It’s coming, I swear.

Apologies for the delay on GUTG 05. This chapter requires far more heavy editing than the previous four and certain life stuff has been making it difficult to find solid blocks of time to work on it (out-of-state relatives visiting, busy at work, gym, health). Hopefully I will have time to work on it this weekend, but this weekend is going to be a bit full due to birthday celebrations. (I’m 24 today! I can’t use blink-182’s “What’s My Age Again?” as my jam anymore. Does anyone know any songs for 24?)

But! GUTG 05 will definitely be up on or before Valentine’s Day. Honestly, it will probably be done before then, but that is the latest you can expect it. Here are some vague previews, as per tradition.

-Poor Eren has had Hanson’s MMMBop stuck in his head since the late 90s.
-Ymir is a big gay.
-BREAKING NEWS: Erwin is concerned.
-This chapter contains perhaps the only dialogue from a (living) cishet person in the entire fic. She is a sweet old lady who is also concerned.
-Levi should visit one of those professional cuddlers.

sorry Ty and Josh I’m not subjecting myself to Fuse’s “poll” anymore. the polls were working for a little while and they’re “broken” (rigged) again. I’m done with Fuse’s shit.

mad-madam-m replied to your post “One of the most confusing things about Teen Wolf is that Derek wasn’t…”

LORD YES. I heard that Davis was shocked Derek was so popular and I’m like… “Dude you created a character who’s Spike AND Angel, only a werewolf, and then cast the hottest man in the universe to play him. How did you NOT know he’d be popular?”

That is the BEST Derek description!! I always think of him as Angel but he’s definitely got a bit of the Spike snark too.

But seriously though, everything about Derek is sympathetic and/or likable just… why wasn’t he the lead, M? Why wasn’t the show The Hale Chronicles, with a focus on Derek rebuilding his life and his pack and forging alliances with the Argents and… *sighs at what could have been*

paintedlandscape replied to your post “¦ replied to LINK pininghobrien said: This ask seriously pisses me…”

My only additional comment is that the Hoechlin gif is gorgeous. I’m going to stay on this page so I can stare at it for a while.

Isn’t it? I have been looking for an excuse to use it for ages.

Let’s all enjoy the beauty of prince hair Hoechlin graciously shrugging together.

I do stupid stuff. Like falling for guys who has no intentions of being with me. Then getting all upset when I find out the feelings aren’t mutual, like I didn’t already see the shit coming. I have realized that I am not wifey material. I am not gf material. And neither am I friend material. -