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Gide was there when the preparations for what was to come started, after all, he heeded the first call. Though now he was unsure of what to do. The atmosphere was dense, heavy with apprehension, bloodlust and fear. Someone important to their commander was taken, and he could see weakness in the way Dazai’s shoulders were tense. He could see something he didn’t want to see.

It felt inappropriate to be there with them, when both their commander and his lover hadn’t been close to Gide. It felt inappropriate to see their group comforting each other like a family, even though no one there was related by blood. It felt deeply inappropriate, and to shrug off the feeling Gide polished his guns, made sure they were loaded and calibrated for what was to come.

He didn’t know how to comfort, how to be a part of this group or even if he felt anything for whomever he was going to help, no. He didn’t know that. But they didn’t need him to know that, they didn’t need his presence there or his words. They didn’t need him, they needed his guns. They needed his aggression, violence – they needed the blood he could draw. They need his killer instincts and his abilities.

Gide wasn’t needed there the way the others were, like allies or family. He was needed as a soldier. He guessed he could be sad about that in a way, but he wasn’t. He was nothing but a ghost anyway, had been nothing but a specter for a long time. It didn’t matter. They didn’t need him there, as long as he could draw blood for them.

It is ok. If there is one thing Gide knows well, it is how to kill. As long as that’s what they need, he will stay. After all, there was nothing better to do other than meddle in the living affairs.

If the commander wishes to have him in the front lines, he’ll do so, and if not, he will heed his orders anyway. Just like a good soldier.

Twist of Fate - Chapter 7

The fingers of Harry’s left hand curled painfully tight into the duvet, restraining himself from punching Malfoy in the nose. His eyes burned with the promise of murder. Malfoy’s smile grew.

“Sweet Merlin, my summer really has been dull. This is the most fun I’ve had since last semester.” He flicked his wand lazily, lifting the silencing spell. “Spill, Wonder Boy. What the hell is going on?”

“Fuck off,” Harry growled.

“Oh, what a shame, that is not the answer I am looking for today.”

“Then go away.”

“No. Tell me what the fuck is wrong with you.”


Malfoy’s jaw clenched briefly. “Try again, Potter.”

“Bite me, Malfoy.”

“If you’re not careful I will do precisely that.”

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Twist of Fate
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Twist of Fate
Author: Oakstone730
Rating: M
Genre: Drama / Hogwarts era - Post Hogwarts / MUST READ
Words: 312,324
Status: Complete (with epilogue and 3 side stories)

Summary: Draco asks Harry to help him beat the Imperius curse during 4th year. The lessons turn into more than either expected. A story of redemption and forgiveness. Pairings: HP/DM (Slash) Timeframe: 1994-2002 Goblet to 4 yrs post-DH EWE Rating T for language, high angst, content.

My Review: Oh God give me the strength and power to be able to explain just how incredible this fic is!!!

 *Holds in all the feels and tries to write a readable review*.

I’ve read this twice now and I’m still in awe of it’s perfection. Seriously. I want to print this out and sit it next to my Harry Potter books as a HP side story. This isn’t even a fic, it’s a frickin novel and it’s fantastic. Now I have read many a fanfic in my time; long ones, short ones, smutty ones, fluffy ones, odd ones, and even a few incesty ones. But this is just… Different? So when I first started reading this I (naively) thought it was a pretty normal Hogwarts-era fic. Harry and Draco have a secret love they must hide from everyone because they wouldn’t approve blah blah blah. But this was just different somehow. There were so many little details that just make it so beautiful. The locker room, how they call it “downstairs”, the drawings (forever in love with artist Draco), Cedric and Simon. Oh god Cedric, I loved that he was included in such detail. All these small things that later held do much importance, and discovering why.

