v2Crystals always uses the full moon as a source & method of cleansing & reenergizing crystals but do whatever speaks to you.
When we wear our crystal jewelry or use them, we take energy from them. So it’s just as important to cleanse and re charge your crystals on a cyclical schedule.
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#v2Crystals #Brazilian #Quartz #Crystal 💎QUARTZ WILL HELP THE WEARER TO:
• Think spiritually and connect to the universe
• Visualize their desires
• Energize non familiar spaces like hotel rooms
• Eliminate negativity in their environment
• Receive, transmit, and amplify energy
• Stimulate concentration and clarity of consciousness
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#v2c #WatermelonTourmaline #Crystal specimen from #Brazil | #Crystalogy The name #Tourmaline comes for the Singhalese words “turamali”, which loosely translates to “stone with mixed colors”. Tourmaline comes in every color of the rainbow and according to an old Egyptian legend, tourmaline, on its long journey up from the center of the Earth, passed over a rainbow and assumed all the rainbow colors. #bekind #burningman #healingstones #crystals #spa #yoga #wellness #magnaball #wanderlust #allgood #arise #compassion #heartchakra #stone http://v2Crystals.com #bestofetsy #v2Crystals http://v2c.me/v2shop (at Camp v2C)


v2Crystals Moonstone Crystalogy:

Moonstone has been used for its healing and spiritual abilities for years. Because moonstone represents the goddess, it is often known as a feminine stone, but it can be helpful to men as well. Like the goddess it represents, moonstone can protect; aid in intuition, wishes and gentleness; and helps you attain a greater understanding of your feelings.


💎How Crystals Can Work Wonders For Kids

{Below is an informative and incredible article! If anyone is looking for images and additional info on the mentioned crystals below please click http://v2Crystals.com and you can view and purchase the crystals that resonate the most with you! We have worked closely with families and kids on the autism spectrum and have some great ideas of crystals that are amazing for kids! Email us at info@v2crystals.com. Enjoy!}

💎How Crystals Can Work Wonders For Kids
Pallavi Srivastava

There are plenty of gifts that the nature provides us with. Crystals are one such gift. Most people confuse crystal with either stones or with precious gems. However, crystals are more than that.

What are crystals?
Let us first try and understand what crystals are. In our world, there are four basic kingdoms – mineral, plant, animal, and human. Crystals hail from the mineral kingdom. The mineral kingdom is the eldest of the four kingdoms and has been around since the very beginning of Earth.

Mostly, people believe that there is no life in a crystal, but it will surprise you to note that crystals actually grow. Another thing that we should bear in mind is that crystals are not as dense as stones; they are a lot lighter and more accessible to us.

How does crystal help humans?

Alternative healers and clairvoyants argue that crystals have a clear conscience and help in clearing the energy around us. Kids often have a fascination for crystals and are seen drawn to its different size and color. Crystals can actually help children in many ways. Often elders make children wear crystals/gems suggested by the family astrologer. However, if you can yourself understand key properties of basic crystals, it will make much more sense for you to help your child pick up the crystal that will help him/her in the best possible way.

Kids can carry these crystals around in their pocket or a special pouch dedicated for this purpose. Alternatively, you can also keep the crystal tucked under their pillow and ask them to connect with the crystal before falling asleep and/or after they wake up.

Some of the basic crystals that can be very beneficial for children are mentioned below along with their key properties:

This is a commonly found crystal and works wonderfully for kids. The crystal helps in bringing calm and peaceful energy. It is also associated to sharpen intuition and provide clarity. Other beneficial property of Amethyst is that it helps in reducing stress, and hence, ensures that the kids get their daily dose of peaceful sleep.

As per a book titled ‘Discover Atlantis’ (co-authored by Diana Cooper and Shaaron Hutton), Amethyst is a crystal that reminds us to let go and trust. It also goes on to state, “This gentle crystal shows that when you give everything up, you are open to receive more”.

It is a lovely blue crystal that was discovered in Peru in 1987. Angelite helps in promoting compassion and understanding. It is also a crystal that helps in dissolving resistance. For kids that have a spiritual bend, Angelite is a special crystal as it can help them in connecting to their inner resource and tap their deeper potential.

Clear quartz
It is usually clear or white in color. Ancient Greeks carried the belief that Quartz was actually water from the heavens that was frozen into eternal ice by the Gods.

Among kids, clear quartz can help them in increasing their concentration and focus. Clear Quartz also absorbs, stores, releases and regulates the energy around us.

Rose Quartz
It is a crystal of universal love that helps in developing self love and acceptance. Rose quartz helps in invoking self-trust and self-worth. This crystal is also useful in dispelling negativity and protects against environmental pollution. Rose quartz facilitates in opening the heart chakra. This is a wonderful crystal to keep with kids

Tiger’s Eye
Tiger’s eye is an eye-catching crystal that helps in grounding. It offers clearing and calming properties that can benefits children. Tiger’s Eye is protective stone, which imparts a powerful and dynamic energy. Another useful benefit of this crystal is that it prompts people to act on their own thoughts.

This is a crystal associated with studying. Sodalite helps in enhancing communication skills and helps to express better. Thus, it makes for an excellent crystal for children.

Also referred to as an abundance crystal, Citirine helps in attracting more success, wealth, happiness and prosperity. In kids, the crystal can also be used to help in increasing their energy levels, stimulating their brains and strengthening their intellect. Citirine is also a crystal that fosters creativity and encourages self-expression. The healing properties of this yellow crystal also help in stimulating digestion.

This crystal is a must for overly sensitive children as it lends them a support system and ensures that their feelings do not overwhelm them. In addition to this, Jade also helps in boosting confidence, self-assurance, and self-reliance in children.

Carnelian Agate
This crystal helps in overcoming inadequacy and low self-esteem. Carnelian Agate can help girls be more appreciative of their bodies. In addition, this crystal helps in strengthening the bond between children and their parents.

If your kids are looking for more courage in their life, Aquamarine crystal can be of great help. Apart from that, this crystal also has calming energies, which can help in reducing stress and get the mind to stay calm. Aquamarine also teaches kids to be less judgemental and more tolerant. Also, if your kids are prone to sore throats, this crystal can help heal that too. It also boosts the overall immunity and helps combat allergies.

What kind of dreams do you imagine a young Native American might have? Do you think they are different than yours or very much the same? It’s something to think about tonight as you drift off to sleep under the shadow of your dreamcatcher.
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Crystalogy ★ Onyx

Crystalogy : Onyx
“To grow and evolve, it is important to open up. Black onyx is a stone of protection. It helps to
let go of old habits and thoughts that no longer serve us. It is believed to be a stone of self-mastery, allowing emotions to become balanced and neutralized. To step into the unknown is to have faith that what lies ahead is exactly what we need.

Affirmation: I have faith and trust that I am always guided towards my divine plan.” NRG Muse

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