monochromenohime  asked:

Headcanons for Bruno confessing to his s/o, please :)


-He will put a lot of time and effort into planning on how he is going to confess his feelings for his s/o. It would take weeks or even months of him keeping his feelings bottled up until he comes up with the perfect plan.

-His confession will most likely take place after a long day that he has spent with his s/o. He would lead his s/o to a secluded area with a breathtaking view. After breathing in the astonishing outlook he would decide to make his move.

-He would start with thanking them for their company for the evening and then quickly change the topic onto his s/o. He would talk about the very first moment they first met all the way until that moment along with saying some of his favorite things about them. When he finally returns to the present, with a face as red as a beat, he would confess his feelings.

-”I couldn’t imagine my world without you anymore. I do not care if your feelings are the same as they are for me but I cannot hide them any longer… Ti amo.”

~Admin Okuyasu