Also I want to add, not every day you find fanfics that have so many eras, I mean this beautiful story contains 4ht year, 5th year, the painful 6th year, the trial era, the bloody 8th year, and even post-hogwarts, I’m sure there aren’t many fanfics like this one in the whole universe…  Oh and the trail and Post-Hogwarts was so painful; definitely what makes this fic stand out is its second half. I don’t want to give any spoilers away but… well I wasn’t expecting THAT! And the way it tied in so well with the books. Seriously cleaver how the books and movies became about Harry’s obliviated self. I just can’t even… This fic is what every Drarry fan is thinking when they read the books. THIS IS CANON I TELL YOU!!! My favourite fanfic of all time; I love it so much!! This is a must read. This should be required reading for all Drarry fans. I don’t care if you don’t like long fics, or Hogwarts era or whatever. This fic is the exception. I could go on forever about this fic (I think I already have). PLEASE READ THIS GOD DAMN PIECE OF EPICNESS AND BE AWAKENED TO THE GORGEOUSNESS OF DRARRY.

Closed||Twist Of Fate

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Miranda was unsure whether it was by some cruel twist of fate, or at very least, just a strange one that she had been assigned to keep watch over the man that killed her parents. Unlike Tony, she didn’t hate him, she didn’t want him dead. Really, she was unsure what to think about the whole thing. She was twelve years old when her parents died. She had gotten over it long ago, and, finding out that it was murder doesn’t change anything. Accident or murder, either way, they’re still dead. Not to mention, she couldn’t honestly blame him for something that wasn’t his fault. As far as she was concerned, HYDRA was responsible for her parents death, no one else. If only Tony looked at it that way… Still, that wouldn’t make this situation any easier. She could only assume that James Barnes would probably be more than a little untrusting of her what Tony had tried to do to him. Looking at him now, he certainly looked more like a lost puppy than a cold-blooded killer. 

“Sergeant Barnes, I’m Miranda Stark. I’m going to be staying with you to help you adjust to the modern world, and to help you work through things.” She extended a hand to him in greeting, flashing him a polite smile.

The last days have been a strange turn in Gide’s life, but now that everything was back to normal again, he noticed he wasn’t exactly back to normal. Chuuya had been rescued by Dazai, which was predictable but still…


He never got to really use the people he called, and for that Gide felt himself getting annoyed and more restless than ever. It had been a waste of his time, a waste of his energy, to have him there and then to have him be on standby the entire time.

He would hate to admit it, but there was no lying to himself now. He used to be a soldier. That was what made his heart beat faster, the combat. Now that he was once again presented with the prospect of a fight he had been waiting it expectantly. Of course not only the fight interested him, he wanted to get Chuuya out of whatever place he was being held and back to his family.

The only reason Gide was now frustrated, annoyed, and restless was because he had expectations for this. But what did he really expect? A dramatic rescue? To be acknowledged, to have his hand shaken and to be congratulated by Chuuya’s family? Did he really expect their gratitude?

Something inside Gide said that Dazai was grateful for whoever heard the call, but that was not enough. This- this felt immensely like that time. When the war was already won but he wasn’t informed. When-

Gide clicks his tongue in annoyance. Now he was just being plainly weak for letting those thoughts and feelings get into him for such a small issue. He was overreacting, no less.

Still, he got up from the couch in the living room of his apartment, went to the kitchen and looked through the contents of the small fridge that he had specifically to store his alcohol, wondered what he would get for that night. He settled for picking a neon blue bottle, didn’t have to read the name to know what it was.

He headed back to the living room and didn’t bother taking a glass with the bottle. Gide then sat on the ground in front of the full glass pane windows and stared at the area outside. The scenery comforted him. Living there, in the decadent part of the city where everything seemed to be abandoned or destroyed was where he should be.

He knew the alcohol he got would give him a pretty bad hangover the next day, but he didn’t care. It was not like he would die again anyway.

Later he would have to remind himself of getting Dazai a note. It was his birthday, after all.

Twist of Fate.


Unlike the hundreds upon hundreds of masters and mistresses before her, this one did not look upon the sparkling ruby wishes with a sense of awe.  She didn’t seem to consider, even for a fleeting moment, the possibilities that existed with a few well spoken words.  The world was, almost literally, in the palm of her hand.

