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I had the notifications for the sterek writing room blog turned on. That’s the only reason I saw the post so quickly because it didn’t tag me in it properly, and it never showed up in my notifications.

@halesstiles wait for real?? You’re one of the ones it did tag… fuck what is going on with this thing?

I just went back to look, and half the people whose names are underlined (indicating a link) still aren’t clickable!! Which means none of them were probably notified. I’m so…

What is even going on with this.

No wonder 40+ people still haven’t gotten back to me :/

  • Draco: So, Potter... hypothetically, if there was someone who's secretly loved you for the past seven years but tried to hide it as much as possible, let's say by making empty threats and daily taunts... maybe even by breaking your nose or trying to make you fall off your broom while pretending to be a dementor... how would that person get you to agree to go on a date with him?
  • Draco: Asking for a friend.
Siri, the blabbermouth
  • Blaise: Hey Siri, will I be needing an umbrella charm tomorrow?
  • Siri: No, it will be sunny tomorrow. Just the perfect weather for a stroll around the lake with Harry Potter.
  • Blaise: What? Huh. That was weird. Anyway... Hey Siri, call my mum.
  • Siri: Calling... "Mother aka Harry Potter's future mother in law"
  • Blaise: Hold on a sec...
  • Blaise: Um... Hey Siri, who is the owner of this phone?
  • Siri: Sorry, I didn't get that. Did you mean "How to make Harry Potter moan"?
  • Blaise: Draco!! You left your phone in the common room again!
Saying Hi!

Hey guys :) I just felt like chatting! The 4th of July is coming up and I’m super excitedddd! Plus I went shopping today and bought so much stuff. I literally am a shopaholic, no joke I was at the mall last weekend, bought a ton of stuff, went online shopping two days ago and went to the mall AGAIN today. I have a real problem.😂 I also got this really bomb highlighter and it slays, I took some really nice selfies ngl.😛 Anyways, what’s everyones’ plans for the 4th?? Anything fun??

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