v: twist of fate

Twist of Fate
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Twist of Fate
Author: Oakstone730
Rating: M
Genre: Drama / Hogwarts era - Post Hogwarts / MUST READ
Words: 312,324
Status: Complete (with epilogue and 3 side stories)

Summary: Draco asks Harry to help him beat the Imperius curse during 4th year. The lessons turn into more than either expected. A story of redemption and forgiveness. Pairings: HP/DM (Slash) Timeframe: 1994-2002 Goblet to 4 yrs post-DH EWE Rating T for language, high angst, content.

My Review: Oh God give me the strength and power to be able to explain just how incredible this fic is!!!

 *Holds in all the feels and tries to write a readable review*.

I’ve read this twice now and I’m still in awe of it’s perfection. Seriously. I want to print this out and sit it next to my Harry Potter books as a HP side story. This isn’t even a fic, it’s a frickin novel and it’s fantastic. Now I have read many a fanfic in my time; long ones, short ones, smutty ones, fluffy ones, odd ones, and even a few incesty ones. But this is just… Different? So when I first started reading this I (naively) thought it was a pretty normal Hogwarts-era fic. Harry and Draco have a secret love they must hide from everyone because they wouldn’t approve blah blah blah. But this was just different somehow. There were so many little details that just make it so beautiful. The locker room, how they call it “downstairs”, the drawings (forever in love with artist Draco), Cedric and Simon. Oh god Cedric, I loved that he was included in such detail. All these small things that later held do much importance, and discovering why.

Also I want to add, not every day you find fanfics that have so many eras, I mean this beautiful story contains 4ht year, 5th year, the painful 6th year, the trial era, the bloody 8th year, and even post-hogwarts, I’m sure there aren’t many fanfics like this one in the whole universe…  Oh and the trail and Post-Hogwarts was so painful; definitely what makes this fic stand out is its second half. I don’t want to give any spoilers away but… well I wasn’t expecting THAT! And the way it tied in so well with the books. Seriously cleaver how the books and movies became about Harry’s obliviated self. I just can’t even… This fic is what every Drarry fan is thinking when they read the books. THIS IS CANON I TELL YOU!!! My favourite fanfic of all time; I love it so much!! This is a must read. This should be required reading for all Drarry fans. I don’t care if you don’t like long fics, or Hogwarts era or whatever. This fic is the exception. I could go on forever about this fic (I think I already have). PLEASE READ THIS GOD DAMN PIECE OF EPICNESS AND BE AWAKENED TO THE GORGEOUSNESS OF DRARRY.