v: blind dating

Juliet had never been much for blind dates. She had always opted instead for the “let it happen” method, generally letting a relationship grow from an already solid friendship. But seeing as she had moved six months ago and was yet to actually make any male friends, and her female friends had insisted that this guy was absolutely perfect for her, she wasn’t totally in the position to be turning down the idea, if for no other reason than just to see who this “perfect guy” was. So she showed up to a restaurant with nothing other than a name- Dustin- and a decision to overlook the fact that she had already dated a Dustin. 

“Uh, my date’s already here,” she informed the hostess after entering the restaurant. “Only I don’t know what he looks like so. His name’s Dustin, if you could just, like, lead me to the table?” she continued uncomfortable, prompting the poor employee to uncomfortably help her weave through the tables of the restaurant before stopping at a table with one person seated, a one Dustin Parker, and then the hostess departed and left the pair alone. “Dustin,” was all the girl could manage, not even sitting down, just standing uncomfortably next to the boy. { @karenindies }

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Suvi was a tall man, and big, though that was mostly natural and hardly anything he worked towards. Still, the benefit of long legs and wide shoulders was that he didn’t need to dress too formally to look good. His jeans were dark and slim-fitting, and he wore a blazer over a white v-neck shirt. He had a few rings on his fingers, but was otherwise unadorned. 

Spotting his blind-date was rather easy, and a smile drew across his face at who it was. 

“Well if it isn’t James.” 

He slid into the seat across from him, full of all the boneless grace of the silver serpent wound around his index finger. 

“How do you do, waiting on me?”

His grin widened. 

“It seems we have friends in common.”