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[TRANS] TOP - V LIVE (Ghost T.O.P Will Answer You)

*This is not in order

TOP: Is the camera too far from me? Com'on! Come come com'on!

TOP: This is interesting. How should I host this? I don’t feel burdened. I will show you my natural self.

TOP: I chose the theme of a ghost for this live broadcast. It comes from the lyrics of Zutter.

TOP: The reason why I named this “Ghost” is… This room feels like a ghost, rigth? LOL It’s actually from the ZUTTER lyrics.

TOP: This show will be 30 minutes long. I’ll be on this very serious so please ask me something like that.

Fan: You have a mole on ur neck? Some say if u have a mole on ur neck, u’re a ghost.

TOP: I don’t. That’s why I’m the real ghost.

TOP: The reason why I started SNS. At first I wanted to check the reaction about BB’s album and promotion. But now I’m uploading some kinda furniture, artworks that I like.

TOP: People say the explosive updates are annoying. Theres too many photos. Are you crazy. But it’s my account.

TOP: I scrolled up to the beginning of my photo album. I excitedly took pictures with a wig on at home I don’t know why. Theres about 30 pix

Fan: Do you have a gf? Be honest w/ me.

TOP: Honestly, I don’t.

TOP: My ideal type.. Am I being too cold right now? Should I talk more softly and smoothly?

TOP: I’m really simple when it comes to looking at the opposite sex. I like feminine girls. Who have some qualities I don’t have.

TOP: I’m going to answer the questions in different voices to make this less boring.

TOP: The quality in a girl that I don’t like is if she is too interested in other peoples lives and tries to take part.

What if a girl is farting when she’s around you?

TOP: Its okay. I will eat the fart.

What if a girl is pretty but dresses badly?

TOP: Thats fine. Personality sense is more important than fashion sense. And I can style her.

TOP: I used to have an image of a girl I would like in my head, but now I am looking for a friend that I can connect with.

TOP: If this show is not funny, then turn it off! LOL

How would you describe femininity? TOP: Hmm. You need a voice higher than mine.

What about age difference? TOP: Don’t be older than my mom or younger than a legal minor.

TOP: When does my heart flutter seeing a girl? When she sees me in my eyes? So my heart flutters when I’m on stage, seeing y'all.

How many times do you brush your teeth? Do you ever forget? How many cavities do you have?

TOP: Ghosts don’t brush teeth.

Do you have cuticles or dirt under your nails?

TOP: Cuticle? What is that.

Where do you have the most wrinkles now that you’re 30? TOP: My elbow! Oh another. My achilles heel!

TOP: What color is my underwear? …I don’t check out the color when I put it on.

TOP: Do I have a colorful underwear? why are you asking this kinda question? LOL

TOP: What did I eat for dinner today? All BIGBANG members came to my house and we ate sushi together.

TOP: What food that I can’t eat? I don’t like grilled beef tripe, beef entrails, and stuff… But I eat grilled pork tripe, oddly.

TOP: I really like vanilla ice cream. It matches really well w/ all kinda drinks, except for beer.

TOP: How long does it take me to take a shower? Not long. 15 minutes? I haven’t had a chance to time it.

TOP: When do I think I look ugly? I think there’s none who’s satisfied w/ their own appearances. I don’t like mine when I’m tired.

Whats a treasure that you cherish? TOP: Well my family, Big Bang members, my collectible items, my movie DVDs, and songs, and YOU ALL.

TOP: I like furniture and art because I grew up with it. There were a lot of artists around me. I always liked movies and music.

TOP: Music is music, but performing on stage is a visual art, so I think I am really into arts like that.

TOP: I had a hard time holding my temper when I was young, but I think I’m a bit more calm these days.

TOP: It makes you think about if you can be as perfect and beautiful as those art products.

TOP: Its a drama called Secret Message. I once posted a lot on my SNS as a spoiler. It’s a mellow genre.

TOP: Its about emptiness that current young people may be feeling. So the two characters meet and the story evolves.

Lee Soohyuk: You’re a ghost? I’m a vampire from Chosun dynasty.

TOP: I talked to him earlier. Don’t tell me such a nonsense. We had a phone call this morning and he said he has a drama-shooting early tomr morning. Just go to sleep. ….I can’t end this like this, ppl will think we’re not good friends. I LOVE YOU!!! LOVE YOU!!!

TOP: I talked to him earlier. Don’t ask questions like this.

Support me for my test! I think if you support me I will do well!

TOP: Things like this really touch me. Good luck!! Do Well!!

When did you pick your ear recently?

TOP: Ghosts don’t pick at their ears.

TOP: Questions like these are boring. “What hand to use to pick your nose.” I use all my fingers!!

TOP: I will upload a video to SNS right now.

TOP: But if I start filming then there is no end.

TOP Instagram: Hi everyone. Todays the live broadcast on V App. It’s boring because it’s live. Sorry for being boring on live broadcast.

TOP: I will upload this video later.

Q: Choom god Choom top please show us your feeling in a dance.

TOP: Okay. I will show you.

TOP: Thank you for watching my broadcast today. I feel bad for being boring but I tried hard.

TOP: Next week is Seungri’s “Do it for me” Ah. No. “It’s Seungri.”

Translated by: @Huisuyoon & @kristinekwak


Gackt Ghost Live

This performance was so freaking awesome.