You will miss her, God how much you’ll miss her. You’ll miss the way she would curl up in your arms when she was cold. You’ll miss the way she would wake you up with small kisses in your cheeks and neck. You’ll miss her words, the way she would start to talk about movies and stars and books without stopping a second. You’ll will miss her eyes, the way she would look at you like she’s looking at a beautiful sunset. You’ll miss the way she kissed you so dirty and deep letting you without control. You will miss the way she loved you. You’ll miss her and you’ll hate yourself for not making her stay, for not trying to be good enough for her. You will want her in your life again and it will hurt you like hell. You will miss her.
—  k.m

ARIES: Iced coffee / Bomber jacket / Floral

TAURUS: Iced coffee / Peacoat / Woodsy

GEMINI: Lemonade / Bomber jacket / Floral

CANCER: Iced coffee / Peacoat / Floral

LEO: Lemonade / Bomber jacket / Floral

VIRGO: Lemonade / Peacoat / Woodsy

LIBRA: Lemonade / Peacoat / Floral

SCORPIO: Iced coffee / Bomber jacket / Woodsy

SAGITTARIUS: Lemonade / Bomber jacket / Woodsy

CAPRICORN: Iced coffee / Peacoat / Woodsy

AQUARIUS: Lemonade / Bomber jacket / Floral

PISCES: Lemonade / Peacoat / Floral

How to make the signs feel special

Aries: read between the lines, remember the smallest details, compliment them on what they work hard on, don’t ignore them and what they do 

Taurus: take them to places you’ve never taken anyone else before; spend time with them, make them feel important, put them at the top of your priorities, keep their secrets

Gemini: tell them that they make you happy if they truly make you happy, be open with them, text them first, fight to stay in their lives, stay up late talking to them, when you talk to them when they are sad, when you make an effort

Cancer: let down your emotional guard in front of them, come to them first when you’re upset, recognize the small things they do for you, randomly tell them your appreciation for them 

Leo: shower them with attention, bring up old forgotten conversations, understand their tastes in everything, make them feel loved, pay attention to their interests, make them laugh 

Virgo: be affectionate, keep promises, start the conversations, respect their decisions, compliment them, boost their self esteem, stay up all night talking to them 

Libra: also show them attention; don’t ignore them; make them smile, laugh, blush; get them food, keep them company, do things with them keep them happy 

Scorpio: tell them things most people don’t know, come to them for emotional support or just venting, meaningful conversations of course, notice little things about them, show your appreciation for them, be affectionate 

Sagittarius: laugh at their jokes, be weird with them, give them attention, open up to them, remind them about how special and wonderful they are, appreciate them, remind them of their worth 

Capricorn: pay attention to them, show them they’re the one you care about them most, remember the little details, also appreciate their hard work, tell them what’s on your mind, give them feedback 

Aquarius: don’t ignore or dismiss what they say, provide lots of genuine comfort and attention, show them you care, don’t try to control them (you never will), learn about their interests 

Pisces: just be there for them, understand them, pay attention to them, don’t interrupt them, get them nice things (they’ll appreciate you for that), love them, cuddle them

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