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memorable things from geekedfest

• cara was happy to know i bought the game after tracer was announced as a lesbian 

• in the vip meeting in the morning, there was a really lovely girl who was emotional and very nervous, and talked to cara about how inspirational tracer’s sexuality has been and how strongly it’s affected her and cara seemed really touched, and spoke to her very personally and kindly and made sure she was okay a lot 

• cara thinks the representation in overwatch is one of the best aspects of the game, and is very happy there are characters that everyone can seem to relate to 

• cara loves emily and thinks they just met by both being in london (and says its not up to her who decides this stuff but is really happy emily exists)

• chloe agrees, and says she adores the community a lot because of how positive and active we are (<3!!)

• if they had to make a new skin for their character, chloé wants an invisible widowmaker skin & cara wants tracer to be a cosplayer and too dress up as batman or something 

• chloé has tried to ask people what to do to get involved in how to start playing overwatch because she wants to play her own character, but apparently people have told her she’s going to die LMAO

• cara tried playing tracer at blizzcon in 2016 and was bad apparently 

‘i kept going in there, dying, going back in there, dying…’ and then she used the mic to say some tracer lines into the team chat and some dude replied with ‘ooooh fuck’ ahahahah 

• on what they think of each other’s characters 

cara: ‘i think she’s mighty fine.’

chloé: ‘tracer doesn’t need all of this *makes sensual french noises widow makes in game* to be a badass. (…) i like tracer a lot’ then they smiled at eachother which was cute af

• in regards to widowtracer ship, cara loves it and chloé does too. they said something along the lines of ‘if that’s what people want to ship, then go for it! we have no problem, we think it’s awesome’ which was cool. supergirl is shook. 

• if they were to choose their own team comp, chloé and cara both agreed on wanting each other in their teams (<3) along with mercy and lucio, then reinhardt for a tank. 

THEN, cara was like ‘we’re missing one’ and some guy shouted ‘HANZO’ and everyone in the crowd was like WTF NOOOO and they all laughed.

then cara said ‘oh that’s a joke isn’t it?? being a HANZO MAIN! you’re a hanzo main!’ dfkjsdfhkdjsf and then they decided the last teammate was to be hanzo because ‘there’s always got to have a hanzo’. 

• both thought the alive short was cool as fuck, cara felt like she was in a pixar movie 

• someone asked ‘if you were to be an overwatch character, what would your abilities be?’ and they both agreed on

- siamese twins, one british and one french, with a cowboy hat and hacking skills (i might have forgotten something else sorry ladz)

• they both like the character design for mercy and sombra 

• they did each other’s voice lines (’cheers love! / ‘one shot, one kill’) and they actually did really good with it LMAO

• caras favourite skins are the summer games one with the british flag & the ultraviolet one / chloé’s is the traditional widowmaker one because ‘it makes sense, because she’s purple. or blue….there’s still a debate about that’

• i told cara about hearing her ‘ha, wanker!’ line in game with the ultraviolet skin and she was amused to know it made the cut. she said that she’d told the VA people that ‘um…you know it’s a swear in english right?’ and did it anyway. she also said she recorded a ‘you tosser!’ voice line which she said to look out for! 

• crazyhead fans - no news on season 2 yet. :) also she said she was amused upon reading the script knowing she was gonna have to pee on people. ‘i thought ‘yep. this is different.’’ LOL. 

• they both love the fact the VAs hang out in america and wish europle/uk held more cons so they could hang out with each other more.

• both said they were very grateful to have overwatch in their lives and that the biggest impact it’s had on them is the community’s reaction

• ‘i will take selfies for food’ cara to me after i gave her an overwatch cupcake. then chloé was like ‘yup. selfie’

• argued with me about whether i was ginger or not DSFhdsfjkhsd (apparently im not)

• they are both sweethearts and really must be protected and loved at all costs. they were so happy to be there and so inclusive and enthusiastic about the lore and the characters as well as getting to know the fans. they were both really down to earth and kind :) 


Interview with Lucie Pohl by AlexACE at Momo Con.

No mentions of Pharmercy specifically, but she does mention how much she enjoyed the fan reaction to the vids she made with Jen Cohn and Carolina Ravassa

And at 4:58, she reveals the one character she’d love to voice in Overwatch that isn’t Mercy.

And that is? Pharah.

It’s a short interview, but an enjoyable one nonetheless.

vampire cae mk.II

(( aka: this is what happens when i look up at my shelf for art inspiration ))

Alexis’s VA’s hilarious comment

Nakata Jouji, Alexis’s VA in the Book of the Atlantic movie, recently commented on Lizzie’s poster that reads “I’m fine with not being cute, as long as it means that I can protect you!!”:

There’s no way that the daughter of Tanaka Atsuko [*Frances’ VA] and me, voiced by Yukari Tamura [*Lizzie’s VA], is weak.”

And Yana replied to him:

“That’s so convincing…! Thank you!!  -Toboso”

Fun fact:

Alexis’s VA, Nakata Jouji, is known for his role as Alucard (a powerful badass vampire) in the anime series “HELLSING”.

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Frances’s VA, Tanaka Atsuko, is known for her role as Motoko Kusanagi (a powerful badass cyborg) in the anime series “Ghost in the Shell”. 

