Can I just say, how much I love all my followers? So many of you have been around since the beginning of my blog. You stuck around through the awkward Futa phase and through all the porn and gaysex and a shout out to Pinkieappleshy. Because she follows me and reblogs cutesy lotia (I’m sorry I can’t spell) and lite hearted things and yet she still follows me even though I should be a blog she avoids. She comes around and reblogs from me and she makes me happy.

And Accioallthefood………baby girl you make me so happy. You called me out on my hate of Rose and you explained to me why you thought you were right and I fell in love with you a tinsy bit. And I still love you. You were worried about me when I went out of touch to the point that you talk to my best friend, some one you don’t even know.

And V0scillate. Rachel. Lovely lovely Rachel. You follow me and you’re a hipster blog! You know me from school and you don’t say anything about the porn or the sex or the tentacles.

And to all the others, new and old. I love you deeply. I never see you reblogging or liking but you’re still here. And I thank you deeply.

When I was in the hospital for mental health problems, it was the thought of my followers that got me out. And for that I thank you for being here to listen to me whine. You’ve all stayed through the continuous fandom switching… My heart would break if I lost any of you.

And because of this, if anyone wants to talk about being abused or having fears or anything, come talk to me. The world would lose something special if any one of you were to die.