That was cute. Yeah, it kind of is. As it turns out, I don’t know how much I can get into that, but it just turns… we can read all kinds of stuff into that. And the arrow, I do believe, was pointing backwards.

Melissa McBride, yahoo.com, 13 March 2017 - On her way there, in one of the few lighter moments in this episode, we see her stabbing the walkers with the one-way sign. Did that become a little too literal?

She means it was pointing towards ASZ, right? That it was pointing back? I found this interesting. In saying she can’t say much she’s saying she has a lot to say about it that she considers a spoiler. Hm.

6 Japanese Actresses who should play "Ghost in the Shell"

(My edit from article on Yahoo Style)

Rinko Kikuchi  -  (picture above)

The 35 year-old actress from Kanagawa famously became the first Japanese actress to be nominated for an Oscar in half a century ten years ago for Babel. More recently, she’s been in Norwegian Wood, Pacific Rim, and Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter.

Chiaki Kuriyama  -  (picture above)

The singer, actress, and model hasn’t worked much in America since breaking through as Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill: Volume 1, but that’s because the 31 year-old been busy starring on Japanese TV shows, appearing in films, and even releasing a music album.

Karen Fukuhara  -  (picture above)

You may not recognize her, but the 23 year-old Japanese-American actress (and UCLA grad) will be appearing as Katana in the summer’s upcoming David Ayer film Suicide Squad alongside Scott Eastwood, Will Smith, Jared Leto, and Ben Affleck.

Tao Okamoto  -  (picture above)

Fashion obsessives already know the 30 year-old model for her countless runway and editorial appearances for the likes of Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton, and Ralph Lauren (not to mention the fact that she’s dating The Last Magazine co-founder Tenzin Wild), but the accomplished actress has also appeared in episodes of Hannibal and The Man in the High Castle.

Kiki Sukezane  -  (picture above)

Born and raised in Kyoto, 26 year-old Sukezane is actually the descendant of a long line of samurai, which explains the martial arts and swordsmanship skills she brings to her role as the video game fighter come to life on NBC’s Heroes Reborn.

Kimiko Glenn  -  (picture above)

With Japanese ancestry on her mother’s side, Glenn is of course most famous for her role as Brook Soso on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, but she’s also done appearances on Married, Law and Order: SVU (because who hasn’t?), and Broad City as the annoying cashier at Beacon’s Closet.




Just like others have said, me neither have any problem with Scarlett Johanson as an actress, also I was excited when they announced a film adaptation of this iconic anime character, but this kind of whitewashing is starting to become plain out silly, especially when they actually have a range of Japanese actresses  to chose from.

Special Thanks to Jason Chen from whom I stole this list from Yahoo.com, please visit his article in link above this text!


So I’ve been designing a wonder woman suit the reader for Princess of Thermeswhatyamacallit and I saw the Hallway and thought it’d help me design it! Cause I’m having issues with the suit. It’s based on the second one but with my own tweaks. Love the red scarf thingy btw XD

UNCPanda Response: Check out this awesome fan-art of @audreythetealovingcat‘s drawings of HellCat see the original post here!


Here’s our tribute to Monty Oum. It’s a Medley of songs from RWBY. I hope you enjoy it. 

RIP Monty Oum


Give it a watch guys.


Calm Before Dinner by anthony s
Via Flickr:
A supposed to be busy alley of hole in the wall restaurants in Tokyo takes a pause before hungry people rush to eat. #travel #tokyo #japan #shinjuku #citytour #alley #nightphotography #longexposure