Baby, I want my nights curled up against your chest. My mornings with your arms draped over my waist and your legs interlaced with mine. I want to wake you up by showering you with my kisses. I want to make your lunch pack for work. I want to stand at the front porch of our house smiling at you while you make your way out. I want to be there when you are happy and sad. I want to be the reason behind your smiles and the one to wipe your tears dry. I want to be your 11:11 wish and your 2am thoughts. I want your tight warm hugs. I want you to share your stories, passions, philosophies and weird fetishes with me. I want to see and travel the world with you. I want to know everything that is to know about you. I want your “bad days”, “happy days”, “I need some space days”, “moody days”, and “crazy days”. I want my everything with you. I want what we have right now, till all that is left of us are dirt and dust. And I know forever is just a myth, but will you spend your lifetime with me?
—  I want all of you || s.j.
The Ones

To the first one. The one who taught me how to hold hands and made my stomach tingle. The one who showed me a child’s version of love and how I was growing up to fast. The one who got it all started.

To the bitter one. The one who cannot forget although it has been 4 years. The one who still speaks ill of those teenage years. The one who had dark demons that made it very hard. 

To the one whose heart I broke. The one who was so young and broken. The one who latched onto me only to find out I wasn’t strong enough to carry both of us. The one who managed to forgive. 

To the ones in between. The ones who came and went through the revolving door to fill up my time. The ones who loved me and the ones who just needed me for the night. The ones who kept me going when I was lost and gone. 

To the one who broke my heart. The one who was the first to lie to me, the first to cheat on me, and the first to make me feel true pain. The one who broke my spirit. The one whose memory is burned into my skin. 

To the one who didn’t make it. The one whose pain got to be unbearable. The one who left the world before we began. The one who showed me true friendship and kindness when I did not deserve it. The one who watches over me.

Thank You

Without you I would never have been ready for…

The one who has my heart. The one who makes me smile and laugh. The one who would never lie to me. The one accepts me for me. The one who would do anything for me. The one who brings my life joy. The one who challenges me to be the best I can be. The one who supports all my silly dreams. The one who truly loves me. The one who beats all other ones. The only one. 

The One 

Only Wanted To Help
 "How was the signing?“ You inquired, happily throwing your head back for Harry to kiss you hello the moment you saw him cross the living room threshold.
"Okay,” Harry replied with a small smile before leaning down to give you your greeting kiss.
“Just okay?” You frowned, used to Harry being ecstatic about greeting different fans throughout his busy day.
“No, it was nice,” Harry assured, nodding as he peeled out of his light brown coat, “just a little scary.”
“Oh, no,” you scrunched your nose, “what happened?”
“There was this girl that really got shaken up,” Harry sighed with a little shake of his head as he draped his coat across the edge of one of your couches.
“Aw, the poor thing,” your frown deepened compassionately as Harry leaned over.
“She had to be taken to another room,” Harry looked up at you from tugging off his boots.
“That’s terrible,” you furrowed your eyebrows as you closed the book you were reading to pay attention to Harry, “she didn’t even get to meet you, then?”
“She did,” Harry enlightened you just as he stood from plucking his shoes from his feet, going to loosen his hair from the pony he had wrapped it up in.
“Oh? Did she recover quickly?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow with interest.
“Sort of,” Harry narrowed his eyes before starting toward your spot on the couch.
“What do you mean? What happened?” You laughed, frustrated that Harry wasn’t already telling you the whole story.
“Alright, so she comes up to meet us, right?” Harry lightly grins as he gently pulls you forward so that he can sit with you leaned against him, between his legs.
“Yeah,” you nod once as you settle into his body, comfortably and easily.
“She starts crying and I suppose she got one of those attacks you get sometimes,” Harry briefly explained, his long arms wrapping around your own body.
“A panic attack,” you informed with a small nod of your head.
“Yeah; one of those,” you feel Harry nod behind you as you become embraced by his warmth from being wrapped up in his coat for a bit, “so, they escorted her away. It worried me because I know how you get when you get an attack, so I asked to go check on her but they wouldn’t let me.”
 As Harry went on with his story, you gradually started tuning out due to the fact that laying on Harry was so comfortable and that you were a bit sleepy. Still half-listening, though, you heard something that worried you.
“So, I finally get to where they took her and I try comforting her the way I do with you,” Harry babbled, innocently and casually.
“Wait, what?” You quickly shook your head, snapping out of the weary faze you had fallen into.
“I went to go comfort her,” Harry looked at the side of your face with confusion.
“You what?” You furrowed your eyebrows, swiftly turning your head to look at Harry with bewilderment.
“What? What was wrong with that? She was crying,” Harry reasoned, confused as to why you had acted so surprised at his seemingly kind actions.
“Babe!” You widened your eyes, your eyebrows raising in shock.
“What?” Harry huffed out, thinking your expression funny.
“You could have killed her,” you furrowed your eyebrows in worry at an oblivious Harry.
What? How?” Now was Harry’s turn to furrow his eyebrows.
“If seeing you set her off in the first place, seeing you wasn’t going to help her calm down,” you explained using basic common sense, “if anything, it would have only excited her more, which could have been lethal.”
“But she did calm down,” Harry lowered his chin to meet your eyes.
“It could have turned out very differently,” you reasoned, tilting your head, “that was probably why they told you not to go check on her. If something bad happened, you could have gotten sued.”
“Well, I wanted to help,” Harry defend, his features growing angry.
“I know but you should probably think twice before helping next time,” you advised as you leaned back into Harry’s body.
“She couldn’t have,” Harry voiced after a pause in conversation.
“Oh, she could have,” you corrected, knowing the possible outcome of his trying to help, “hon, you know the first thing to do whenever somebody gets a panic attack is to get them into serene surroundings where they can cool down without any excitement.”
“I only wanted to help,” Harry groaned out, his face nuzzling into your neck as you felt his puffs on breath directly on your skin, “I saw her start and it just reminded me of you… I thought I would be able calm her down.”
“I know, hon, but you’ve gotta be more careful,” you chuckled, still a bit worried about the damage Harry could have done. You just hoped that fan had gotten home safely and calmly.
“I feel bad, now,” Harry sighed as he kissed your skin before his grip on you slightly tightened before loosening again.
“Hey, she was fine, right?” You clarified as you tilted your head to set upon Harry’s.
“Yeah,” Harry nodded against your neck before setting his chin on your shoulder.
“Then you helped her, after all,” you nodded as you turned to look at his worried features. After keeping silent you laughed out and assured him everything was alright.
“I just don’t like seeing anybody in discomfort,” Harry admitted, shaking his head at the ground.
“I know,” you nodded before kissing Harry’s cheek and asking him about the rest of his day.

{A/N: Alright, so don’t hate me for this one. Harry’s just too sweet for his own good! Love ya and have a nice day/night!}