[BTS Twitter Update] [30.07.2015] V’s tweet

언젠간 아빠도 카톡잘하겠지?

Someday dad will be good at Ka(Kao)Talk too right?

*Kakao trans:

Look at your son’s background photo
It’s cool right~

Good ! keke

I think you’ve learnt it wrong
It’s this Good!keke


You’re spacing after each thing you write

I tried my best ke

Are you now spacing two times kekekekkekekekekeke

I won’t space my words he
Was that alright?


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[MESSAGE] VIXX (N, Ken) - Hanryu Pia

WINNER Comeback & iKON Debut, On V August 1

[OSEN=최나영 기자] The much-anticipated news will be unveiled through V.

YG’s new group WINNER and iKON will be the main stars of Naver LIVE V app. In the preview of “Star Real Live App”, there was a line where it said “Who is the star of the first live broadcast on August 1? Look at the silhouette and take a guess!”

There are a lot of guesses by the fans. This alone shows how popular the upcoming program is, and the news on WINNER and iKON is surely more than enough to excite the fans.

Comeback and debut of the two teams have been much anticipated. The two are separate teams but they are like brothers. On program “WIN” the two were divided into A and B, and A won in the end to make a debut as WINNER. But nothing changes their strong bond.

WINNER consisting of KANG SEUNG YOON, SONG MIN HO, NAM TAE HYUN, LEE SEUNG HOON and KIM JIN WOO made a debut on August 17 and lined up the charts with their songs, becoming the most successful newbie group of 2014. Now they are carrying out their own careers as well. B.I, BOBBY, KIM JINHWAN, SONG YUNHYEONG, KOO JUNHOE, KIM DONGHYUK and JUNG CHANWOO in iKON will be making a debut this September on the 15th.

two teams making an appearance on the same program is another notable point. It is their first time to meet the fans together. There was tension back then when they were on “WIN,” and this time they are more relaxed and entertaining.

It is meaningful that they are cutting the tape for the program. V App is a new mobile application service that streams artist’s broadcast live. It has been attracting much attention, and it is real-time.

People can see their favorite artists real-time on V App and also can have a peek at their daily lives. Until now, WINNER, iKON and the Bangtan Boys on August 1 have been announced as the line-up.

On August 3 Girl’s Day, KARA, CnBlue, on 4th BIGBANG, on 5th AOA and Eric Nam, on 6th B1A4 and Got7, on 8 Beast, on 9 Monsta X, on 13 Sistar, on 18 FT Island will be making an appearance.


150730 V

언젠간 아빠도 카톡잘하겠지? pic.twitter.com/YwfUxzg9Od

No matter what time it is I still Katalk with my dad well?


V: Dad. Look at your son’s background picture. Its cool~

Dad: Good  !  ke ke

V: Dad (writing) to Mum on KakaoTalk. I seem to learn something different. ‘Good!keke’ this one

Dad: Why

V: Dad leave a space between every word

Dad: I  did  my  best ke

V: Now its two spacing kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke

Dad: I’m not going to leave spacing heh. Is it ok?

V: Yes