I really really REALLY want Infinite to get a win with this comeback. Not because I want to prove to all the haters that they are still indeed relevant, but because I want to show each and every member that they are loved. I want them to know that we’ll support them till the very end, even if 7,10 or even 20 years have passed. I want them to know that all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears they put into this comeback was worth it. I want Dongwoo to know how precious he is to us, and how thankful we are towards him for coming back stronger than ever with the biggest smile on his face even after his father had passed recently. I want Sunggyu to know how amazing and inspirational of a leader he is. I want Myungsoo to know how hard working and endearing he is despite all the injuries he went through, I want Woohyun to know just how much of a sunshine he is, and how his voice literally came directly from heaven. I want Hoya to know how incredibly talented and dedicated he is. I want Sungyeol to know just how much he matters, and without him, Infinite would not be Infinite, and lastly, I want our majestic maknae, or baby Sungjong to know that he has grown up to be such a kind and talented young man and that we are so incredibly proud of you for everything you have done. So please guys, go vote for them. It literally takes 1 minute to make an account and vote. I want see their surprised faces when the name Infinite is announced. I want them to know that we’ll support them till the end. I want them to know that they’ll forever be relevant in our eyes, and I want them to know just how much of an inspiration they are, so guys, please go VOTE