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Tali Z’orah cosplay

Costume is finally done! :D
Helmet was sculpted and cast in resin. The face plate was vacuum formed and tinted purple in a ipoly dye bath.

Armor bits are leather, resin casts or worbla over foam.  The prop gun is foam.

Quarian swirl fabric and hexagon fabric were custom printed spandex from Spoonflower.

I will be debuting her at Dragon con next month! :D

Voltron SDCC Panel Updates


(Note: these updates are the summed up version of the live blog. I will not be covering the episode. Just know there’s Lotor and angsty emo Keith.)

-Team dynamic is a mess without Shiro
-The Holt’s dog’s name was changed to Bae Bae after a dog that was at the VA studio where they worked died of bone cancer. It is in honor of that dog who they loved very much.
-Withholding Keith’s ethnicity for now. We still only have the Galra half revealed.
-Lance is the youngest, taking care of his older siblings nieces and nephews. (They also added in he’s well rounded and a little spoiled according to the live blog)
-Hunk’s real name is Gordon Ramsey

-Keith: “you want me to lead Voltron? This is how I lead.”
-We see the black lion in action
-Allura looking at the blue lion
-voltron formed
-a shot of shiro’s eyes opening at the end

Getting By

August 19th, 2017

Went to the VA studio today again.

This time I had a big swelling at the bottom of my tongue but was nothing serious. Just had to get through the session like normal. It’s relief it wasn’t too painful because the past few times I’ve gone in, I’ve been much much sicker. Of course I always let them know up front but I’m also very stubborn. If I can keep it together for the few hours the job takes, I’m gonna do it.

If you take it 10 seconds at a time, you can do most anything.

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P.S. My brother gave me this bees wax liquid to put over the swelling. It tasted so bad. Probably was the alcohol.

anonymous asked:

I just want to say that, I really love your blog to death and that it is one of my most favorite blogs of Bendy. I really like the idea of you keeping Bendy cannon to the game faces of having no other expressions. Keep up the good work and that's all I wanted to say. ;w;

[ Heh heh thank you! You’ll have to put up with him having expressions for the next 24 hours though.

Also, I’d like to mention, even though that fanart of him having the same expression for every emotion made it into the game, I think the fact it had a ‘don’t let Joey see this’ note on it hints that it was a joke between the animators/VAs in the studio and not canon. 

I just think him having the same face all the time makes him creepier. ]


So, we iterate a huge fucking lot it seems.

Which is good! this is the evolution of the user interface, last one is how the full-release currently looks and sporting new stuff like:

An interactive background: Have you played Hearthstone? is something like that, in the sense that you can click the objects and they will have cute reactions.

A streamlined mixer: You no longer have to switch between modes since the slots are available all the time, and when you go over ten ingredients it automatically switches to “big” mode, ain’t that cool?

We also made Dorothy’s sprite a tad more cute. Tried to re-design her but a lot of her charm was lost, so we simply cleaned up the original prototype sprite and called it a day, it was the best decision… trust me.

For now, the plan is to see if we can replace the shaker for a nicer one, as well as better looking drinks… among other suprises.

What do you think of the new look?

anonymous asked:

Come va lo studio? È tanto tanto pesante e ansiogeno? È studio del tipo "l'esame è tra due giorni" o si può andare con un po' più di calma?

Ho l'orale a fine mese, diciamo che sono a buon punto.
Ho scritto la relazione del tirocinio.
Ho fatto un riassunto del progetto di ricerca della mia tesi sperimentale.
Ho letto il codice deontologico (ora occorre vedere se davvero ricordo i 42 articoli).
Ho letto la legge 56/89 (tranne le norme di transizione, che non credo proprio io sia tenute a conoscerle).
Conosco l'abolizione dei tariffari minimi derivata dal decreto Bersani e ho compreso il decreto Monti che ha fatto diventare il tariffario un semplice nomenclatore.
Mi manca il ddl Lorenzin (che ancora devo capire se davvero sussista o cosa) e da rivedere i concetti espressi nelle tre prove (che non è che io sia tanto convinta della terza).
L'ansia c'è, perché è pur sempre un Esame di Stato, sarà la fine che dovrà concedermi l'abilitazione professionale e buttarmi nel piano lavorativo e formativo post-lauream senza dirmi nulla…
…forse più che di ansia si sta parlando di rottura di cazzo, scusa il francesismo.