We accepted our overlord

Not sure if it fits but it was certainly funny. The rift for the Boss glitched so me and my sylvari friend accepted our new overlord mordemoth and proceeded to be able to kill our non sylvari teammates. He even was untargetable for us till we forceexited the instance.

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Serilune + 3 random facts for @salad-mceyebrows

  1. wisteria blooms from the bud of his head. the flowers cover his scar, which was inflicted by Asriel, for the most part. the blossoms thrive in full sun, Lune, however, worships the moon.
  2. Lune used to be a warden captain. quitting the wardens soon after Asriel embraced the nightmare, something he feels responsible for. since then, Lune’s joined the vigil together with his newfound friend, Daehana.
  3. the scar adorning his face is imbued with Asriel’s magic. it causes tremendous pain and affects Lune’s vision. as a result, he had to relearn how to shoot a bow accurately.

Have a page of doodles. The bottom ones I used images from the new Drax comics as reference (super good, go read it) which is why they look much better and have shading and all that.
Also minus the tank top, I’ve got her wearing Drax’s outfit because it’s dope as hell.
I plan to use more Drax poses as reference for a few more doodles because the comic is really dynamic with him and it’s really good shading and perspective practice for me.

Man im pretty bummed..the new living story patch was so amazing and i was so hyped for it, the new map is fucking gorgeous, aerial combat is so much fun, the story was fucking amazing and had me so hyped and i jusy loved everything about it. But just about every single person i know has had something negative to say about it and its just a constant “its crap” “its not as good as it could be” “they should’ve done it this way instead” “oh its good to know that i wont enjoy the map” like honestly it just drained all the joy and happiness i had for it, and now i just dont even know if i want to keep playing when everyone is being so negative about it. Idk i might take a break, or play solo for awhile. I just wish people werent so negative about everything.