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SUICIDAL (part II) - Jughead Jones x reader

I opened my eyes, to see the brunette boy above me, making pressure on the wound that crossed my wrist. He was saying something, but I wasn’t sure what it was. I heard my name as an echo. I felt a tear on my cheek. I thought it was mine until I heard his sob.
“Y/n?” he asked weakly. He began to mumble things, or I thought he was mumbling.
I was too tired to pay attention. Too tired to cry. Too tired to breathe. I wanted to sleep, to close my eyes and don’t wake up.
I tried to part his hand from my wrist, but I didn’t have any forces.
“Just… Let me go” I murmured. I felt another tear, this time on my forehead. I heard a door opening and screams. Then, I passed out again.

I saw how her eyes closed again. And I felt tears burning my eyes. I was sure that if she couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t neither. However, I didn’t stop pressing her weak wrist.
“Y/n!” I heard Cheryl screaming behind me. Her mother tear me apart and began to make pressure by herself, ordering Cheryl and me to call to the hospital.
When the doctors came, Y/n had already lost too much blood. We all went to the hospital and, while Cheryl and her mother entered in Y/n’s quarters, I stayed on a chair in the hall.
I waited for three hours, until I saw Cheryl exiting the room. Our gazes crossed and she began to walk in my direction. I thought she was going to punch me, but instead, she embraced me briefly.
“thank you, Jughead.” I nodded whipping a tear away from my cheek.
“how is she?” I asked, with my throat dry. I look to the floor.
“she’s conscious. She wants to see you.” the girl told me. “that’s why I’m here. She’s sent me to look for you.” we headed Y/n’s room and Cheryl and her mother left me with Y/n. I still had my right hand covered by Y/n’s blood, so I tried to hide it behind me.
I opened my eyes and I saw Cheryl besides me and my mother in front of the bed. Cheryl was trying to not cry in front of me. She was trying to me strong, to seem angry. But she wasn’t. She was happy that I was alive.
“Y/n, I thought you were going to leave me too.” Cheryl breathed out. “why did you want to leave me?” she didn’t understand anything, and it wasn’t her fault.
Then I remembered the raven haired boy who saved me. Why he had saved me? And why he was in my house?
“who’s he?” I asked ignoring Cheryl. “what’s his name?”
“who?” my mother asked angry. Cheryl closed her eyes and pursed her lips. “the creep weirdo who has get in our house with you knowing it?” I sat down on the bed, still weak. I looked at my mother fiercely. I was tired to keep my mouth shut.
“No mom. The boy who saved my life when you had forgotten of my existence” I hissed. I noticed Cheryl’s little smirk besides me, looking at me.
“if you talk about me like that again I will send you to a Centre for mental illnesses” she menaced me.
“get the hell out of my room, or I’ll call the police.” I ordered with conviction.
We saw how my mother instantly left the room.
“his name is Jughead Jones” Cheryl murmured. “he’s outside, waiting to see you.” I didn’t understand why he had saved me, why right now, he was outside waiting to see me. Cheryl read all my questions in my eyes. “I’ll bring him with you.” I smiled weakly.
Three minutes passed before my old sister opened the door again, this time followed by the boy who saved my life. Cheryl smiled at me and then get out of the room, leaving me with Jughead. I noticed the his right hand was covered with blood. Just after I had noticed, he hid it behind him.
“I don’t know what to say… ” I said confused. I noticed his nervousness and I motioned him to sit by my side.
“Uh… I don’t know what do you remember, but…” he mumbled grabbing his bad. “you left this when I was going to talk with you.” I was looking at my notebook, held between his hands.
When he noticed that his hand had cover my notebook with blood he looked at me apologizing.
“I’m sorry… I’ll buy you another when I…” he stopped before continue. “when I get a job.” I smiled at him.
“you don’t have to” he looked down to my lips and flushed. He… Did he really like me? That had to be the reason he still there.
“why… You wanted to kill yourself?” he asked in a weak murmur looking at his hands.
“I’m not worth it. The only person who has helped me is dead.” I told him indifferent. He looked up and I noticed his hand resting on mine.
“I… I cared about you.” he said. But he didn’t want to say that. He wanted to say something that I wasn’t prepared for, and he knew.
At few days had passed, and Jughead refused to leave me alone, he said me that I was important for him.
I had to go with him to every part of Riverdale. I began to know Jughead Jones and I think it was the best decision of my life.
When I arrived at home fifteen day after the incident (like my mother used to call it), I saw that Jughead was already in my room. I closed the door, surprised that my mom had let him get in.
“what are you doing here”
“Cheryl helped me to get in” he said. I noticed he was acting weird. “Y/n. I have to tell you something.”
“it’s everything okay?” I asked. I knew about her family situation and his problems with the football players.
“Uh… I… The day that I found you here, you know… The day-” he didn’t know how to say it.
“The day I tried to kill myself.” I ended motioning him to keep going. He nodded uncomfortably.
“I came here to talk with you… Because… Because I…” he let out a sight. “i couldn’t keep going like this. Hiding my feelings. Because I hide everything, but I wanted to show you that I love you. That you weren’t alone.” I stayed there. I didn’t want to say anything. He looked at me hopeless. “Y/n please say something” he murmured.
“you cared…” I breathed out. He aproa me and I felt something strange when his lips touched mines.

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I don’t know how to describe it. It was like Jughead had picked all my emotions, all my thoughts and had thrown them away from my mind, I only could feel the desperation in his lips, the frustration of years, the sadness of his thoughts about losing me. I could feel all his emotions, because know he was my world.
“I shouldn’t have done it.” he whispered sniffing. “you’re too special to me, I don’t want to lose you. I’m sorry.”
“I… I don’t know love, Jug… But I think it would be like my feelings for you.” I said confused. I had my eyes still shut. “I love you.” I added kissing his cheek slowly.
Jughead became in my anchor, and I became in his. I still had depressions and Jughead used to find me crying.
But sometimes, it happened backwards, and I found him crying hard in silence. We helped each other, no matter what. So I couldn’t die now. I have something that mattered me enough to stay alive. I have Jughead Jones the third.