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from Vampire: The Masquerade - 20th Anniversary Edition (White Wolf & Onyx Path Publishing)

This is probably going to stir up some controversy, but I find Dominate Malkavians preferable to regular, Dementation Malkavians. Sure, being able to make someone flip the fuck out or believe you to be a box turtle is cool, don’t get me wrong. But such things create a lot more mess than just being able to mind control a guy. Dominate is simply more practical than Dementation.

It also helps that Dominate Malkavians can tend towards more…lucid insanity than the regular sort.

Of course, I’m not telling every player out there to load their games with quietly mad Malks and avoid Dementation entirely. You want to play a raving lunatic, passing that lunacy onto everyone they meet? Knock yourself out. As stated above, there’s also nothing wrong with having the character use both. There are a couple merits out there that facilitate that. If the Storyteller gives the thumbs up, then there’s no problem.

Just keep the Fishiness of your Malks to 30%, okay? Any more, and you start disrupting games.

On an unrelated note, does that picture look like Malkavian Dave Strider to anyone else?

During their kickstarter, Onyx Path spoiled one of the extremely fun illustrations I got to do for the Deluxe V20 Dark Ages book, so let me show you the awesomeness that was getting to draw Dominique laying cheerful waste to an entire tavern.

I gotta credit Onyx Path with constantly handing me violent, creepy, badass art briefs, featuring women of a variety of colours, being powerful, angsty, monstrous anti-heroes. They’re such a blast to work on!

Anyways, if you want to suck blood in the time of broadswords and the Holy Roman Empire, keep your eyes open for the V20 Dark Ages book.

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