Sorachi's Q&A: Hanging with the Readers #73

<Question from Huh? Is SpongeBob a sponge? of Tokyo>

Sorachi-sensei, is there any significance in Kagura’s brother wrapping his face? Does he have a complex or something? Please tell me.

It’s for sun protection. When their umbrellas alone aren’t reliable, Yato will wrap themselves in that to cover their skin. Umibozu did this when he first appeared, too.

–Gintama Vol. 27

Sorachi's Q&A: Hanging with the Readers #71

<Question from Cherry Blossom Colored Samurai from Kanagawa Prefecture>

Greetings, Sorachi-sensei.  I can’t seem to draw Gin-san’s dead fish eyes.  Please teach me how to draw them.

First, separate the eyebrows and eyes.  Add heavy eyelids.  You should only see about half of the pupils.

Then, shorten the distance between the eyebrows and eyes, and sharpen the eyelids…

…and you have serious Gin-san.

–Gintama Vol. 27

Sorachi's Q&A: Hanging with the Readers #70

<Question from Natsu of Saitama Prefecture>

Sorachi-sensei, hello. My dog eats his own p**p. Is there something I can do to make him stop? I’m seriously worried.

A dog’s stress. His upbringing. His environment. I can think of various causes, but a dog cleaning up right after he poops? That’s basic. To prevent further stress from accumulating, you must take him out for a daily walk. It’s good to let him get it over with there since he poops regularly. Please drill the idea of “Walk = Poop” into your dog. Of course, it’s useless if you don’t mind your manners and dispose of the poop properly. If these don’t work, please try consulting a veterinarian. ……or rather, since when was I ready for a pet consultation corner?

–Gintama Vol. 27