The one thing that a lot of new kpop fans seem to forget is that popularity in the kpop industry isn’t static or permanent. Your fave is not always going to be at the top. They may be the biggest thing one year, but the year after that, they could be replaced without any consideration because that’s just how the industry works. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of respect or consideration towards senior groups amongst the newer generation fans. They just seem to go after the next big thing. Keep this in mind before you start to get arrogant and start disrespecting other groups and fandoms.

P.s. this post isn’t directed to any specific group or fandom so don’t make assumptions.

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armys always shit on the big three but they're the first ones begging for big hit to replace yg or jyp whenever something bad happens to those two...

The “we’re a small company stan and therefore our achievements are greater and our group is greater than any of the Big 3 groups and WE are thus the rightful and truthful#1″ is just an excuse to downplay Big 3 groups who worked their ass off to get where they are today, and rightfully deserve their spot in the industry. They shit on them bc they want that throne for themselves, but the groups occupying it aren’t going to disclaim their hold on it any time soon, so degrading their success and discrediting their hard work bc “they’re from the Big 3!” is literally the only argument they have to pretend that the throne is theirs. 

It’s also annoying when they claim to be the “first small company group” to do this and that when NO honey, successful groups from small companies were a thing way before BTS. Infinite literally built the foundation for Woollim from ground up, Big Bang is the reason YG ever became a Big 3 and the only reason they’ll stay as one. At this point, the “we stan a small company group and that makes us EXTRA special bc it means our faves worked harder than your faves and their success means more than other group’s success” is quite literally bullshit and I’m sick of it.


Day 2 of Inspirits-only 12 days of Christmas Challenge : Two Favorite Songs or MVs

( 1 / 2 ) Love Letter 

I couldn’t tell you my trembling heart
So I wrote my heart in a letter
So I can tell you how I feel


Inspirit Only: 12 Days Of Christmas Challenge (Day 2)
2 Favourite MVs (Part 2) / (Part 1)

I was having a dilemma whether to choose The Eye or this but I remembered Woollim spending 1 million won on this and it set my decision straight. This MV doesn’t need any explanation, you just need to play it.