This 1950s kitchen was locked and never used since it was built

I’m a big fan of midcentury-modern decor, and while I’m not so sure about the pink color in this kitchen, it’s amazing to see what’s essentially a decorator’s time capsule.  

Furniture designer Nathan Chandler purchased a house in 2010 that had been locked and unloved in since it was built in 1956.  What he found inside is the most perfect 1950s kitchen I’ve ever seen.

Check out these light fixtures:

And this cabinet hardware:

The stovetop even matches the weird pink color of the countertops.

Push-button controls!

This is the refrigerator:

This is the oven:

…complete with the original owner’s manual:

This is the dishwasher:

You load it from the top:

The house and its perfect 1950s kitchen are currently for sale.

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“You look so good with that on!” Nonon jovially chimed and rocked back and forth after placing the handmade blumenkranz on her girlfriend. Nonon had seen some good looking ones online, and it inspired her to buy a bundle of flowers to make some of her own. The one currently on Tharja’s head was made of deep purple and vibrant violet flowers wrapped neatly together. 

It had been a while since he’d last fed on human meat, probably because ships had avoided this area for a long time. How long had it been, 10-15 years? Who knows, he couldn’t tell what the rumors were on the surface. Maybe someone had spread a rumor about a sea creature that sunk ships or that the fated treasure of this or that pirate was heavily guarded and only the brave could  venture. Noya couldn’t really bring himself to care but when he first felt the vibrations of a ship’s keel against the waves, his amethyst gaze narrowed and his fins went to a stand still.

He was having such a nice nap too, at the bottom of the ocean. Well, he guessed it was time to stretch his muscles. 

As soon as he located the boat, Noya inspected it. The keel was sturdy and the ship was large so he guessed that at the very least 20 men must be inhabiting it. Which was good. He could drown most of them and bring back a few to that small stretch of a peninsula east of where they were. No ship ever passed there either but there would be enough food and wildlife to keep them alive. It would be a nice food source for him to prey on as well. Human meat was such a delicacy, too. With that in mind, he started to work. First, the planks that kept the keel together. He had to destroy them so the ship would take water and sink slowly. Using his fists and his strength, Noya managed to break enough of the keel to alert the men on board that the ship was being attacked by something but it’s not like they could just go underwater to fight him.

Water would sink them before long and he would just have to collect them one by one. No humans matched his speed and strength underwater and even if they somehow managed to hurt him, he knew enough to fix his wounds. Once the keel was removed, all that was left for him to do was swim a little further away, let his tail sway underwater as he floated and watched the show. Humans and their desperate attempt at survival as their ship came undone and they can do nothing but watch it sink to the bottom of the sea. Maybe he’ll drown the fattest of the lot. After all, Noya isn’t all that fond of greasy meat.

An hour later, he counted 14 men in the sea. Seems like his approximation was higher than what it was and a bit of disappointment tinged his features. One by one, he dragged the men by their legs to the bottom of the sea until they passed out and then brought them back to the surface and threw them on the peninsula’s shoreline. If they were to die from a bit of water in their lungs, they weren’t worth keeping as livestock anyway. He finally managed to get all fourteen on the island and then his fins picked up movements, behind a big of a wreckage. There was a younger boy with long, black hair flowing on the surface, who seemed  to have been knocked unconscious for whatever reason. Or maybe he was faking it but it’s not like Noya cared. The boy was a bit too thin for his taste but hey, if he ate him last he would have enough time to fatten him up, maybe.

The merman wrapped his arms around Nnoitra’s waist and pulled him toward the shoreline without drowning him, not feeling like he needed to since the other appeared unconscious. He carried him on his back and his long purple tail propelled him there at great speed. As he approached the shoreline, he noticed a few of the first drowning victims were waking up so he brought Nnoitra close enough to the shore and released his body, tail tapping loudly on the surface to alert the other of the raven’s presence. As soon as they helped him out of water, Noya returned underwater. 

He had already eaten in the morning but maybe tomorrow he would allow himself a bite out of one of these men.



“Hey, I’ve been thinking of going to the pet store and getting a little fluffball for my apartment.” Ria hummed. “It has to be under fifty pounds. Do you want to come with me?”

“Sure, I know a shop that’s doing an adoption day today.” Weiss drained the last of her frappuccino. “Thinking a cat, a dog or maybe something more exotic like a ferret?”