Bleep Test - The Results are in!

So, this morning was the dreaded Bleep test! 

Got my stuff together and headed downstairs to my garage (Underground Parking Bays) and got to measuring my 20m distance. I picked up some wicked cones from the sports shop just for this test and I love them! They actually look like little traffic cones! :)

Prep done, I plugged in the ipod to my portable speaker set and let the show begin. 

Now the RAF Basic Selection Level is Level 9, Shuttle 10.

To be honest, from memory I dont ever recall getting above 9 something, so I was apprehensive about it! These were that days where I played every sport imaginable! :/ 

My Result: Level 13, Shuttle 2! 


I kinda quit a little early too! Already knowing that I had smashed my target I didn’t really dig in until complete exhaustion!

I went online to analyse my results and it woud seem that I have made some serious progress since my (Very Fat) days at University.

Now I know the MSFT only approximates your VO2max and definitely has flaws, but here are the charts:



Result in V02max


So yeah, apparently I fall into the excellent box! :) 

Allowing for a decent 5% over compensation by the formula to determine my V02max that would still make my Figure 54.7ml.kg.min-1, which is a good 10ml.kg.min-1 higher than my last V02max result!

That still also Puts me into the Superior category for V02max! :)

Truth be told im pretty happy with that. Especially as i’m pretty sure I could do better than that when my legs aren’t tired before the start and I really give it 100%!

Now to perfect the Press Up and Sit Up Techniques for the RAF Selection Test!



Okay, I’ve been planning for a month now, I hope I can make this stick.  The last 2 days have sucked.  I’ve been suffering from chronic daily migraines to no end.  So I often found myself up through the night in pain only to be crawling into bed at 6am.  On the 29, I again stuck it out and stayed up all through the previous night and all day. While I wasn’t in bed by 10pm as planned I did get to sleep before 12am slept a solid 10hours and am getting myself motivated for today.  Breakfast was 12 oz. 2% milk with 2 scoops protein powder and a fairly ripe banana.  Calories yet to be totaled…  I have also drunk about 32 oz. of water.  Taken all my medicines (a depressing amount) except for my recently increased dose of Vicoden, I’m trying to avoid taking it. This includes a med I only have a limited amount of, since my insurance has yet to approve it and I won’t pay the several hundred dollars a month for it, This med is called Nuvigil, since I shaved my head recently I discovered my CPAP has been giving me a slight case of “contact dermatitis” on my scalp, not as bad as it sounds.  So the last week or so I haven’t been using my CPAP for my sleep apnea, thus leaving me even more excessively tired throughout the day.  It’s all a vicious cycle.  Got on my scale after breakfast and drinking of water.  307.6lbs today, up about 10 pounds in the last month, given nearly the 3 pounds I consumed during breakfast. It could be worse.  If you figure since the beginning of the month, I lost my girlfriend of two years, apartment, cat and job, add in Thanksgiving indulging, I’m only slightly concerned about that weight gain.  I am committed to doing a 5K on December 31st to “Bring in the New Year."  I am also signing up for the Warrior Dash September 17th 2011, see warriordash.com for details. I should have a good month of weight loss, even if weather decides to stop me from jogging, I’d call it running but I’m sure at my pace most would disagree. My scale also has a body fat calculation(most likely incorrect), which put me at 37.1%, which from my calculations comes to 114.1 pounds of fat and 193.5lbs. with no body fat, if my calculations aren’t too twisted. Using an online BMI calculator, for my height and crazy weight of 193.5, puts me at a BMI of 27…which is considered overweight and not in the obese category as I am now.  So this makes me think. 

Personally I haven’t been at 190 pounds since I turned 17, nearly 13 years ago. At that point my body fat was taken a month or two previous and I was at 11% body fat, weighing 185lbs. if my memory serves me, this was for high school wrestling. You were only allowed to drop to 2 or 3% body fat unless you had parental permission for safeties sake.  And I recall I was would have been able to drop a weight class to 171, safely according to those rules, but just barely. The testing was previous to a nearly 8 month severe weight lifting regimen where I started football season with a predicted max bench of 310lbs. and predicted max squat of 415lbs.  My school did predictions to avoid us hurting ourselves the first day.  Basically they used an equation with total reps of a certain set weight figuring in our body weight as well to come up with a “Predicted maximum weight”.  I’m entering this just as to set my past history that created above average muscle mass,hench throwing off approximate calculations for current BMI and body fat percent, not extremely important. But, none the less something I realized regarding these calculations.

Given all information my total goal would be to weigh less than 200lbs, I’m going to say 195lbs. is my ideal goal.  Seeing as I am still a more muscular than most for my height and age, no, I do not think I’m over exaggerating or cocky.  Earlier in 2010 I joined my local crossfit gym for a month, where I surprised the owner by being able to walk in and do many 225lb. dead lifts as well as other weight lifting tasks that most unfit people could not come walking off the street and do. 

mayoclinic.com target heart rate indicator puts my estimated target heart rate zone at 135 to 164 bpm. Using US researchers formula of

·   MHR(Maximum Heart Rate) = 206.9 - (0.67 x age)

Puts my MHR at about 189.  While I do have a heart condition and am on beta blockers since my heart valve replacement in May of 2005. MY Cardiologist insists I am young enough to not have any reasonable restrictions even with my heart condition, except for not doing serious heavy weight training.

My past several doctor’s appointments have put my average resting heart rate at 70bpm. 

Using my Polar F11 HR monitor, my calculated V02max is a depressing 24.  Obviously not exact calculation.

My primary doctor wants me to do a standard stress test.  So, I’m curious if I were to do that before starting off, where I would stand then and where I will….  My current goal is to weigh 290lbs. to bring in the New Year. I will count calories to avoid over consumptions and focus on doing a workout at least 6 days a week. Other than that, I will just use my common sense, target duration of runs/jogs rather than time/distance.  That’s enough for now, now to get dressed for my jog currently it is 31 degrees and feels like 18, thanks weatherchannel.com, I plan on really going the distance, which for me maybe short and in the end sore and succesful.   At least I have plans for dinner to look forward to as well as good company.