v: twist of fate




He remembered.

He remembered, and– Gods, he hated Regina. He would tear her office apart if he had to, until he found out where she had sent her. His daughter. He had had no idea that Belle was pregnant when he had sent her away, none. Had he known, he would have taken care of her. They could have been a family.

It was too late for could have. 

When the Queen had visited him in his cell to taunt him about the daughter he had never gotten to meet, it had been late to find her. The Curse was already coming. It had also raised warning signals in his head– how did Regina know about the child? Had she lied to him about Belle’s whereabouts? 

Of course she had. He would find them, he would find them both. Gold had no idea how he could ever make up for whatever harms had befallen Belle and their child after he had thrown her out of the Dark Castle, but he would try. 

It was surprisingly easy to find Regina’s files. Then again, the Curse protected her. Had he not remembered everything, he would never have gone searching for them. It took quite a bit of digging to find what he was looking for, as he didn’t even know the child’s name. But when he saw the photo– he knew. 

His daughter was in the foster system