Normally Cyrus would find this strange, if it were not for the lavish room they were standing in and the ruby encrusted crown sat upon his new mistress’s blonde hair.  There was no wishes for great wealth or power in her mind; she had everything most wished for.  Which worried the genie a little, royalty normally had a love of acquiring treasure and he knew exactly what a genie was often considered.

The last thing he wanted was to spend the lifespan of this monarch as some unique trinket, locked away in his bottle for the most part.  It didn’t matter a voice whispered in the back of his mind he’d deserve it, after everything he’d done centuries ago, his desire to not find himself in that predicament gave him a strong desire to speak.  To ask if that was her plan.

It wasn’t his place to ask questions, instead remaining silent after the customary greeting of mistress mine, my will is thine, tell me your wishes three.  Dark eyes watched as she spoke to some tall man with powder white hair and a shock of red on one side of his face.  Red seemed to be the favoured colour of this particular monarch; the walls and most of the furnishing in the room was awash with the vibrant colour.

His gaze wandered for a moment to his bottle, wondering when she would be putting him back inside.  Surely with no use for wishes, and evidently with at least one servant to do her bidding, she wouldn’t have much use for him.  The persona she gave off was cool and detached; Cyrus had met a good many like that over time and yet with her there was something far deeper.  He wasn’t sure what, and had his doubts he’d spend enough time in her company to figure it out.

That wasn’t worth giving a great deal of thought to; it really was not his concern and when he heard her speaking again, his attention was drawn back to his new mistress. The tall man seemed to have been dismissed, meaning she may have been speaking to him.  “I beg your pardon, I fear I was lost in thought and was not listening.”

Twist of Fate: 312k.  Draco asks Harry to help him beat the Imperius curse during 4th year. The lessons turn into more than either expected. A story of redemption and forgiveness.

exploring the net, i stumbled into this one, which i think is pretty famous or something? i didn’t (still don’t) really care. i wanted to point out something that most people neglect to see: this fic is full of misprints, even in the beta-ed chapters, and that’s a shame (aside from a tiny bit annoying). it’s better to read something that doesn’t need to be guessed because some of the words are missing, you feel me? anyway, going into the story itself rather than the form, this is what i can tell you: it will RUIN you. it will leave you confused, nervous, full of trepidation. then it will take all of that and slowly leave you disappointed. don’t get me wrong, i liked the fic (or i wouldn’t be here reccing it) but it is missing that “OHMYGODWHATI'MBREATHLESS” thing that makes fics great. the plot itself is brilliant, and i absolutely LOVED draco. i cried about draco, guys.

i’m hoping you’ll understand what i’m trying to say: this is good, very good, but not great. still, it’s a beautiful story so please read it ! feel free to tell me if you disagree with me.

Twist of Fate - Chapter 8

“Fortunately, he did not,” Severus replied, crossing the carpet. He reached out a hand for Nagendra to scent as she flickered her tongue towards him, taking her weight as she uncurled from around Harry’s arm to glide up his, wrapping possessively around his shoulders. “I am happy to see the two of you have not resorted to killing one another.”

“It seemed too predictable,” Harry replied with a smile. “Probably messy, too. We couldn’t do that to Tokey.”

“Speak for yourself, Potter.”

“You’re just upset that Tokey likes me more.”

Silver eyes rolled impudently as long fingers stroked along Ladon’s scales. “Whatever helps you sleep at night, Potter.”

Harry chuckled softly before turning a curious gaze towards Snape as he sat down on the other end of the couch. His lips parted, a burning question on his tongue, when he suddenly paused, head tilting to the side as Nyoka flickered her tongue towards his cheek. A faint frown appeared on his brow before Harry responded, the silky tones of Parseltongue still strangely foreign to be falling from Potter’s mouth. As the young man conversed with the snake, Severus glanced over towards his godson and refrained from rolling his own eyes; the heated look in Draco’s gaze as he stared at Potter was difficult to ignore.

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