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They are both actually very famous voice actors in Japan and that’s why the tweet got 33K likes and 29K reblogs and also why Yana was super excited when the Midfords’ cast was announced:

“The son (voiced by Mr. Seiichirou Yamashita) and the daughter (voiced by Ms. Yukari Tamura) who were born to the married couple of father (voiced by Mr. Jouji Nakata) and mother (voiced by Ms. Atsuko Tanaka).. you can tell just by their voices that they’re undoubtedly strong. It’s so convincing. I’m so happy. Thank you so much, Aniplex [for casting them]🙏” - Toboso

See? I told you they are the best and the strongest cast!! (≧▽≦)

Edit: Just in case…. “CV” in this context means “character voice”, not “curriculum vitae” xD

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Do you know of any rumors of Lafayette haunting anywhere??

I haven’t heard of any Lafayette ghost sightings on either side of the pond. That being said, there are stories of the man himself noticing some strange activity while staying in the Peyton-Randolph House during his 1824-1825 tour of the U.S.

“I considered myself fortunate to lodge in the home of a great man, Peyton Randolph. Upon my arrival, as I entered through the foyer, I felt a hand on my shoulder. It nudged me as if intending to keep me from entering. I quickly turned, but found no one there. The nights were not restful as the sounds of voices kept me awake for most of my stay.”

The Peyton-Randolph House is a favorite of the supernatural community for its long history of disturbances, so it’s no surprise that they would want to include Lafayette’s testimony. Unfortunately, the only place I’ve found the aforementioned testimonial is on one of their websites…and it did not have a reference. So, until I can come across this anecdote in a letter or memoir, I can’t confirm that he ever said this. Still, it’s a little spooky.


I don’t subscribe to the ‘Morty is a younger version of Rick’ theory, but here’s something to stoke the flames.

Kari Wahlgren, the voice of Jessica, also voiced Diane in 301.

Not only that but she voiced Rick’s spaceship.

Make of that what you will.

You know shit is gonna get serious when the opening song is sung by amazarashi.

They did songs featured in Tokyo Ghoul and Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace (Fun fact the VA of Deku is a main character in this anime). Both amazing songs, but these two anime are quite dark. 


Here’s something some of you may have never seen before: the original Hunter x Hunter pilot episode from 1998!

This stand-alone OVA was released as a part of the traveling “Jump Super Anime Tour” in 1998, and was shown alongside a pilot for One Piece! It became available for purchase on VHS later, through an exclusive mail-in offer from Weekly Shonen Jump. Animation was handled by Pierrot Studios, unlike the series produced in 1999, which was made by Nippon Animation, and as such, the art direction and vocal cast are completely different.

The pilot covers the first two chapters of the story, but takes liberties. And by liberties, I mean they fight a giant sea monster. 

The setting and character design are also extremely different from what we all now know and love! It’s always interesting to see all the changes a series goes through over the years.

Happy new year everyone!

Arthur might very well be my new favorite character. I identify strongly with his terrible luck because my luck straight blows, no chaser, and I love his over-the-top expression (it’s why I enjoy Owain/Odin too). But I will never get over the fact his VA has also played Leonardo in the 80s TMNT animated series, was Die Fledermaus in The Tick… and of all people Mr Pervy Sage Yulyana in Bravely Default.

Amaterasu’s VA isn’t even Japanese, she’s American. Osiris and Anhur both have white VAs.

The fact that Hi-Rez 90% of the time hires actors who aren’t the same nationality as the character, to voice that character and put on fake Japanese or African accents is kind of gross and juuust a bit racist.

Missing Memories Part 7

Marvin took a deep breath and started looking for Chase. “You have to do it.” “I’m not doing it Shneep. I can’t.” “And vhy can’t you?” “Because I just can’t it’s wrong. You don’t even know if it’ll work.” “I don’t care. You hav to do zis. It might vork.” “I don’t care if you think it’ll work. I’m not doing it. I want to… I really really want to but I just can’t…” “Please Chase. Zis could vork. I know it’s not a guarantee but it might vork…” “N-no… I’m sorry but I just can’t. I mean what if he doesn’t feel the same way right now…” “You’re so fucking dumb.” “Excuse me?” “It’s so obvious zat he loves you. Hav you seen how he vas acting? Ze fact zat he only let us in because of you? Ze fact zat he told us he vas upset because of you? You are very ignorant.” Marvin looked around the corner and saw Shneeplestein talking to Chase. “Marvin!” Chase turned around and went red in the face. “Do it Chase.” Shneeplestein pushed Chase closer to Marvin. “I’m not doing it Shneep!” Chase went bright red and stepped away from Marvin. “N-not doing what?” Marvin furrowed his brows. “Come on Chase. It might vork. Plus I know you vant to.” Chase sighed and looked at the floor. “Do what? What’s Chase not doing?” Marvin looked at Shneeplestein, very confused. “I… Um… I can’t…” Shneeplestein sighed and rubbed his temples. “Listen I uh… I need to talk to Chase… Alone…” Marvin rubbed his arm and stared at the floor. “Zat is fine.” Shneeplestein nodded and leaned over to Chase, quickly whispering something in his ear before leaving. “What uh… What do you want to talk about…?” Chase could barely muster a fake smile. “It… It would be easier if I did…” Marvin stepped forward and hesitantly wrapped an arm around Chase’s waist, kissing him. “That…” Chase broke out into a grin. “Wha-what?” He couldn’t help but laugh. “I love you Marv…” Marvin went red in the face. “I love you too Chase.”


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That moment when you realize all 3 D-Brothers have the same voices as DBZ Characters! (In Japanese LOL)


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 is Krillin’s:

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is Piccolo’s:

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And Sabo’s:

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is Yamcha’s! =P

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