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Don't demonize Saeran in the Unknown route

If there’s an Unknown route I think the main focus should be on having MC making Saeran realize that he’s been brainwashed, and having him forgive Seven. I’d also like to see the group all deciding to help him out in their own way, some of them skeptical and doing it for Seven, but once getting to know him, never regretting once they did.

I don’t want a Beauty and The Beast situation for his Good End. In the Bad End, him kidnapping her could probably make sense… But I want the story to end well for him, not with him shown to be a posessive yandere that’s really just toxic to MC.

I want Saeran shown to be human, a fragile, emotional human. I want him to be vunerable and scared when realizing what Rika did to him, that all he believed was a lie. I want him to become angry, I want him to stand up for himself against her, to take control of himself and cutting all the ties she used to make him do what she wanted.

I want Saeran to be angry at V for things turning out the way they did, for not stopping it sooner. But I want him to forgive Seven, when finding out it wasn’t his fault, for them to re-unite and talk about it.

I want Saeran to be gentle and kind with MC, and her with him as well. I want her making sure he knows she’s there for him, but giving him all the space he needs when processing the situation, and never preassuring him.

The Unknown route should show how Saeran isn’t evil. Rika turned him into a tool, a weapon, but that doesn’t make him a monster. He’s a human, who has been through things no one should ever have to endure.


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