TURBULENCEinDC Experience (Jinyoung?????)

So DC is like 3 hours away from me since I already live in Virginia so I drove up there the same day as the fanmeet. It rained ALL DAY LONG! It was rainy and cold and an overall miserable looking day (I live in VA Beach so the weather is barely like that down here so it was sort of new to me). Okay so, thanks to you retweeting my tweet about needing someone to stand in line with, I was able to meet this amazing girl and we clicked instantly!

So, I get there about 4:30ish to the venue cuz it literally took me an hour to perfect my makeup lmao. My skills have gotten better since FLYinATL and I wanted them to know it lol. I thought they were gonna have separate lines like P1 is in one section, P2 in another, and then P3-P5 together since P1 and P2 entered before the others but nope (: Only P1 had their special dedicated section. So I’m in heels, trying not to slip down the hill-like road, following these two other girls cuz, hey, they look like they know where they’re going! The line was ALL THE WAY DOWN THE DAMN STREET! When I saw that I was like, “oh hell no.” So I asked the girl I was following what ticket she had and turns out she was a P2 and had no idea where to go or where to get our wrist bands. So this one girl who was in line saw us struggling and she tells us we have to go UP THE HILL TO THE VENUE to get our wristbands and right about now I’m regretting wearing heels and my hair that was once perfectly straight is frizzing up to the maximum. Anyways, the staff handing out the wristbands were so damn rude and most of them couldn’t give me proper answers to the questions I had and kept directing me to other people. Like, you are under a tent, out of the rain and the rest of us are shivering cold and wet, why are you the one with an attitude? I should be the one with an attitude but nah. So we go get our wristbands and I find the girl who I met through Twitter and LUCKILY she was somewhat near the front of the line. So we stand in line together for 2 more hours and of course they let us in late (: and of course they don’t tell us P2s what’s going on so we’re confused and forced to stay out in the rain a little while longer (:

We eventually made it inside though and I’m a hot mess. Well, my hair was anyway and my friend tried to tame it the best she could but eh. So we’re in the back in the pit and we can’t see shit. And we’re talking to these other girls who can’t see shit and we’re just like (: at least we can see a chair. So I’m gonna skip some parts. The boys came out. They sung my fave song off the Turbulence album, Prove It. I can see glimpses of their heads through people. All is good for now. They look fine as hell as usual. I could see BamBam and Yugyeom the most since they were on my side of the stage.

SO HI TOUCH!! Back to the rude ass staff. They tell us that it is STRICTLY HI FIVING ONLY! No holding hands or grabbing hands! Not only do they tell this to us, but to the BOYS AS WELL! And I’m like well damn. I already know this isn’t gonna be like ATL cuz my hand was grabbed several times by JB, Youngjae, and Jackson but okay. So my friend and I wait to be the last ones to go up because they were mad rushing everyone else and we thought they wouldn’t rush the last ones going but, of course, we were wrong :) 

So I go ahead of her and Jinyoung was first. Jinyoung intimidates the HELL out of me but I was confident cuz like, I planned to tell Jackson how I truly feel and AIN’T NO ONE GONNA STOP ME! So I get to Jinyoung and homeboy’s eyes LIT UP (IDK why i looked a hot mess) and he lit tried to start a conversation with me RIGHT THEN AND THERE! He was like, “Hey! Hi! How are you? Did you enjoy the concert? Thanks so much for coming!” And he’s grinning and I’m trying to reply cuz like boy was asking me all these questions and I wasn’t expecting that at all and I glance at Mark who was beside him aND MARK WAS STARING HARD! And I’m shook at this point cuz Jinyoung is talking to me and Mark is STARING! So then here comes rude ass staff again, tells me to HURRY UP and then PUTS THEIR HANDS ON ME TO MOVE ME ALONG! Like bitch?????????? Why are you touching me? I ain’t tell Jinyoung to hold a conversation with me!

So I quickly said to Jinyoung the first thing that comes to my mind and that was, “Thank you and have a nice day!” AKA what I say at my job as a cashier. Mark had to hear me cuz he was lowkey trying not to laugh at me and I’m just all (: “Hello Mark.” Lmfao. So I say hello to Youngjae (GOD HE’S SO BEAUTIFUL STOP SLEEPING ON HIM) and JB, and I get to Jackson and his hand is outstretched for me to hi-five and I look at his hand and then him and he GIVES ME SUCH A SHY SMILE and I forget to tell him I love him so I went to my backup plan and said, “hey Jackson” instead and move on to Yugyeom BUT I look back at Jackson who must’ve been looking at me cuz he turned his head away quickly <_< so then past Yugyeom, I get to BamBam. I was eyeing BamBam cuz the girl in front of me said something to him and I lie to you not he looked bored with whatever she said and then I came up to him and was all, “HI BAMBAM!” and his WHOLE FACE lit up! Like it got so bright and he was all, “HI!” And I’m like :) he’s so bright and happy like that mood change did a complete 360! And then I wait on the stage for my friend to finish and that’s it. That’s hi touch. 

Point is, idk what was wrong with Jinyoung and why he chose to have a conversation with me at that given time but okay. I’m not that intimidated by him anymore lmao. I had an overall fun time and I’ll be back to see my boys again! Maybe next time I can finally tell Jackson how I feel T_T