Hi~ I hope I can ask a question and include an image for reference without tumblr blocking the link. I was recently watching a jdrama and saw two women who appeared to be wearing yukata, but without the obi! Here is a link to what I saw: (hopefully it will work) http://imgur.com/a/9Jq4O
Is this unusual? Maybe a new trend? I’ve never seen this before! If you would like to answer this publicly, I wouldn’t mind. Thanks!
— @arashitokyometro

This is a GREAT question and one that is indeed hard to find information on! They look somewhat like a jinbei in overall look, but certainly that’s a yukata without an obi.

The only information I was able to find was on this blog page


Where the blogger says she ran across the image and muses it’s “very cute, perhaps the future of yukata”. One commenter said they feel it’s perhaps the “Heisei style” (current era), a natural progression of fashion, drawing influence from Edo through Meiji and Taisho.

Another commenter said the combination of footwear and accessories is fun and makes her excited to wear kimono more.

It definitely looks like you’ve stumbled upon 2016′s look– a boyish, androgynous and casual yukata style that takes the garment from a dress almost to a jacket. I’m enjoying it! Thanks for the message!

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She ran her hand through her hair slowly
as she watched her reflection in the mirror
before going out for a walk around her neighborhood. 

And after a couple of minutes, she was out jogging
listening to her favorite songs through her iPod. Shortly
after a couple of minutes, she stopped to catch some breath
and after she adjusted her jogging pants, she lifted her gaze up
and her eyes widened when she saw someone she hadn’t seen in
a long time. Her eyes widened in surprise and she covered her mouth.

“Lucius!” She exclaimed happily.