va103 jackson ms trip


Our 2200 mi / 8 days trip from Quartzsite, AZ to Jackson, MS (part 18 of many)

  • Why are the New Year’s Eve sunsets so specially astonishing? That you pointedly feel it’s importance? I still remember our pink 2011/2012 sunset in Death Valley.
  • New Year’s Eve dinner: yelped for the best reviews on mexican restaurant in Albuquerque. There was a lot of police cars cruising that neighborhood and hunting someone. They blocked the surrounding streets, so Christmas lights in the restaurant sang duet with the police lights that night.
  • We also did a quick shopping for champagne & grapes (one guy in our family doesn’t drink, so, it’s actually apple cider). You know that New Year’s tradition about grapes, don’t you? Too bad we didn’t take pictures of us dancing on a hotel’s parking lot with sparklers.

To Be Continued…