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AN: Swearing and shit. self deprecating and shit. request shit. Mistakes and shit. deal. 


The voice on the phone was deep and dark with a raspy undertone I had never heard before. The wind whipped around my face as I sat on top of one of Gotham’s many skyscrapers, it was so loud I almost couldn’t hear the voice on my cell. “Yes?” I replied, unhappy I was interrupted from my observation of the night sky.

“I heard of your services. You were recommended to me, to help with my… problem.” The menacing voice adds a chuckle at the end and I can’t help but roll my eyes.

“What is it you need sir, because I’m actually kind of busy at the moment.” I reply harshly.

“Oohhh Darling! What’s the rush? And besides… I want to meet you first! I don’t just hire anyone doll!”

“Ok, Sir, where would you like to meet to discuss this….. Proposition?” I ask, standing up from the ledge of the building and walking across to the other side.

“Meet me at The Smile And Grin. Tomorrow, around… 11ish?”

“Perfect.” I reply, hanging up the phone and dropping off the roof and into the alley below.

The Next Day

The Smile And Grin was, well, the only nice building in the shithole Narrows of Gotham. The bright, neon pink and green sign was the only light illumination the run down street and buildings. I pull my helmet off my head and dismount my bike in the parking lot caddy corner from the club. Throwing my keys into my pocket of my leather jacket, I walk across the street and into the club. The line of people outside grunt as I walk past and the bouncers open the door for me.

The inside of the club was a lot louder and more crowded than outside. Tall, glass, platform boxes were spaced out in the middle of the large club. A bar sat on the right wall and a V.I.P section sat to the left. It was guarded by men who didn’t look like bouncers, but still weren’t to be messed with.

I walk over to the bar and order myself a drink, waiting for my caller to get my attention. After a few moments a rather large man with dark hair, who’s wearing a suit comes over.  “The boss wants to see you. Follow me.” He speaks in a low voice and walks across the club to the VIP section. I throw what’s left of my drink back and follow the tall man.

 We walk straight into the V.IP. section and all the way back to the last booth. The man stops outside the beaded divider and says “He’s in there.”

I nod at the rather large man and part the beads. I’m met by a green haired man staring out the golden, semi beaded curtain into the club. I flop down on the opposite side of the horseshoe shaped booth and place my helmet next to me.

The green haired man finally looks over at me with a shit eating grin on his face. “Hello Doll! I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show!”

“I would never say no to a potential client,” I reply, resting my arm on the back of the booth. “So what can I do for you Mr. Joker?”

His non-existent eyebrows go up and he shows a look of surprise. “So you do know who I am?”

“Of course I do. I’d havta live under a rock ta not to. The one thing I don’t know is why, a big crime boss like you, would hire a little killer like me when god knows you’re not scared ta do the killing yourself? You’re ‘The King of Gotham’, why would you get me?”

“Have you ever thought maybe I wanted a pretty face to look at instead of a big ugly bad guy?” I scoff as soon as the word pretty come out of his mouth. His smile drops.

“Oh please. ‘Pretty’… Have you seen my face? These scars? You have to be joking.” I hiss and roll my eyes. Another asshole who want to make fun of the two, long, diagonal scars across my  cheek and on my neck.

“On the contrary doll. Other than your striking beauty, I’ve heard good things about you and your skill.” A smirk is placed on his face as he leans forward on his knees and cane. “Doll I have the opportunity of a lifetime for you.”

“Opportunity? I think you’re mistaken, I take personal hits on people. I don’t work for anyone.” I pronounce and lower my arm off the booth as i sit up.

“Doll this is different. You can work for me. Be my… female Frost.” He says, gesturing to the man who brought me in here.  “You’ll go on missions, hunt, kill, steal, all the usual stuff you do and you’ll get paid even more. You’ll have a place to stay… think about it Doll.” He smiled and locked eyes with me, before I broke it.

“Thanks but no thanks. I don’t work for anyone but myself. And besides, I don’t play well with others.” I reply and glance at Frost.

“Doll no one tells me no!” He hollers and pulls a gun from his holster and hold it to my head. He’s staring down at me with an angry look and all I can do it chuckle.

“Mr. Joker, it’s gonna take a lot more than a gun to my forehead to scare me. See, I’m not afraid to die. I’ve made my peace with god and with myself. So do whatever your little heart desires. As for me, Either you shoot me, or I’m gonna go grab a beer.” I voiced and stood up. I walked across the VIP section to the mini bar and grabbed a beer. After half of it was gone I looked back at the Joker. The gun was lowered but still in his hand and he was staring at me with a less than pleased look.

Beer in hand, I walk back into the booth and grab my helmet with a smile on my face. I take a sip of my beer, Joker’s eyes still staring me down. “Anyways, I’ll start Monday, text me the location.” I place the empty beer on the table separation The Joker and I before heading to the door.

 Just as I made it to the exit of the club I hear his signature laugh for the first time. And may I say, It was breathtaking.