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Monticello Utah Temple: the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Driving through Utah, I wanted to learn about some cultural traditions defining Mormon life. We stopped to see the Monticello Utah Temple on our way. 

An old man all in white opened the door, looked at us from head to toe, and asked us IF WE WERE RECOMMENDED. Deep inside the room, an old couple looking like humble angels who lost their wings in a severe battle (also in all white) were busy leafing through a huge book on a table generously decorated with white flowers - a gentle reminder of the frailty of our existence here on earth.

We honestly trusted him that no one recommended us because we were just driving through and wanted to see inside the temple, especially because their ”Visitors welcome“ sign sounded so welcoming :) He hesitated for a minute muttering something vague, almost let us in, but blocked the entrance with his body and said flatly: “You are not welcome unless you’re recommended”. It totally felt like Saint Peter rejected us from the Kingdom of Heaven.

Just this picture is left of my failed attempt to learn about Mormon culture.

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