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How do the new characters dress?

Thanks for asking!

River: his dress sense is all over, it really just depends on his mood that day. He has a lot of casual clothes that he’s bought himself, but then he has these wild, colourful hippie type clothes that he used to belong to his parents. So one day he’ll be in jeans and a shirt and the next he’ll be wearing purple wool dungarees patterned with daisies XD

Basil: very very plain dress sense. He wears plain colours, black and grey and white, and he really doesn’t care where he buys them from or whether it’s high quality or anything like that.

Lucy: she wears heels whenever she can, because she’s pretty small. She likes long skirts and jumpers in bright colours.

Edward: Edward likes large hoodies and baggy jeans in soft, earthy colours. He likes to bury himself into big clothes.

Millie: she likes cutesy clothes, stuff like hats with fox heads and little tights with cats. She has lots of braids and bobbles in her hair.

Earl: usually skinny jeans and shirts with the names of bands he likes.

the geeks will inherit the earth!

i have kind of a love-hate relationship with that song. have some lovely lab partners! i’m team brains-and-moffie-as-besties 5ever.

Can everyone stop being so critical of eachother?

Seriously, all over Facebook and Twitter all i see is girls bitching about somebody elses hair or dress sense, and how disgusting/slutty somebody looked at a party etc..

So what if you don’t like their hair, or their dress sense, or maybe even the music they listen to. You’re not the one who has that hair style/colour, who is wearing them clothes or listening to that music so why does it matter? it’s their life not yours. Maybe it’s their way of expressing themselves, and they think that you look ridiculous but just because they’re different you think it’s wrong? All that matters is that they are comfortable with themselves and they way that they look - who the fuck are you to tell somebody who they can or can’t be?


My wife was to meet somebody she has been talking with on Mixi at the station an hour ago, but came home complaining that she couldn’t find her new friend.

“Do you know what she looks like?” I asked.

“Yes, but that is why I couldn’t find her. Everybody here looks the bloody same!”


I did a dragon shout and this happened.