested in it, therefore needing to extract it from its ruler - this includes the house area AND sign. 

 Example: Cancer 2nd House Cusp with Moon 7th house in Sagittarius, the 2nd house may take on the value of freedom, expanding ones mind through overseas travel and spirituality. They may also make money overseas, via travel or spiritual teaching or teaching in general. This may be done with a partner considering the Moon is in the 2nd house.


 This technique can be applied to all houses and gives FAR more information than if they were disregarded. Reason being that every person is like a finger print, as it their natal chart. If 2 people had an empty 2nd House Cusp in cancer, though 1 person had the Moon in 7th house in Sagittarius, and the other in the 10th house in Pisces, their interpretation will be FAR more INDIVIDUAL AND UNIQUE to them. Try it with your own chart and see what more information and interpretation you can get 🙏🏻💕🌙

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Here, at the windy confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, it feels more southern than Midwest when you arrive at the old river port and factory town of Cairo, once made famous in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

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Tired Of Promises, A Struggling Small Town Wants Problems Solved

Photos by Kirk Siegler/NPR


Garden Door by Tim Perdue

Little did I know the first time I laid my eyes on you that I was looking at the rest of my life.
If I were to go back in time and warn myself, I’d laugh it off as a cruel joke.
How could the stutter of a person, me be somehow lucky enough to be allowed to love someone like you.
Someone who’s steps are the roses to my garden of happiness
Someone who’s voice is the calm to any storm that might rage in my head
Someone who’s eyes I could look into for an eternity and feel infinite
Someone who’s mind is as addicting as the most illicit of drugs, and just as fun.
Someone like you.
I’ve never been so disillusioned to think that you aren’t perfection. You are. I’ve thought so since the first time I heard your laugh and known so since seeing you get so excited about Ikea. And snow. And babies. And bowling. And a whole lot of other things if we are being honest.
But thats exactly why I love you. I love you because the world is an exciting place when spent with you; and God knows that you make me feel unstoppable.
With you, my days are no longer numbered and my greatest depths are crossed with the distance of my voice to your ears.
With you the 6:00am sun is just a gift to see your face sooner, and the train a chance to think about you.
And think about you I always do.
So I promise to be the best I can be for you. I promise to kill those scary bugs, I promise to midnight dance with you, I promise to hold you when life is just a bit too hard. I promise to close the caps all the way, and I promise to never let a day go by in which I don’t tell you just how much I love you.

I love you like plants the sun, the ocean the moon, and the birds the sky. I love you, and I always will.

—  Casual Vacant #Wedding Vows I Never Spoke