v: carter


October: I fail to see where the flaw in my logic is

Carter: its not-..its just-..I dont think-…nevermind..

((Personal note from the mod: Joking aside here I do what to say that I am very happy for you and congratulations on getting married! As someone who is also married let me tell you that its ok to be nervous, I was too! But I can say that all my worry was for nothing as we had a beautiful wedding and it was honestly so much fun, even tho I feel like it went by so fast! Enjoy your special day and be sure you remember to eat something at your wedding, you’ll need the energy for all the dancing ;3 Best of you and your partner and cheers to the following happy life together!)) 


Multi-tasking 😬💗

Sooo since I put packing off for so long i’m now stuck trying to finish it all by tomorrow and on top of all of that I’m trying to review and finish paperwork before some of my projects begin construction in a couple days, like of course they would all start around the same time🙃 the headache that I’m facing rn is unbelievable but I’ve been listening to this on repeat so I’m feeling more relaxed❤️ 

 Anywho, how’s everyone doing today?😁


So its official I am really in love with New York💗

I’m actually never leaving yes I am I have to go back to work in a couple days to sort some shit out BUT if I didn’t I seriously would live in this airbnb for the rest of my life🤓 Anyways I hope everyone has a great day!♥️