vaalroy gorchakov


Was pondering oh how different Vaal would be if he had saved Serene and they had gotten to go get married and live happily ever after (aside from the Vaal still killing people for money thing. He ain’t stoppin’ that)

So I gave them a little daughter Milyena who I can only has Vaal wrapped around her little pinky and can get anything she wants from her daddy with some big ol doe eyes or crying. Hell, Vaal’s pretty easily swayed by women on a good day..I can only imagine how easily his own daughter could turn him into a pushover. I could see Team Griff using this to their advance. Freya giving Milyena a shoe magazine and circling the one’s she wants all ‘Now work up some tears and don’t back down until you get at least these three pairs in a size 7. If he gets suspicious, say you wanna surprise your mom or something.’ Or Skylar pulling her aside all 'Now..what I need you to do is go find Griff..and once he starts talking to you, just scream and cry as loud as you can. Maybe a few 'Don’t touch me!’s or something. Ad-lib. Just until one of your parents shows up. I wanna see how long it takes for Griff to just be demolished by one of them.’ To which, my money’s on Serene. She might be pregnant but she’s one of two people in the world that can safely yell at Vaal. She’ll whoop some ginger ass if she has to.

You guys won me over. I went and made my own OC~ Technically, he’s a revamped version of a character of mine that’s existed for a while but I thought he’d make for an interesting snowboarder

Name: Vaalroy aka ‘Vaal’ or 'The Serpent’ Gorchakov

Age: 27

Nationality: Russian

Home Mountain: Mount Yudychvumchorr

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 200lb

I’d write a fancy backstory but I’m tired.

Vaalroy was orphaned as a kid, taken in by his uncle who was a gangster.

Spent his childhood and adolescence on the slopes, working up a reputation and the skills to back it up.

Entered his uncle’s business once he was old enough.

Returns to the competition every season.

Doesn’t admit he’s a gangster, even if directly told that someone knows who he is. Most likely that person will end up taking a trip and not be heard from again.

His family name is no secret and most people can recognize it. They just choose not to.

Has multiple tattoos and piercings, along with a few gunshot/knife scars.

Is usually armed.

We were saying it’d make sense for him to be on Team Griff. He’d most likely act as a private sponsor as long as a team member. However, he’d probably very firmly put Griff in his place. Vaalroy has a very firm honor code and treats opponents with the utmost respect. He is very charming and often gives threats through a smile. It’s once that smile fades that you should worry. Nicky and I kinda love the idea of Griff being scared shitless of Vaalroy after they bump heads once or twice.

Also, I suck at drawing oxygen mask.s


The lovely Gorchakovs!

Toddler Vaal with his parents~

Then him and all his siblings. Vaal was closest with Perun who was that typical older brother who went ‘you’re smaller than me. I guess I’m picking you up and throwing you into things and beating you up’ (he also looks like a tiny Russian mac LOL). Perun, Yarili and Dodola (Vaal’s mom had a weird thing for fantasy and myths. None of her children got normal names) were the typical trouble makers–Perun was more likely to beat the shit out of you and break all your stuff, Yarili was more of the free-spirit with no patience for his father’s military upbringing and Dodola was the tom boy that always just wanted to beat up her brothers and see what kinda trouble she could go get into. Svarog is the oldest and only survivor along with Vaal. He followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the military. He was closest with his two sisters. Rusalka is that older sister that is pretty much a second mom. She was probably the most laid back of them all but always took care of everyone. Zmey was pretty much the shadow of Svarog. He wanted to be just like his older brother. If Svarog wasn’t around, he picked another brother and shadowed them instead. Then Vaal’s the baby. :>

And then it gets sad. They’re all dead. Except for Vaal and Svarog. Vaal’s father got mixed up in some of his brothers (Vaal’s mob boss uncle) shadier affairs and got himself in some serious trouble and made a great deal of enemies while helping his brother out. These enemies found Alek, locked his family in their home and made him watch as they burnt it down despite the fact he was telling them everything they wanted to know. They executed Alek once they had confirmed that everyone else was dead too. Vaal had survived because he had gotten in trouble at school, stayed late and had to walk home. Svarog was already at basic training so he also survived. After this is when Vaal was taken in by his Uncle.


And this is why I can’t have nice things

Some tattoo details for Vaalroy! Forgive how dirty this page is…I really need to buy new erasers.

Now for meanings cause some of these are specific Russian prison tats, most are just his own though


Snake face tattoo: No meaning, he’s just got a thing for snakes.

Stars on shoulders: Russian tats that symbolize he’s a man of discipline, status and tradition.

Military epaulets on shoulders: Russian tat symbolizing criminal accomplishments and stature

Skull on the chest: Russian tat symbolizing murder

Banner across his abs: Братва (bratva) Russian for brotherhood. Also was the name for some super serious crime syndicates that have exists since back in the Soviet Union days.

Also has a bullet wound below his left nipple and above his right collarbone.

Right Arm:

Tribal tattoo around his wrist: No meaning

Than some Russian that says ‘All Work and No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy’ well roughly. I designed that tat for him years ago. I lost where I got that translation from.

Dried and wilting Rose tat on the inside of his arm: Russian tat symbolizing that death is preferable to loss of virtue.

Left Arm:

Winged Tombstone with a banner reading his family name: Personal tat in memory of his dead parents and siblings. Tombstones are also symbols of time in prison.

Snake wrapped around a cross: No active meaning, again, he’s just got a thing for snakes. Probably some Garden of Eden symbolism in there. This is one of his surviving tattoos from his original design. Just thought it looked cool lol

Crown tattoo on his hand: Not a legit Russian tat but he has it to symbolize his connection to his Uncle.

змея tat across his knuckles: Russian for Serpent.


Stars on knees: Russian tats meaning he kneels/bows to no one.

Jormungandor infinite loop on his right leg: Norse World Serpent eating his own tail. Again, thing for snakes. Jormungandor is the serpent that kills Thor in Norse mythology (look out Ty)

St. Petersburg mural: He was born in the city so just showing some pride for his country.

Roses on feet: Claims they’re for his lost loves.

Has a bullet wound on his right thigh.

Also, his hair in a ponytail <3<3