So I was trying to make a new entry for poetry night and I don’t know if its good enough. This kind of setup is not really my forte but I want to explore in new styles. It is not yet done but so far so good. Though I still have this feeling that it was not good enough. Lol. Idk. Weird me.

I really enjoy Professor Layton games but every time there’s a great plot point it’s like “take a break from the action to solve this infuriating puzzle!” and then I start yelling because THIS IS A CRISIS LAYTON I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR PUZZLES. THEY DON’T EVEN RELATE BACK TO THE STORYLINE AT ALL. ALL OF LONDON IS ABOUT TO BE DESTROYED LAYTON

ok with all this talk about Pokemon Go, I got the idea of a Professor Layton Go kind of game! Imagine you go outside and you have to go travel around and look for puzzles to solve and you can find hint coins to help you if you’re stuck. And maybe there’s a mystery to solve and you have to find people who have information for you around your town. And there’s personalized music and cool items to find and mini games and just a PL universe in your area!!