Bleep Test - The Results are in!

So, this morning was the dreaded Bleep test! 

Got my stuff together and headed downstairs to my garage (Underground Parking Bays) and got to measuring my 20m distance. I picked up some wicked cones from the sports shop just for this test and I love them! They actually look like little traffic cones! :)

Prep done, I plugged in the ipod to my portable speaker set and let the show begin. 

Now the RAF Basic Selection Level is Level 9, Shuttle 10.

To be honest, from memory I dont ever recall getting above 9 something, so I was apprehensive about it! These were that days where I played every sport imaginable! :/ 

My Result: Level 13, Shuttle 2! 


I kinda quit a little early too! Already knowing that I had smashed my target I didn’t really dig in until complete exhaustion!

I went online to analyse my results and it woud seem that I have made some serious progress since my (Very Fat) days at University.

Now I know the MSFT only approximates your VO2max and definitely has flaws, but here are the charts:



Result in V02max


So yeah, apparently I fall into the excellent box! :) 

Allowing for a decent 5% over compensation by the formula to determine my V02max that would still make my Figure 54.7ml.kg.min-1, which is a good 10ml.kg.min-1 higher than my last V02max result!

That still also Puts me into the Superior category for V02max! :)

Truth be told im pretty happy with that. Especially as i’m pretty sure I could do better than that when my legs aren’t tired before the start and I really give it 100%!

Now to perfect the Press Up and Sit Up Techniques for the RAF Selection Test!