v: taylor

don’t mind me i’m just so proud that taylor swift is owning the fact she’s a powerful fucking woman and doesn’t have to take anyone’s shit lying down… so she’s not gonna anymore. 

we have talked about how powerful taylor is but the apple music letter doesn’t come close to what she’s about to unleash. this is raw power y’all. raw. fucking. power.

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People out here really thought she was going to pay dust to Kimye and all those that called her snake. Like honeys, we stan the petty queen.

I really hope people weren’t expecting her to just………….,,,,.not have a response??? To them being……despicable? And cruel?

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Yeah I have this intense fear of snakes/reptiles and I'm kinda upset if this leads to the theme of her single/album. I love her to death i just can't watch a mv with snakes. I physically can't

I hope one of y'all don’t mind watching the music video before me and telling me the snakey parts so I know what to skip. Actually if any of you would like to volunteer to sensor this video for myself and others with snake problems tHAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC. AND NO IM NOT JOKING

me: is on vacation for 9 days and has all the time in the world to check instagram/tumblr

Taylor: …

me: is on a plane going back home with no wifi for a whole day

Taylor: UUUUH here You GET A video OF A DrAGoN/SnAke with A DARK backGROUND excePt that lmaooo you’LL NEVER UNDERSTAND whaT iT is UnLesS I tell YoU HAHAHAH THAT’S SO fun ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! @taylorswift