“There are definitely obstacles to being an actor as a kid. For me, that was bad acting habits. As a kid, you do something and then an adult says, ‘That’s good,’ and then you do it again. You’re rewarded and then that’s the behavior you reinforce. I thought as a kid that acting was crying, and for some reason I could cry on command. So that became a bit of a crutch for me. As an adult, I’ve started to expand my thoughts on what I’m able to do and the kinds of parts I can play—the still or unemotional kind of work I can do.”

At one point, I began to understand that it would be harder for me on a smaller record label to get to the places and accomplish the things that artists were accomplishing on bigger record labels. I realized that I wouldn’t get favors pulled for me because there weren’t any other artists on the label to pull favors from. It was going to be an uphill climb and all that I had to encourage me was the hope that someday things would change. That things would be different. After so many times of just saying that to myself over and over, I finally wrote it down in a song.

I really love Paris. It took me years to get my head around it but now I’ve found all these little pockets. It’s also a city that I’ve been on my own in quite a lot, but here you can be a woman on your own, walking around, eating alone, and not feel threatened. I love that about a city. I love that here I feel incredibly private and protected. There are privacy laws. Which doesn’t stop photographers always, but it does at least give you a legal right to say, ‘Don’t follow me.’