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To all the people commenting that is 19 and an adult in regards to

Where the hell were you when there was bunnyribbit discourse? I’ve gotten 5 page dissertations on why Lucio is too old for That to ship and Lucio romantically is skeezy and problematic. That Lucio would be preying on her (also this is Lucio we’re talking about too, the only preying he’s be doing is if someone asked him to do an impression of a preying mantis). But now Sombra’s out and’s magically an adult? Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you. can make her own choices and if you want her to be with Sombra go ahead. I’m just a little suspicious on why “ is an adult and can choose who she wants”  idea is suddenly coming in droves.

I mean, I try to not think about the fact that Black men are often banned from being paired White/Asian women in the media because Black men are often portrayed as thugs, savages, and “players” and they couldn’t possibly be paired with the Pure White Woman™ and the Meek and Shy Asian Woman.™ And even worse all those stereotypes I just listed are terrible for all parties above. Also my family is in show businesses. My mother has come  home after overhearing an outrageous comment about how this black male character would be “too intense” to be a white female character’s love interest (ain’t that a trip?). So in comes and Lucio who talk to each other like they’re equals and enjoy each other’s talents. And it’s a biracial pairing with both as POC? I instantly called up FedEx for next day shipping, bruh.

“But is a PoC biracial ship and lgbtqa!” You’ll probably message in my inbox. Again, that’s friggin awesome. But that fact the you pick and choose battles and ignore people getting shamed for liking Bunnyribbit and then turning around and defending Som.Va makes me give you the side eye. And yes, its a female/male ship. I say f/m because it is not a hetro-ship because I headcanon Lucio as bisexual and as demisexual. *holds your face close to mine* But even if they were both straight, a biracial PoC couple is underrepresented in the media and needs representation. *lets go of your face*

So we know it ain’t age when you guys weren’t speaking up because Sombra is whopping 11 years older than, while Lucio is 7 years older. So then what was it?

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Does enunciation of your words come easy to you, and if not, what tips could you give us to help va's with their own pronunciation?

Make sure to warm up your lips! Trilling helps a lot with that, and tongue twisters are good for practicing consonants. I do tend to struggle with some lines and I find that when the res a particular line I can’t pronounce well I sing the words before I say it because it helps a lot for some reason XD

Me n some overwatch buddies are tryna spread some positive vibes on the PS4 community on overwatch. Like for every one nice message I’ve received there’s 5 following about how shit I am. It’s nice to give out a compliment once in a while.
So do that and join me and my friend. Your mercy saved you’re ass? Tell her that. Enemy owning you? Tell her how much of a pain she was. (NICELY, WITH SPORTSMANSHIP.) Zarya ults and gives you play of the game? Tell her how mad her graviton was. Positive vibes, fuck rude people.

imo the only thing OnoD!Kaze has going for him is the super polite way of speaking