does your favorite group ever just motivate you to do better? even if it’s without asking? like do you ever just have so much love for them that you want to make them proud to have you as a fan? whether it be aiming for better grades, taking the time to put in that extra vote, or even just being kind to someone? i really hope that you have a group that you not only love and motivate, but also loves and motivates you as well!

So i’ve gone multifandom after being a purely svt blog soo i need new blogs to follow,,,,

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  • Astro
  • Exo
  • Nct (any unit)
  • Day6
  • Twice
  • Oh my girl
  • Ace
  • Super junior

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One good thing everybody can take from Forces is that no one can now deny that Eggman is now the most accomplished villain in the whole series. He took over the world for six months which is more than any of the over villains. So much for Eggman never succeeding. I guess Nega was full of crap.

Not only that, but seeing how he achieved this through Infinite - who may not be a robot, but was essentially molded into being his product courtesy of the Phantom Ruby’s abilities - he can also make a claim for conquering the world via his own handiwork.

The same cannot be said for Julian “Hey guys, can you look the other way for a minute while I steal Charles’ device?” Kintobor of SatAM fame.

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i saw some other people saying this and felt like now i could say it too: i have stopped caring about infinite as 6 and am focusing more on howon now. he was my bias anyway and i find it too hard to care about the other members when they do nothing. at least howon is giving us many updates and cares for his fans. i think the others shown their true colors when they unfollowed howon. i just can't like them anymore.

Okay so, you’re totally entitled to your own opinion and if you don’t want to follow INFINITE any more that’s fine, whatever. But please do not confuse management and company rules for the boys’ own choices. Implying that the remaining INFINITE members don’t care for their fans is just cruel and wrong, especially when poor Sungjong was moved to tears when he was able to interact with Inspirits after a long time. 

It’s up to you who you follow and support. There are no ‘sides’ as far as I’m concerned, although I do understand how it may be hard for some fans to keep up with both. But seriously, I don’t want to see anyone blaming INFINITE for a lack of activities when it is their management company who make the decisions on schedules, not them. If you want to find someone to blame in this scenario, blame Woollim. But please don’t blame the boys. That just breaks my heart.