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Angela Carter goes up to the counter and orders a gingerbread latte. Tree branches have wound their way inside the Starbucks. A bird cries from the darkness. Something huge and glossy slinks through the shadows. Carter collects her drink and swallows it all in one gulp, burning herself. She licks her lips, draws her cloak about herself, and disappears into the woods.

Last Valentine’s Day, a handful of Steggy fans decided, spontaneously, to celebrate the ship by posting all kinds of goodies. It was such fun that this year we thought we’d make an official post inviting Steggy fans to take part!

To join the fun, post something on Tuesday, February 14 about Steve/Peggy - gifsets, art, fic, headcanons, all are welcome! - and tag it #steggy. The post can be V-Day themed, but it doesn’t have to be. The goal is to fill the Steggy tag with love for our favourite battle couple.

If you have friends that you want to share the love with, then tag them on your post - so they can be your Steggy Valentines!

This V-Day, let’s all share the Steggy love!



Magcon Preference #9. Primeiro encontro.

*First Date*

Cameron: Dia na praia. (day at the beach)

Nash: Patinação no gelo. (ice skating) 

Hayes: Parque de diversões. (amusement park)

Carter: Happy Holi Festival. (Happy Holi Festival)

Shawn: Show do Ed Sheeran. (Ed Sheeran show)

Matt: Passeio de carro pela costa dourada. (car ride by the golden coast)

Jacob: Dia de filmes em casa. (day movies at home) 

Jack Jonhson: Zoológico. (zoo)

Jack Gilinsky: Balada. (party)

Aaron: Milkshake em uma lanchonete tradicional. (milkshake in a traditional diner)

Sammy: Drive in movie. (drive in movie)

Taylor: Piquenique. (picnic)

Dillon: Jantar romântico. (romantic dinner)

Today We Honor John Oliver Killens

‘John Oliver Killens’ politically charged novels earned him two Pulitzer Prize nominations, and his works of fiction and nonfiction have been translated into more than a dozen languages. An influential essayist, screenwriter and teacher, he co-founded the important Harlem Writers Guild and worked as a teacher and lecturer at many schools and universities, including Fisk, Howard, and Columbia.’ via Georgia Writers Hall of Fame

(photo: John Oliver Killens)

- CARTER Magazine


New dude. Doll Chateau/Dollzone hybrid, a Carter head on the DC K-08 body. It is so gorgeous. I was convinced I was a female-doll type only, but this guy has been very convincing. The body is beautiful. These are some photos of when I got him, he’s going to be faceup-less for a while due to the weather. Euugh. Also the supplies I ordered are going to take a bit to arrive here.

In the meantime I’ve been attempting to cast clear resin horns. First one went super well, second one got bubbly. Oh well! it’s fun anyway.