They tried keeping up the facade of their marriage for now, at least in public. At least until Lorenzo got elected as Prime Minister. The current PM was still in power, but in less than a year or so they would be needing to elect someone else, and then Lorenzo would begin his campaign. Until then, they had to act happily married. Including to the people her husband worked with in his less legal career. 

Tonight he was making a trade with someone. Clarice didn’t really know any details. She went as decoration, pretty much. However, both of them were dressed in very casual clothing. “We can’t look out of place,” Lorenzo told her. “These matches aren’t usually attended by the wealthy and when they are, they stick out like sore thumbs.” So Clarice simply wore a blouse and some jeans, no jewelry, and a basic pair of heels. Lorenzo just wore a shirt and a jacket with his trousers. 

Clarice had never been to a boxing match before. They had them in Italy nearby where she lived, but she had never attended. Lorenzo left her alone to go talk to his people. He had left her with a gun in case she was in any danger. “Just enjoy the show, darling. I’ll be back in a few hours to check in.” he had told her. 

It was front row they had. Close to all the action. Clarice watched two women beat the shit out of each other for a few hours. It wasn’t as regulated as the more legal boxing matches. She wasn’t sure of what to think of it all. She was simply processing in her usual stoic state of being. It most definitely wasn’t the worst thing she had seen. Not in her husband’s line of work.


The way we document the surroundings change together with the face of the cities we live in. Halley Docherty has taken 18th and 19th-century well known historical paintings of city scenes around the world and superimposed them on to present-day Google Street View screenshots. Take a look at more collages of cities then and now! 

Photo credits (do not remove if you reblog!) : Halley Docherty.

Via The Guardian