These kids are going to be the death of me.

It just hit me that Chat Noir didn’t fall for the incredible, the awe inspiring Ladybug.
He fell for the clumsy girl who became the infamous superhero.

Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste fell for Marinette first, because when they met she was still learning how to be Ladybug.

I might actually cry because that kind of ends the whole argument about whether Chat Noir would be disappointed that Ladybug is Marinette.

So, let me get this straight (or not)
  • Chloe is crushing on Ladybug (fight me on this)
  • But Ladybug is Marinette, who doesn’t like Chloe 
  • Marinette is crushing on Adrien
  • But Adrien is also Chat Noir
  • And he is in love with Ladybug (you can’t deny it)
  • Lila does NOT like Ladybug (for obvious reasons)
  • And Lila was flirting with Adrien, which pissed Marinette off
  • But Chloe also flirts with Adrien, which continues to piss Marinette off
  • So are Chloe and Lila going to have an agreement to stop Marinette from being their competition to win Adrien’s heart?
  • All while making jabs at each other?
  • Is Chloe going to get really defensive about Ladybug when Lila starts to make unflattering comments about her?
  • Is Marinette going to see Chloe sticking-up for Ladybug?
  • Is this how Marinette starts to see a better side of Chloe?
  • Is this how Adrien and Chloe’s friendship will survive?
  • Over defending their girlfriend Ladybug?
  • IN other words, I don’t think Lila is going to wreck ships
  • I think Lila is going to make them STRONGER
trenonny replied to your post “Ok guys, help me and @sourwolfsparking out. Star Wars AU: Stiles as…”

How about Lydia. Why? Because only Stiles knows she’s a genius. Everyone else just sees her physicality (SO much hair?) and assumes she MUST be mindless because of human bias in the universe, and OH how she uses that underestimation to her advantage. But Stiles? Well. He knows better - knows she’s the best partner in crime and enjoys her witty wookie commentary on the ignorant. Not to mention she is totally up for saving his ass when necessary. XD

Lydia was my first thought because she’s probably my favorite brotp-mate for Stiles, but I couldn’t see her fitting into Chewie’s role – he’s such a physical character while Lydia’s so intellectual.

I really like what you did with the role though. It would definitely be a reimagining but I could see that working :D


trenonny replied to your post “Ok guys, help me and @sourwolfsparking out. Star Wars AU: Stiles as…”

How about Erica. Brave and fierce and good at swinging a club (or a carburetor). She’s got the brawn that Stiles lacks, but shares his recklessness and casual disregard for the law. She started out as a member of a race enslaved by the Imperium, but when she got free, she blossomed into one of the best space criminals anyone’s ever heard of. Folks know not to mess with her. Stiles finds that awfully useful in a space smuggling friend. :)

mad-madam-m replied to your post “Ok guys, help me and @sourwolfsparking out. Star Wars AU: Stiles as…”

Erica? I could see Erica. (Also I think she would LOVE the bowcaster.)

!! Ok, forget everything else, I really love this. Erica’s undeniably tough and a rebel at heart, but smart and snarky too (which you know Chewie is.) Stiles and Erica bouncing around the galaxy in a rickety ship, barely scraping their way out of one disaster after another.

@sourwolfsparking what do you think of Erica as Chewie?


I cannot express how grateful and in awe I am that so many of you wonderful miraculers follow my blog. I still can’t get over that I hit 1000+ followers, and this blog was started in January. WOW.

This fandom has been one of the kindest, most wonderful fandoms I’ve ever been in and I feel really blessed for the friends that it has brought me these past few months. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of talking to and interacting with is incredibly talented, creative, and unbelievably nice.

All of the artists, writers, cosplayers, rp blogs, amv makers, voice actors, etc. that I follow are insanely amazing and deserve every note/kudos on their posts.
The talent in this fandom and how hardworking everyone is never ceases to inspire me!

I know it’s not much, but I thought doing a follow forever would be appropriate for this milestone. I’m trying to work on something else to express my gratitude and to really thank all of you, but for now know that I love and appreciate all of my followers! Y’all rock :D

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OKAY BUT HOW WOULD THAT WORK. Stiles as Owen’s kind of obvious, but Derek as Blue? Is he still a werewolf? Are they part of the park? Is Stiles the first one to realize that they’re sentient? Is he going to help them break free and escape somewhere that they can set up normal lives? Are Laura and Cora in captivity with him? IS PETER THE INDOMINUS REX?


Once the supernatural becomes known, humanity of course decides to make it into a sideshow attraction. Because that’s what we do with things that are new and interesting.

It’s a horror park, designed to cater to people’s fears. Weres and other supernaturals are bred in captivity, their gene pools controlled so each creature is the most terrifying, “satisfying“ version of itself possible. 

Of course, it’s not long before these supernaturals aren’t big enough, scary enough, or don’t match certain customers popular media visions of what the creatures should be, and so scientists are brought in to start creating designer versions of the supernaturals for custom needs. (There’s a whole “sparkle corner” filled with freakishly pale people who angst and glitter in sunlight.)

Derek and his siblings are bred in captivity from a pure and powerful wolf bloodline, never knowing life outside their cage. They spend nearly all of their time shifted in a feral state because they’ve never been taught anything more than that – that’s what’s expected, after all. They’re werewolves, they’re supposed to be savage and ruthless and terrifying. What’s the use of teaching them how to speak or interact or seem human?

Until Stiles is brought in as a trainer, and starts seeing signs that werewolves actually are intelligent (possibly even possess a human level of intelligence, is that possible??), and as he starts working with him they become more human over time.

Of course there are people who want to take the weres and use them as weapons (maybe Gerard?)

And Peter is absolutely the indominous.

And UGH I WANT TO WRITE MORE BUT I’M AT WORK but I’m so into this idea right now.

So, I was marveling at how Chat Noir had no problems running around in those heels when he was under Reflekta’s curse, but then I remembered


EDIT: It has come to my attention that these are not in fact platforms, but are just boots (with a bit of a heel). And, since that is the case, I am now slightly upset that Chat Noir managed to run in heels when I can barely stand in them.