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Can you pleaaaaseee continue the fight between Cindy and Salty AF! Neeks BC you can NOT just end it without the satisfaction

Anon 2: Please tell me there’s going to be a continuation of the fic you just posted where Cindy flips out and almost fights Nico bc she saw Carter and Joseph kissing. Please please tell me you’re going to write more I need to know what’s going to happen.

Part 1

“I murdered my boyfriend.” Will pressed a steaming mug of tea to Nico, who was sitting on the floor next to their son. Nico passed the mug onto, who took it and held it tightly against his chest. Will was afraid he was going to burn himself.

Carter had all but had a complete meltdown after Nico and Will came back inside without Joseph. He told his fathers that he understood that they couldn’t intervene, but that he couldn’t believe they just let Joseph go without trying to stop him. “If she comes at us with legal action,” Will had stated simply, trying to calm down his panicked son, “we can say that Nico hit her on self-defense. She hit him first. If we didn’t let Joseph go, then we could all be arrested for kidnapping. He’s under eighteen.” Carter was still shaking, and Nico wrapped his arm around his son’s shoulder.

“Bean, Joseph knew what he was doing when he went out there,” Carter set his head on Nico’s shoulder, and Will wanted nothing more than to envelop both his husband and his son in a hug. There was the matter that Nico was still bleeding from his cheek where Cindy’s ring had cut him, but Will didn’t think Nico would want to be tended to right now. Carter was their main priority. “You know him better than anyone. He’s trying to do what’s right. All we can do now is let him know we support him and offer him a safe place away from his mother.”

Of course Nico was right, but Will knew that look in Carter’s eyes. He wanted to run to his boyfriend’s house and wrap him in a blanket before carrying him back home. Their house was more of Joseph’s home then his own house was. “She’s going to hurt him,” Carter mumbled. “She’s going to hurt him and it’s all my fault.” Nico glanced up at Will, helplessness shinning in his eyes. Will sat down on the floor in front of his son, trying to give Nico a reassuring smile. Even after seventeen years, Nico still didn’t always know exactly how to handle Carter’s emotions and reactions.

“Carter, listen to me,” Will set his hand on his son’s knee, “Joseph’s only a few months away from turning eighteen. Then he can leave Cindy’s, and of course he’ll come stay with us. But until then, she is his mother. I know it hurts, but I want you to understand that you didn’t do anything wrong.” Carter takes a shuddering breath and nods, and Nico hoped that Will finally got through to him and maybe he would start calming down now.

Nico didn’t expect his son to turns towards him with his big, wet, blue eyes though. Nico’s breath caught in his throat at the sight of his son so obviously miserable. “I’m so sorry. We were careless. We never thought Cindy of all people- in the window- and your cheek is bleeding because you were trying to protect us and-” he started crying again and Nico could only pull his son close to him.

“Don’t apologize for loving someone, Carter. Never apologize for love. I chose to throw a punch at Cindy because I chose to protect your love. Please, never tell anyone you’re sorry that you love someone.” Nico kissed his son’s temple, letting him cry on his shoulder. Nico wished he could do more, but all he could do for Carter was assure him that he didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t hurt anyone.

For now, all they could do was wait and see what happened.

This was more damage control

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Can you write a solangelo family vacation??? I'd love to see Nico getting a horrible sun burn and Carter playing in the sand and Nico and Will walking on the beach together!

I love beach episodes

It really didn’t seem to matter how much sun screen Nico used. He still ended up with a large red burn on his back, stretching all the way across his shoulders and down to his hips. Will had preached about putting sun screen on every hour, and Nico had actually listened to him for once. The sun really didn’t seem to care though. Nico has to wonder if it isn’t Apollo’s form of revenge for not being invited to Carter’s baby shower.

Will tried to be gentle as he put aloe on Nico’s back, but even just looking at the burn sent a wave of pain through Nico’s sore muscles. “Of the three of us, babe, you were the only one to get sun burn.” Will chuckles quietly, and it’s not fair that Will gets to laugh at Nico’s pain. Nico had never been fond of beaches. They were hot and overcrowded and sand got absolutely everywhere, but Carter and Will loved the beach, and Nico had never been able to say no to the two of them combined. So when they were out west to visit Will’s mom, they stopped at a beach for the day.

“I’m glad Carter didn’t. I was worried about his face, but he seems just fine.” Nico was perched under a large umbrella, hiding from Apollo and his bright sun chariot. Will smiled as he set his chin on Nico’s shoulder, but a hiss of pain had him quickly moving off of his husband. They both watched their son playing in the sand a few feet away, proudly trying to convince a seagull that had landed a few feet away to try out his sandcastle. Poor boy didn’t know that the bird was only after the animal crackers that Carter was munching on. “Don’t get too close, baby,” Nico called out to his son, who frowned when the bird flew away.

Carter waddled over to his parents with the bag of crackers in his chubby hand, exchanging the bag out for a juice box. “Papa, the bird didn’t like my house.” Nico looked over at the sandcastle that was slowly falling down, smiling. His son was no child of Athena, and he really didn’t have a knack building things, but he loved people and he loved animals. Nico pulled his son into his lap, wrapping his arms around him as Will dug through the cooler for something.

“I’m sure he loved your house, baby, and he went to go tell all his friends about it.” Will produced a box of popsicles and handed one to Carter and Nico. Carter’s face lit up and he tried to stick the whole thing in his mouth at once. Both Will and Nico laughed and Will gently told him not to shove it all in his mouth. He wandered off when he finished it, leaving Will and Nico alone under the umbrella.

“I know beaches aren’t your favorite,” Will spoke softly, just loud enough for Nico to hear over the screeching of a nearby seagull. “But thank you for letting us come here today. Carter’s going to sleep like the dead tonight when we get back to Mom’s.” Nico smiled, he already knew that their son was going to fall asleep before they even made it back to the car.

“You know I can’t say no when the two of you gang up on me. Besides, fresh air is good for Carter. He doesn’t get to run around and play in sand much back in New York.” Sometimes, Nico really hated that they lived in a big city. There wasn’t a lot of space for Carter to play like a normal kid. Will kissed under his ear softly, and Nico smiled. They would have continued on until Carter started yelling.

“Papa! Daddy! Look what I found!” Both Will and Nico jumped to their feet when they saw the large crab their son was holding.

Carter named the Crab Edward and tried to take it home with him


Korean BBQ date w/ short stack!!🍲🍛

Out and about with my mini bae the weather is pretty great today so we’ve really just been walking around and window shopping lol.  Btw if you haven’t had Korean BBQ, you’re REALLY missing out it’s literally so good🤤

Today In History

‘Stevie Wonder (born Steveland Judkins Morris), legendary singer and composer, was born in Saginaw, MI, on this date May 13, 1950. “Mon Cherie Amour,” “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours,” and “I Just Called to Say I Love You” are some of his huge hits.’

(photo: Stevie Wonder)

- CARTER Magazine